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  1. Im Swindon Town - so definitely not attracted by the bright big city lights!!
  2. Hi, Purchased a great young prospect, but he keeps heading to nightclubs. I get that this may happen the odd occasion, but every week he is unavailable as he is seen in a nightclub. Its getting ridiculous. How do I stop it? Is selling him the only option?
  3. Downloaded from here and they are in .fmf format. they are then not visible on manage tactics screen. Change to .tac by changing file name and they are then visible, but says 'can not import' when tried to.
  4. Hi, has as anyone had any luck finding a tactic that works on the Touch version. I find that I get a good one but then after 3-4 months it stops working and have to try and find a new one. cant seem to get the fmf files to work on touch either as they have to be .tac files. thanks!
  5. Didn't work for me. Renamed and moved to tactics folder. They appeared in the list but then said 'can not import' when I tried. any suggestions?
  6. Do you have the tactic in .tac file format? So I can use on Touch
  7. I have downloaded a few tactics, but cant seem to import them for Touch 2017. They are all in the wrong format and it seems to only recognise .tac files. s there any way of changing? Or are there any tactics being shared which are in .tac format?
  8. what does 'underfined' mean when trying to add an image from your computer?
  9. Trying to upload a screen grab but it doesnt seem to work? image is in list but no way of selecting it!
  10. No offer was accepted! Ill add a grab of the transfer page. There was no mention/update/status of an offer before this message appeared and player gone from squad
  11. Nope. No mention of that. Plus we had 40 mil in bank so didnt need to sell him for 25 mil.
  12. I have a game in 2023, prem league with Basingstoke town. very pleased. I had a fantastic young brazillian GK who was starting to get attention from some big clubs. I'd rejected a couple of bids then suddenly I get a message saying he has been sold to Barcelona! He had no minimum release clause and i hadn't accepted a bid or confirmed the transfer. WTF has happened!! Im furious!
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