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  1. Just had another crash, and I noticed something odd before the crash. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but what I saw was that even though this was an away match, the home crowd (which filled 3/4 of the stadium) was wearing my colours, whereas the away crowd (the one standing behind one of the goals) was wearing the home colours. Midway through the second half, the game crashed. Upon reload, the colours are now correct.
  2. And you did an excellent job at it. IIRC, you were the first one of us to get to Serie A. I also remember how satisfying it was, after being sacked a couple of times, taking charge of Carrarese and then taking it all the way to the top level (which was what got me the job at Inter), then fighting to survive in its first season there, even though I knew I'd be moving to Inter at the end of the season. We got relegated in the final day.
  3. Of course. But you can always drop in ICQ and say hello yourself. We're still using the same channel. After you left the clan the game pretty much became a battle between me at Inter and Michal at Milan, with Pete jumping around minor clubs until he landed a job at Lazio, but he never managed to challenge us. Juventus never quite recovered from losing you, and the only AI team that was able to keep up was Sampdoria. I still have a screenshot of what I think was your final season
  4. I will It was a long battle, but Pete was finally convinced to install Steam.
  5. Oh yes. We didn't even play FM12. Our longest running save was in Italy, in FM11. We must have played that one for almost five years, until it finally got corrupted and forced us to abandon it. So we gave FM16 a brief try and then moved on to FM17, which looked a lot better. That's what we're still playing, also in Italy.
  6. I'll have to test whether any of the above solutions stops the crashes (I doubt it's the AV one, as FM is properly authorised there). In the meantime, here's the dxdiag. DxDiag.txt
  7. FM18 is crashing way too often . The crashes usually happen at the end of a match, but now I just had one in the middle of a match. I don't know if this is related, but it feels like the crashes got more frequent after the latest NVidia drivers update (currently using 398.82). I played several seasons before without a single crash.
  8. I think that the average age of the LLaMas has always been higher than the average for the rest of the regular FM players. (And your post would definitely get you in trouble in the LLM forum, Nobby )
  9. That is still the only way I play the game. And I still have a weekly LLM 'clan' game going on with some of the old users of that forum, like mkus. But now even The Hut is dead, so there is no 'meeting point' for all of us who like to play the game that way.
  10. Well, you just had to stick to the guidelines. It was especially frowned upon to name players, discuss tactics, or bragging. The main reason it went was probably because people just wouldn't want to follow the guidelines strictly and instead just wouldn't post there.
  11. I haven't been here for ages, but yes, there used to be a forum dedicated to lower league managers. Not having it anymore is probably one of the reasons why I have stopped using these forums so often.
  12. In case this information might be helpful at all, I just exited FM and then proceeded to exit Steam before shutting down the computer. As I did that, I received a message from Steam saying that it was still waiting for FM to stop. I then noticed in Task Manager that the FM process was still active even though the game window had already closed some seconds ago, and remained active for some time more (maybe some 20 seconds) until it finally stopped. I don't know if this is what happened when FM got uninstalled, but since I used to close FM and immediately proceed to shutdown the computer, it's a real possibility.
  13. Thanks, I saw it on another thread and since then I've been exiting Steam before shutting down the computer. But it must really be an extremely rare occurrence, because I've been using Steam for twelve years, have hundreds of games, and this was the very first time that something like this happened to me.
  14. Thanks for the reply. It was a normal shutdown, no issues detected. I quit FM and saved my game (via FM -> Quit Game and Exit). Then just did Start -> Shutdown. No hibernation/sleep ever occurred, since I have my system set up so that it never does that. Steam was, however, running when I performed the shutdown.
  15. I have just experienced this issue as well. Shut down the computer last night after playing FM17, turned it on a few hours later and when I tried launching FM17 Steam told me it wasn't installed. I doubt that this has something to do with the anti-virus software (I use Symantec) since if that were the case most likely the .exe file would be quarantined or deleted (nevertheless I already have both Steam and FM17 added to the exclusion list of the anti-virus). All the files were still present, yet Steam just seemed to believe that the game wasn't installed. Since my savegame was created in the latest FM version it wasn't a big problem; I just reinstalled the game and was good to go (I've seen other users complaining about this issue that after installing weren't able to load their savegames). But considering that a few people have experienced this, I suppose that it should be looked into.
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