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  1. Unable to join games

    We have the same issue. How can we get around it?
  2. From my experience as well. Also, group winners always play away in the 1st leg, and home in the 2nd, like IRL.
  3. As I am having the same problem as Jokar19, both me and my mate turned off our firewalls, but that made no impact. It seems like we'll have to stick with 11.1. Very strange indeed.
  4. Hi. Me and a mate tried to set up a online game (WAN) with 11.1.1, but with no luck. We double checked everything (ports, IP adresses etc), but nothing helped. We tried FM 2010, which worked perfectly. We decided to reinstall FM 2011 without patching it, and it worked as a charm. We then patched up to 11.1, no problems there either. So there must be a 11.1.1 problem as we see it? When I try to connect, nothing happens. No error message, no "cannot connect" message. Just nothing. Anything that can be done?
  5. Norwegian Second Division

    As stated, it's geographical. Group 4 is the group where the teams from Northern Norway are placed. But there are not 14 decent enough teams in that part of Norway to fill the group (also because of a relatively complex 3rd division). So the other teams placed in this group is usually from around the Oslo area (the capital). So that is why teams from the capital area could be shuffled in another group from year to year. Because of distances in Norway, it is easiest and cheapest for the Northern Norwegian teams to travel to Oslo to play away games, rather than western or southern Norway.
  6. Strange Video Card Issue - Half a Star?

    Strange. I have the the exact same video card on my machine. Mine was also only rated at half a star, but the 3D matches in FM10 run very smoothly here.