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  1. I'd pick Paris over anywhere, as a city. I got him in my 4th season with Everton. I had the deal fall through twice during the contract negotiations and was bidding for him the previous season. Eventually got him in for 2.5m upfront, 34m over 48 months, 2.5m after 30 league goals and a 10% sell on clause. 39m total. Eventually signed a contract for 80k with 20k appearance fee, IIRC. Playing him AML (support) and occassional behind the striker depending on rotation. He averaged 7.98 in his first season, 7.57 in his second and 7.64 in his 3rd.
  2. FM 2012: Carlos Fierro

    Just the 8 hat tricks for Fierro so far this season, only up to Feb. Best record I've ever seen on FM.
  3. [FM12] Lucas Moura

    Had him for 4 seasons at Everton and he's been an absolute hero. Play him AMC as an attacking midfielder. Does very well.
  4. Unreal Newgens and Regens

    No real monsters in mine after 6 seasons with a medium database. Not found a newgen with 5 star potential yet. I put in big shifts looking for them too.
  5. 20 Marlboro is a must. If there's music it's usually atmospheric and/or moody. Repetitive. Industrial techno turned down low. Sometimes floaty acoustic stuff. Telly could only be Sopranos box set. I know the series inside outside so doesn't require much concentration. Brews and bourbons usually feature. Most importantly, girlfriend out the flat!
  6. Ahh, Leicester.. I had them in my first FA Cup final with Everton. Beckford notched the winner for them in a 1-0. they seem to do well in the cups but I've not seen them promoted in 6 seasons, strangely.
  7. FM 2012: Carlos Fierro

    Get onto him and Torres early. Signed Torres for 3.5m and Fierro for 1.3m compensation. First season, pre-season. Fierro just finished his first season at Everton as an 18 year old. Scored 7 league goals in 10 starts, averaging 7.71. Added 4 more in 4 CL starts and 6 more in the cup. Fierro and Torres are second choice at the moment but when they play I usually play them together, with Fierro up top on his own as a poacher and Torres behind him as an inside forward.
  8. Haha, it was an accident! Got stung with the highest paid player clause. Brought in Eden Hazard at the start of the 3rd season on 75k, bumping up Baines, Leandro Damiao, Lucas Moura and Fernando Gago who were on 55k with highest earner clauses. Then Lucas Moura got his yearly wage rise taking him up to 90k and everyone else with him.. oh dear. Sold Wilfried, Paloschi and Verratti for a combined total of around 40m however, so that should keep us going. They only cost me 3.9m between them. I’ve made a lot of money from player sales so it’s not too worrying but I won’t be offering that clause out so lightly in the future! I've had no luck expanding the stadium or building a new one as of yet!
  9. The club was taken over after the second season by a Everton supporters group, who seem to have just as little money as Kenwright. They offered me a budget of 4m for contintal qualification (minimum) and 7m to win the league (maximum, obviously..). Not great really seeing as in the second season I finished 2nd to City only on goal difference, got to the CL semi, FA Cup Semi, and The League Cup Final... Wage budget is over 1m and we have 5 players on 90k!
  10. Decent. Gonna put a request in tonight.
  11. Sold Julian Schieber for 6.75m upfront and Nicolas Lodeiro for 9m over 24 months. Decent!
  12. Beat Leicester, the team that beat my Everton side in the FA Cup Final last season, 3-0 in the League Cup semi, first leg last night. Liverpool won their first leg 3-0 against Chelsea so it looks like I'll have a repeat of last years final. Determined to bring home a trophy this season!
  13. I don't have a problem with it but can understand why people would. It's pretty ignorant telling people they're sad and petty for having a problem with it.
  14. I get pissed off with advertisements popping in places they shouldn't. Or at least where I feel like they shouldn't. It's like buying a coat and finding the shops catalogue in the pocket once you've got it home. I am cynical as fcuk though. Personally, the ad boards in FM don't bother me and never have - Just ads realism in my opinion. I can understand your frustration, however.