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  1. I am actually in a similar position. There was a challenge where Peter Schmeichel bought Wolves, moved the team, released all the players, and gave you a massive transfer budget. I was telling my friends about it and we were thinking of doing it over the summer holidays, and now I can't find it.
  2. Don't know what to do?..

    When people ask this I always suggest Boavista. Were pretty successful in the past decade, overspent, and have been relegated twice in the past two seasons. Rubbish squad, no money, you start over budget, see if you can take them back to glory.
  3. 1. Ireland, currently living and working in Osaka, Japan. 2. From my post count, mostly lurking, looking for help! 3. I played a "hot seat" game with a friend of CM2, and it's gone from there. 4. From Gamersgate, only way I could in Japan. 5. Since 1996, with a big gap in the middle.
  4. I signed him for Stoke at the start of the season for 750k. Good purchase, works well as a deep lying playmaker in CM.
  5. Youth Squad

    I have a question on this too: often, your youth team has a lot of free time between matches (sometimes 2 weeks), does anyone fill this time with friendlies, or games against the reserves, so the youth team gets more playing time and therefore develops?
  6. I'm not sure this counts, but I'll put it up anyway.
  7. FM10 - Official Players Role Thread

    Any thoughts for Ronaldo, the original Brazilian one? Was gonna call him fat Ronaldo, but that's mean.
  8. Jung-bin lee

    Because he's Korean, it might have to do with having to do Military Service in the future? I was playing as Stoke, and got the "Not interested" message, but I put it down to me being Stoke lol.
  9. Downloading FM2010 in Japan

    I asked this about a week ago (I also live in Japan), and it is due to licensing. I'm getting it through Gamers Gate as we speak however.
  10. Help purchasing with Steam

    Hi guys. Thanks for your help. I was reading about the DDM and Steam downloads and such. If I get my brother to buy a copy of FM2010 on Steam in Ireland, using my account, and then access my account in Japan, will I be able to play it?
  11. Yeah, Boavista are in League 2 in Portugal. Won the Portuguese Cup like 5 times, and consistently top 6 club, but they've dropped 2 leagues in 2 years. EDIT: They also won the top division in 2001.
  12. Hi all. I'm currently trying to buy FM2010 for my laptop through Steam, but when I search for it, it doesn't come up. When I follow the link in the "Digital Purchase Options" thread, it take's me to a site that say's it's not available in my region. I'm currently an Irishman, living in Japan. So, I'm assuming that the digital version of FM2010 isn't available in Japan? Does this mean my only option for getting the game is to buy a hard copy and have it shipped here? Sorry, I don't know if this is the right forum for the question, but I was hoping someone might be able to help.
  13. If I can afford him, Hernanes from Sao Paulo. I love that guy. Scores some screamers for me.
  14. Who else seen this?

    I've seen it once, a 17 year old player on his first game for the club in the Portuguese 2nd division. I was well chuffed.
  15. Over on the Tactics & Training Forums, peter-evo started this thread. Basically, he would make the tactics you wanted using the wizard in the FML beta, export them, and let you import them into your FM09 game. I would be of the opinion that I would try anything. Sometimes, after working all day, coming home, cooking dinner etc etc I don't want to spend hours pouring over a tactical encyclopaedia. I don't want to spend a week, reading an hour an night, studying, taking notes, until I can play the game. And, thanks to peter-evo I have seen what the wizard system will work like, and I am very impressed. I think it's a great addition to the game, especially for the more casual players like me who just want to be able to enjoy the game. In the end of the day, if you don't like the like the wizard, you can ignore it and build your own tactics.