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  1. alvinghammariner

    Football Manager 2011 official announcement

    Sorry If this is a daft question, but in FM11 if I take a small club to the top leagues, and then leave for someone like ManU, then will I still go on the disliked people for the old club? If that makes sense.
  2. alvinghammariner

    Patch 10.3 hopes

    I agree with that bit, other than that i'm happy with the game
  3. alvinghammariner

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Mariners!!! Why can't we do that in real life?
  4. alvinghammariner

    End of season blues ???

    Nope, i've become even more addicted to fill the gap of no football!
  5. alvinghammariner

    The Official FM 09 Regen Thread!

    This is my only good regen, He was in the first team when he was 16 (League 1)
  6. What about the strikers composure? They're under more pressure away from home.
  7. alvinghammariner

    Choice of Lower League Team

    I would go for Grimsby, a challenge in League two without points deductions. A team with great history and fans, well i would say that.
  8. alvinghammariner

    easiest team in league 2

  9. alvinghammariner

    Become a beta tester for SI

    I would like to be considered for Beta Testing. Although i don't post much on these forums i am a regular reader of them and a huge fan of the FM series. I feel that i would be suitable for the testing because i am comitted and thorough in everything i do. I have a wide knowledge of the lower leagues of english football and i would like to contribute to the improvement of the game in the future. One thing I think should be improved in the game is the variance of questions and responses in the press conferences. Thank You Henry
  10. alvinghammariner

    stadium expansion

    Go to the info page of the club and there are tabs on the top right corner i think.
  11. Don't know if anyones mentioned this (Cant be bothered to read all of the tread) but ive had two penalty shootouts and lost them 3-0 (my penalty takers had double figure ratings) and twice has my keeper taken the ball out of his area under no pressue only to wait and then be tackled in the last few minutes. luckily i was winning both games but one ended up as a draw.
  12. The 9.2 patch is OK for me. I've only had the keeper unable to clear once( Was in the 92nd minute for their equalizer) and i have only had one own goal from unoposed situations. One thing i have noticed is that i cannot score in penalty shoot outs. My first 5 players have double figured penalty rating and they still miss. This has happened three times.
  13. I couldnt believe it when a Business tycoon took over at my team (Grimsby of all teams). i have a nice 3mil to spend in Janurary in League 1 (Now my 3rd season)
  14. alvinghammariner

    New graphics card

    get some more RAM.