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  1. I have the option of "move matches for TV" checked in my preferences. But my matches don't get moved. All the games do get selected for TV but are played at the same time. In Europe, it's even more annoying as the full Champions League matchday is played out on a Wednesday, with all the games supposedly being shown on TV; so a full 16 games! Any idea why the games aren't being moved about with dates etc? It's quite petty I know, but it's also quite annoying in-game! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if in the data editor, you can edit where the Champions League & Europa League Finals will be held? Seeing you can do so much with the editor, I just wondered if this was at all possible rather than the stadiums just pulling out the same stadiums over and over again? Thanks in advance.
  3. I knew it was to do with the head to head, but I didnt understand that part. I understand now that away goals count there. I took over after that Spartak game away, so it was out of my hands anyways. Had Real & Spartak drew, they I would of gone through Oh well, a Europa League game vs FC Twente awaits, and if I win, I will be up against the might of Germans Karlsruhe or Palermo! Oh the joys(!)
  4. Ahhh, I get it now. Thanks alot
  5. Hi, Im just wondering why I have finished 3rd in a group, when I seem to have the better results with the team in 2nd. Maybe this can help... Pld W D L GF GA GD PTS 1. Real Madrid 6 4 0 2 19 6 +13 12 2. Spartak Moscow 6 4 0 2 11 7 +4 12 3. Juventus 6 4 0 2 13 9 +4 12 4. Rapid Vienna 6 0 0 6 0 21 -21 0 Juventus 3-2 Spartak Moscow Real Madrid 5-0 Rapid Vienna Rapid Vienna 0-4 Juventus Spartak Moscow 3-1 Real Madrid Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid Spartak Moscow 2-0 Rapid Vienna Real Madrid 5-0 Juventus Rapid Vienna 0-3 Spartak Moscow Rapid Vienna 0-4 Real Madrid Spartak Moscow 1-0 Juventus Juventus 3-0 Rapid Vienna Real Madrid 3-0 Spartak Moscow They were the results, and I am Juventus. Juventus had the poorer record against Real Madrid, so they were going to finish below them, however we beat Spartak 3-0 and lost 0-1 away, but I want to know, why I have finished below Spartak. Is it because I conceded 2 at home and didnt score away? Because as you can see, it was tight at the top, and Spartak & Juventus both scored 3 goals in both the games. I just found it slightly odd, and would just like some light shed on how the league sorting rules are done, and at the slightest of margines, how that is sorted out. Thanks in advance, I hope people understand this too! :/
  6. Hi, Im playing a game while in charge at Sevilla, and I keep getting message's from alot of the squad saying they're worried about the lack of harmony at the club. Now, its getting abit annoying, and were unbeaten so far in the season so confidence isnt much of an issue, and were not playing poorly. Does anyone know how to improve squad harmony, or atleast stop them all moaning? Thanks in advance
  7. I can never do well with 3 at the back, but when other teams play 3 at the back, and 5 in midfield, I get done over. Its annoying.
  8. Board ultimatums.

    Thats actually a pretty fair point. I think it would be good if you were on of the favoured personnel or an icon, and then they accepted ultimatums. But everytime I do, it does say the fans agree the board should back me up with hard cash.
  9. Board ultimatums.

    But then I dont get why it should be there, if it is only going to be of real use once you've been at a club for long. It is odd. Although I just asked for more money now and got told to do get out of the boardroom. 8-)
  10. Board ultimatums.

    Hahahaha! Ive never had that one before, I usually just get sacked. But the fans usually have my back.
  11. I was just wondering, has anyone ever given a board an ultimatum to give more money, improve training facilities etc, and they have given in and given you the money or granted to fund investing in the training facilities? Everytime Ive asked, I get given the chance to resign or risk getting sacked! I just was thinking, if no-one ever has, it is not a pointless option to have if it will not get granted?
  12. Ive always thought rushing out was the keeper coming out off his line to collect loose balls and collect any crosses, rather than standing still. So command of area is also as important. The eccentricity is the goalkeepers tendency to do a Barthez and come out and dribble!
  13. Ah right. Ive just contacted PC World & they said they can do this for me! Thanks alot for your help everyone! Very much appriciated!
  14. Well Ive just googled it and this is what has come up regarding the amount I can put in etc : Specification Standard Memory (Mb): 512 Is Standard Memory Removable: Yes Number of Sockets: 2 Number of Banks: 2 Number of Modules per Bank: 1 Maximum Memory (Mb): 2 I have no idea what this all means so if someone can shed some light on it, I would be much obliged!!
  15. What are RAM sticks? And Im going to get the memory directly into my laptop? Or well thats the plan anyway.