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  1. Firstly, happy christmas all. Would like some help/advice. Have been a casual FM player now for a while. Found this in FM19 and now in FM20 where my team will start well, we'll play 8/9 games unbeaten then struggle to pick up any points for 4/5/6 games. Is there anything that I should be doing to help fix the slump. I'm not sure if I should be doing too many tactical changes in case it actually will inhibit my team. For reference, I'm currently in my first season with Fleetwood. Playing a 4-1-2-2-1 with 2 Inside forwards and a pressing striker. Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Just read this and want to highlight for those working on FM. Deserve the praise I'm also really pleased with this years FM having missed FM18. Congratulations to all those involved.
  3. Did you really just ask about whether or not to sell for Borini for £20m and then REJECTED it? You, sir, are absolutely crackers and you will regret it. Whenever he knocks in his 2nd goal on his 500000th start, you'll come back to this thread and facepalm yourself so hard, you'll knock yourself into a coma.
  4. Anyone else noticed a total change in fullback ratings now? Before the update, I thought they were maybe a bit high but now it's taking the ****. My fullback has went from an average of 7.23 prior to the update (playing around 7/7.5 range in 5 matches before update) to playing 4.6/6.1/6.5/4.5. That's ridiculous. In the 5 months prior to that he hadn't played lower than 6.8 but now, that would be an outstanding performance for him.
  5. Can I just say that I'm loving the way this runs on Mac now in regards to it operating on a new desktop window meaning it's so handy to keep iTunes/internet going on one desktop and then swipe over to FM in another
  6. I'm starting a game managing a local club in Northern Ireland called Ballinamallard United. Going to be tough to break the league domination between Cliftonville/Glentoran/Linfield but it's going to be fun.
  7. Cheers for that. I gave up after a couple of failed attempts but this is why
  8. Only early opinion I can give at this moment is in regards to the UI which feels so much more responsive than previous years!
  9. Me a few months ago after getting sick of, in my opinion, the disappointing FM13 : "I'm not going to get FM14 until after the final patch is released" *Currently downloading FM14 beta*
  10. And with that, I will not be playing FM13 anymore. I'm currently managing Crewe and it's 2023. I've not managed in a top league year because I've just spent my time going to clubs for a little bit, getting a few promotions and then leaving before I get too attached. Highest league I've managed in was the champioship. Anyway, the point is that I was hoping that if I stuck it out and got to the top leagues these errors would disappear but it would seem that they do not. To quote Duncan Bannatine, I'm ooouuut. See you for FM2014
  11. MY defender just put the ball into his own net from the half way line after the keeper walked out of the way of a simple back pass. I'm going to log this bug in the bugs forum and then I'm finished with FM13. I really don't see the point in it any more because the ME is useless to the point where you feel like tactics are completely irrelevant. This year has some great improvements like the development lists etc but the ME and some other changes to the interface have made it terrible. I've gave it a good crack (Currently in 2023) but this, at the moment, is the worst Football Manager to be released. I'm away back to 12. F**king gutted.
  12. In FM2014, when I go the scouting screen I'd like it to be presented in a World Map format This would be helpful because it could then be have different views allowing particular data to be shown. For example, the initial map view would be in regards to scouting teams knowledge with green being the most (100%) knowledge and red being the least. You could also have it so that if you selected an individual scout, it would show his areas of knowledge up on the map. This map would be a far more effective and efficient way of conveying scouting knowledge than the current method. From here, scouting reports could be automatically divided into the particular countries that the players are playing in i.e a Spanish based player reports would show up when you clicked on Spain and so on and so forth.
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