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  1. I was told on more than one occasion to put a tin foil hat on for not buying fm12 due to steam, am I allowed to take it off now?
  2. is it? You ever been sat in an airport in the middle of Africa or central Asia? Lucky to find a cup of coffee never mind internet.
  3. I hate you Board!!!!!!!! (FM11)

    Had this a couple of times when I've had no cash towards the end of the season just before you get prize money etc.
  4. I suggest you take your head out of clouds for a minute and take a look at the world around you. Companies far bigger than valve have gone to the wall. Try going for a walk down Union Street and look at all the empty shops. But it's okay, because valve may release your games to you if it happens... I can pretty much guarantee any administrator would be trying to get more money out of you gamers first.
  5. don't have any of them for that very reason.
  6. If that was the case then surely you would make the game download only and not allow prerelease downloads? As soon as the game has gone gold the pirate's could get their hands on the game if they have contacts wherever the physical copies are being made. Equally what's to stop them downloading it from steam prerelease and getting to work on it straight away?
  7. you may not see them as geniune but you are not the all seeing eye. Few people had any concerns about psn before it was hacked but there were some, they stopped looking foolish pretty quickly.
  8. I suggest you try reading the thread, it has been explained numerous times by numerous people why they aren't happy and why many will be boycotting this release.
  9. I wont be downloading any emulator/cracked game. I'll carry on my fm11 game. I'll probably reinstall the original champ manager so I can reminisce about how the game was before it sold its soul to sega.
  10. http://www.sega.com/fm2012/?t=EnglishUSA Still no mention of steam.
  11. Try looking at this map Notspots
  12. And the data taken for your TV licence, Bank account etc, is stored in this country where we have pretty robust data protection laws unlike the US where Valve store theirs.
  13. Really? I suggest you go on to that map and go look at some rural areas of the UK. I know of at least 5 people off the top of my head who's only option if they want broadband is satellite as they are too far away from the exchange.