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  1. It would have been great if you could put out filter for each position.
  2. Crash dump upload name: FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.23 19.14.26)fargerik.dmp Game: Newcastle2_fargerik.fm Tried: Deleting preferences files Verifying game cache Changing from GPU rendering Always crash on the same date. 30.06.20 -> 01.07.20. This is a new pc. The game where created on another PC. Just transfered game to cloud and load. Any tip?
  3. Thanks. Almost all of the transfer over 48 month. I have replaced the staff and I have now 5 stars on Fitness, 4,5 GK and the rest 4 stars.
  4. Finished my first season, that ended up really well. Manged to finish 1st in the league and win both FA Cup and League Cup. A bit luck in the cups, but the best teams was using the reserve team in the whole cup, as well in the final. Using a 4-2-3-1 formation. Fixtures: Table: Squad:
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