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  1. Currently i dont have any issues with FFP, but the lack of info is borthering me. It is just the current number and the expected number of the end of the period. I wish we had more insight in how this number is calculated. Just some things i wish to know:

    • A break down of the FFP based on the season or even on the months.
    • A break down of what contributes to the profit/loss. Something that looks like the income and expenditure tabs, but for FFP period
    • ...


  2. Hi all, i need some help for expanding my stadion. I am stuck at 350, even after winning the Champions League... Lets me the story.

    So i started with a custom DB as San Giovanni in San Marino. After the first year my board announced they want to build their own stadium. Great! But after being stuck at the phase 'searching for a site' for years, it just got cancelled after about 5 years without any message.

    After asking again for a new stadium, the board still denied. They still think we have too few fans, so the stadium would be half empty. I tried this year after year, but until this day they still dont accept a new stadium.

    Therefore i want a expansion. And the board is fine with that. But then the next issue arise: The goverment is blocking expansion of the current stadium. Over and over again. They blocked it this year again. I stopped counting for every time they blocked the expansion.

    In the mean time i got a very lucky run in the Champions League and was able to win the Champions League. So now i can say i am a Champions League winner, while only playing for 350 people... This small stadium is very frustrating.

    At the start of the game we were sharing stadiums with another club. They were able to get a new stadium, while they are performing much worse then us. This makes it even more frustrating.

    The stadium is full in every game. Even in the practise games it is full. In Europe we play in the national stadium, for 5.500 people. Even then the stadium is fully full. It really make no sense we are still playing for 350 people... Anyone who has the golden tip for getting a bigger stadium?! 

  3. I love using the clausules when selling players. Sometimes you can buyout these clauses. Currently you have to look under transfers -> clauses if there are any clauses available for a buy out or if existing possible buyout will have a different buyout value. This is pretty tedious and you have the possibility to miss a potential great buyout deal.

    I have two possible options to solve this. Maybe both can be implemented as well:

    • You will a frequent message, no matter what about all the possible buyout fees. It should work the same as the frequent meetings with your staf about training, transfers, ... 
    • You will get a message in your inbox if something changed.

    If your board do these negotiations about the buyout and you get the last word about selling a clause, then it make sense if the board notifies you about your possible options. So it make sense to me if they email you if they were able to negotiate something. 

  4. Currently you can set some settings to use if you offer players for sell to other clubs. These settings are pretty limited in my experience.


    Percentage of his value

    You can set a percentage of his value. But you cant see the ingame value anymore, since it has become a range. So you have no idea with value is picked based on this setting anymore. This makes this setting unclear and it needs some improvement. It is not really clear which value will be picked for a player.

    Expanded settings for mass offering players for sale


    For loans you can already pick a lot of different option. I would this too for selling players. You can for example tick a box so a percentage of next sale will be include in the transfer deal. So you can ask for including (or excluding) fees and clausules. That makes it much more micro intensive to sell lots of players. 

    Lock settings in transfer deals via offer to clubs

    I would also love a setting to offer player to clubs, but lock certain parts of the deal. It is pretty annoying to get 0% wage percentage offers for loans, when asking for 100%. So i want to lock 100% wage percentages for offering out the players, so i wont got these stupid 0% wage offers. I just got 50 offers on different players with 0% wage contribution, while asking for 100%.

  5. What I just found:

    Same Board: All transfers between the clubs are accepted immediately.

    Renewable: Normally, after a long time, one of the clubs will cancelled the contract, but with option, it takes much more time.

    Youth Player training: The parent club can take any youth player of the feeder club to play in matches of the youth team of the parent club, and buy the player later.

    If you are the parent club, go to the feeder club and choose any youth player and make a loan offer, the deal will accepted if the player has a youth contract, except that the offer will be agree by the feeder club without affiliation condition .

    If you are the feeder club, choose any player you want him to go to the parent club and offer him to parent club from choice (Offer to Clubs) .

    So you reallly have the know how it works, it is not so simple as 'Players go on loan'.

    Help with facilities: Is about the facilities of the feeder club. The parent club will help the feeder club with improvement. I think it's mostly about helping with the money, but not sure.

  6. Thanks.

    Players move freely - Like i said, but in both directions. Okay.

    Same Board - Maybe it also influence a board take over?

    Financial help - I did some more research and it's about clubs in financial trouble. If the small club has financial trouble, the big club send some money to the small club to help them. So it is not neccessary each year, but only if needed.

    Permanent deal - I've seen it many times with two clubs in the same nation. If we stay in Holland: SI made a strange construction to construct share youth teams. So SI add an affiliation with permanent deal and players move freely. So also first team players could change freely, with is surely NOT the case. And i guess Barcelona B and Barcelona is the same case. I think, also within a countrie, it happens a lot. But Permanent deal really means permanent? Ajax and Ajax CT can cancel the link. So IRL it isn't really permanent...

    Youth player training -If we just stay by Ajax, but the another affiliation, Almere City: The have this option. It is stated as 'Almere City shares training facilities with Ajax'. So it seems that the big club can use the facilities of the small club. But the facilities of Ajax are much more better then the faciliteits of Almere City. So this option does nothing, if what you said is right...

    You forgot to mention:

    - Renewable

    - Help with facilities - How does this works ingame?

    I've no comments on the other ones.

  7. I had a question about the benefits of the affiliations. It isn't clear for me what some of them do in the game.

    Players move freely - Players of the small club can sign freely a contract by the big club.

    Players go on loan - Big club can send players on loan to small club.

    First option to buy - If small club accept some bid, they must accept the same bit of the big club.

    Play friendlies - Ofcourse clear

    Same board - ?

    Financial help - Big club send each year some money to the small club

    Renewable - ?

    Permanent deal - Can't be cancelled ingame? Also on the long term? What's happened if the small club grows bigger then the big club after some years?

    Youth player training - Don't no how this works ingame?

    Help with facilities - Don't no how this works ingame?

    Marketing relations - Increase merchandising of big club.

    Scoutings knowledge shared - The parent club has also the knowledge of the other club.

    cannot play in same division - If it happens, both clubs play in same division, the affilliation will be cancelled.

    Most I understand, but i underlined the 5 I do not really understand. I have some idea, but that do not match ingame. So, it must be wrong...

  8. I have made an attempt to port SFraser's schedules to FM11. The Focus used to construct the schedules is based on the spreadsheet put together by ProZone and DocSander which can be found on page 6 of this thread. The only change is that I increased the ATT Focus of wide players to compensate for the removal of Set Pieces and Crossing going into Attack training. These schedules do not include the two injury schedules, nor any of the experimental schedules -- basically, if it isn't in the spreadsheet I didn't do it.

    Note, these are totally untested. I made these for myself and thought I'd share since other people seem to be looking for something like this.

    Mediafire link

    Just a question: What is de different betweer SP AF en SP DLF? And there is no schedules for a defensive midfielder?

  9. It could be they aren't very determined players, not very ambitious or low Work Rate etc. I'm not sure what all the factors are that influence this level of training but if you leave them on a schedule that is too hard for them for too long it can effect their morale and the rate at which they recover their fitness between matches. In some cases it may not matter too much, but you'll have to experiment. I usually put players like this on an individual schedule and reduce the workload for them if they are first team players. For youth or reserve players, try to have them tutored to up their determination, ambition etc - they should be happy working harder then.

    I have the problem with most of the players :confused:

  10. Only fulltime & youth for the moment, but you can use it as a guideline for Part Time players.

    Roughly speaking use half the amount of focus points for each category then tweek it a bit (usually down) so that 1) the proportions of training effort are similar to that of the Full Time schedule and 2) the player is training at a level he is comfortable with. It's only a guideline remember, you will need to adjust it to for the allowable hours and player needs, but it's a good place to start. For example a FT Developing CB schedule might require 5 focus on Strength training (or 15 notches on the slider) you should scale this down to about 2.5 focus (about 7 notches) and then after you have done the same for the other training categories look at how heavy the workload is, you may need to reduce some a little more, or up them a bit depending on the player.

    In lower league / Semi Pro teams quite often some players will really struggle with Heavy training schedules (at least that's my experience) so I drop them down to the upper part of Medium intensity. When I say 'struggle' I mean they take too long to get back to match fitness, their morale suffers and they frequently get injured. Players with higher Determination, Natural Fitness, Work Rate and Ambition seem to be ok with heavier schedules.

    I've found this to be technique useful even with very lowly Semi Pro teams.

    Thanks :)

    And what do you prefer for amateur training schedules? :)

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