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  1. [FM15][SKIN] Elegance Rebooted

    This is a beautiful skin, yet it isn't too different from the original design to allow for an easy enough switch. There are only a few small issues I have which I'd love to see fixed at some point, so I'm certainly glad to see your announcement of ongoing development, Drakestone. Here's what I'd love for you to change/fix: 1.) The read-message text color in the inbox is really hard to decipher, See a screen for an example. Removing the background-image (sombre) is slightly better but still far from ideal. I don't need or want white-on-black contrast levels, but a bit easier to read would be welcome. 2.) When I return from continuing, I usually end up on the headlines page and I like it that way. There are a number of interesting statistics and news I like to check regularly. However, I also want to check for unread messages and the lack of the always visible side-bar is a problem. I either need to click on the sub-header "Inbox" or move the mouse to the left of the screen. On a laptop with a touchpad that's quite cumbersome, because often enough my sequence of movements is from top right to the left border and back again. In short, I spend more time scrolling the cursor with your skin than I did with the original Elegance. Would it be possible to add the number of unread messages to the sub-header (see a screenshot to illustrate where I'm talking about)? 3.) Posts #25 and #46 already mentioned this bug a while ago. I have no idea what to change or where to even look, or I would've done that myself already. If one can ignore or live with these small issues, then Elegance Rebooted is the best skin for FM 2015 I've seen.
  2. Well, for me, the latest patch breaks more stuff than it actually fixes and all of that is already widely mentioned and discussed in the bugs forum. Since Steam has become mandatory this year, it's also quite impossible to revert back to a prior patch, at least I know of no legal way to do so. As of now, I'll be starting a new career game with FM11. This isn't really an issue of this patch at all, but I want it to be said, that patch-handling has become very poor this year. I'm absolutely not speaking about your efforts SI, because I appreciate all you're doing to fix the game, even when it does me little good personally. But what I'm seriously missing in this year's release is the possibility to revert back to a prior patch, since the game in the current version isn't any fun for me with all those issues 12.1 introduced. I'm all too aware that my quarrel is in truth with the Steam platform, but to lose this possibility from one release to the next isn't winning you any brownie-points. Here's my opinion on the whole advanced editor issue: you all have read the final word from the developers and there should not need to be any more discussion about it. If you can't accept that, can you at the very least please whine quietly about it? Thanks Still, as much as I understand and accept it, I'm rather disappointed about this move myself, because the advanced editor was actually the only way to add Austrian leagues (3rd tier and lower) in 12.0.x without crashing the game. That bug has most likely been fixed with the latest patch, but it doesn't change the circumstances any. The editor with its limited official capability has been getting lots and lots of little changes over the past few years, but additional functionality, that would translate directly to the in-game experience, has been sorely missing. I bet that if you had actually spent some time increasing the scope of operation in the regular editor, then a lot of people here wouldn't have any reason to want the advanced rules thingie back.
  3. Thanks for this definite reply, until now I only suspected this to be the case and hoped that there'd be something I could do. Thanks for your answer. Now I'll just keep playing my savegame, because I'm too lazy to start anew. I know what to do for next time, though
  4. Hi guys, first off, this is only partly an editor issue but I used the search before posting and there have been a number of general threads on the topic of lnc-files here in this forum, so I thought to post it here. Maybe it should belong elsewhere though? I've been using Susie's real names package for competitions, clubs, awards and all that stuff for a long while and also in older versions of the game. The lnc data files have been working ever since the demo without a flaw, but I've recently started a new career and it suddenly began acting up. Now the FIFA World Cup is called "Weltmeisterschaft" (the German name for it) and the same is true for other international competitions like the Euro Championship and all their qualification competitions as well. Even the continent names are changed to German language names, although the country names themselves are seemingly unchanged. All that has been very confusing, because Susie's lnc files already come with the correct long and short names for those competitions I mentioned, yet they're not being displayed correctly. After some trial and error, I came to the conclusion, that a league expansion editor-file contained lots of German translations. That's doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing (it's my mother tongue after all), but it looks like the data in the lnc-files has a lower priority than the editor-data which is in the .dbc file I downloaded. Now I'm playing a game game in the English language FM, but due to the German league-expansion the game is effectively dual language at every corner, thanks to almost 3000 data changes in the editor. So here's my question: is the behavior normal, that I can't overwrite data entries with lnc-files if changes are already present in an editor file that was loaded at the start of the game? If I could somehow force-overwrite it without starting a new game, then everything would be perfect, but apparently FM doesn't work that way
  5. You know, I haven't seen a consistent problem in my latest save. There's a 4th tier amateur club in a small European country I'm currently managing and I found myself a good out of contract striker from abroad willing to sign a contract for no money at all. Well, I distinctly remember one match which I was heavy favorites for. It was a narrow 1:0 win on paper, but I had 10 clear-cut chances during the match and dominated in all other areas of statistics. The very next game I was expecting something similar, believing my important players to be out of form. Instead the transfer I was talking earlier about is the whole league's star striker and he made 4 goals with only 5 shots on the goal. So what's the 'problem'? Is it the bad goalkeepers, the striker that's probably the best player in the league or an issue with the match engine? Personally, I don't believe that we have a general finishing problem. Maybe there's too large a degree of randomness involved, but in the end I've made the experience that stronger teams come out on top most of the time and their strikers will still be able to get plenty of goals.
  6. It totally depends on what you, Epsilon or the thread starter each understand when you say "ruined". Even a severely weakened Mario Gomez is good enough to find a place in some other Bundesliga club, but would he be a leading star there or even a regular starter? When I see the second screenshot after his long injury, then I notice a player that has become totally useless to the club he's playing at! At 100k Euro per week, he's currently earning maybe about 50k more than would be fair for his decreased current ability. Furthermore, for a leading Bundesliga side like FC Bayern Munich, he really is completely useless and should ideally only be the 3rd best striker in the squad. So what can someone do in that situation? Turneep needed to buy a replacement striker and the only thing Gomez will end up doing is sit on the bench until his contract has run out. With his contract about to end after the current season and under the present circumstances, there's no way in hell to sell him in the upcoming transfer window, even at bargain prizes. Not only are his current wages a huge deterrent to other clubs, who will take a look at his present contract and decide they can't afford him, but he has no match practice at all and that always makes selling to AI clubs that much harder. In the end, you not only lose (all or a portion of) the 3 to 8 million he could've sold for, but have to keep paying him almost 3 million in wages until the end of his contract, half of which he's just not good enough to earn. Well, no whining from me, because that's life and the risk of injury is always prevalent - we take it, move on and hope for better luck next time. But let nobody be said, that in the game of the thread starter, he's isn't totally ruined.
  7. Friendly tours out now ?

    But it was broke. Maybe not in the sense that friendlies couldn't be played, but the system was easily exploitable. I believe that it's SI's duty to look for stuff like this and come up with a better system, that doesn't eliminate any fun you have. The way I see it, the game certainly isn't ruined because I have less choice with me pre-season friendly arrangements than in earlier releases. Why don't you invite the foreign side to play a home game in your own stadium, that way you can still beat them On a personal note, my home town club plays in the Austrian 4th tier and is an amateur club with ambitions (but little realistic chance) to get beyond that. Despite that, before the recent financial crisis, they had a regular training camp abroad: on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey one year and in some other beach resort in Spain another year. I believe they had to take a break from that due to the lack of sponsors in the difficult economic climate of the past few years, but it certainly shows that traveling abroad isn't impossible even for relatively small teams.
  8. Well, I agree that there should be a performance drop after an extended period of injury. Certainly not all attributes should be affected and ideally it should depend on the kind of injury someone had incurred - parts of that have already been described here, like a (temporary?) loss of bravery after the player was injured in a tackle attempt for example. What's really messing all those players up is the fact that SI has probably done something to account for their lack of training (and/or match practice) that directly reflects in the loss of a player's CA, which automatically lowers his attributes across the board. What they haven't done is taken the attribute loss into context. A player that just got fit again after a long inury time-out is probably not playing his best possible football, but baring special situations should at least generally be able to get to where he was before. It would be a much better solution if SI wouldn't take situations that result in the loss of match practice and lack of training due to injuries and strip the player from his very important attributes. The game needs a kind of bonus/malus system which could record a long time without training due to a prolonged injury and make the player take some time, maybe weeks or even months, before he's back on top of his game. All the same, the game shouldn't touch a player's attributes in most cases - of course there are singular instances when a single or a few attributes may change due to an injury, or where an injury prone player has just reached the point where he can't recover from anymore. But beyond all that, the majority of injured players will be back to playing their regular football in a matter of weeks or months. The way it stands currently, regaining much if anything from such a huge CA loss is impossible beyond a certain age. Wait, don't we already have something like that? A player's condition value already shows his physical capability to play in a match and that is fine. The match fitness, on the other hand, could be used in exactly these circumstances. If SI were to split the calculation of it in half, then it could be used to keep the attributes of a player unchanged and still use him as a terribly out of form player in the match engine. If an injury would reduce his match fitness rating to anywhere between 50% and 1% - the longer the injury, the lower obviously - and SI would extend the recovery time and effort of that value below 50%, it would be perfect. Any standard bad match fitness due to little play time could be recovered with a few pre-season friendlies and/or a few games in the reserves. More effort would be needed with players recovering from an injury and that might even take months. Well, no matter how exactly SI will want to solve that issue, the way it's now doesn't work for me. It's been happening in my games too: at least once a season I see a player destroyed due to his stats dropping from moderately to massively. I've never had this big a problem with it in earlier FM releases.
  9. Youth intakes

    I don't believe that the youth players you got on a trial basis are mentioned in the transfer history when they left your club. Well, at least in my game, they aren't. I don't have the last message (youth intake) anymore to check, but four players (age 14-15) which I didn't sign on, were released from the club after their trial was over. In my transfer history, I only see three youth players having left the club this season and they're all 17/18 and they spent the past few years with the club.
  10. New computer advice

    Eugene Tyson, the correct description is actually PC3-10667, the 666 at the end is a bit misleading and in truth comes from the G-Skill product id code/number. PC3-10667 equals DDR3-1333.
  11. New computer advice

    I'm constantly surprised about rather amateurish hardware suggestions one finds on the internet, be it here or on other forums. What many people don't grasp a lot of the time is the ability to either create a harmonized compilation of custom parts or to look for the rare offer of a complete system that doesn't splurge on one part and save money somewhere else. This isn't meant to be understood in a bad way, but the thread starter should know that some of the stuff recommended here is clearly either over the top, or on the other hand not powerful enough for his requirements. Take the suggested graphics cards for the main example: nVidia GeForce GT 560Ti, ATi Radeon 6950 and an OEM version with the GeForce GT 545 (that's definitely too slow, because the performance should be somewhere close to the GT 450). Taking the assumption that you'll be playing on a FullHD screen (1920x1080/1200 pixel) and you want maximum details and at least some AA/AF, then the smallest card (GT 545) won't cut it, because especially Battlefield 3 and other hardware hungry games like it will cause your average framerate to drop way below 30fps, with some instances even noticeably below 20. The Radeon 6950 is certainly powerful enough, but it is most likely a bit over the top and will be wasted on you, if you truly want to play FM most of the time. There's no reason to buy a nice high-end graphics card if it will spend 99% of the time in idle. For those few flirtations with CoD:MW3 and BF3 in between the GeForce 560Ti is a good choice and if you wanted to go a bit cheaper, the ATi Radeon 6850 would be a nice alternative. The lowest I'd want to use if this were my own gaming pc and my choice of games, is the Radeon 6770. It's a card that offers the best value for performance, but it's also cutting it close and you might just want to drop a bit from the max graphics details in some games. Regarding the other components, here are some thoughts: Computer memory shouldn't be an issue in today's world of gaming. If you buy 4GB then you will definitely have enough for each and every game currently out there, no doubt about it! More memory will not benefit you directly with higher speeds or shorter load times (mostly because many games are compiled to run as a 32bit application) at all, rather it will allow you some additional comfort. Myself, I'm always too lazy to close my browser windows, my email client and such stuff when I start gaming, so I needed more than 4GB to accomodate those desires. You don't do that, then you can save a few pounds here. Still, memory is rather cheap so it's not a big issue. In regards to the clocking speeds: it can make a huge difference in price, but the performance gain is way too small to care (I'm talking about only 1 or 2% here). You'd be much better served to get a cheap 4 or 8GB DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1600 kit for half the price of a top gaming performance RAM kit and spend the money on a custom CPU cooler for example. With some notable exceptions, the majority of currently available games profit more from higher clock speeds on a CPU than from a higher number of cores (or threads for that matter). The same is pretty much true for FM as well, because it runs quite a bit faster on my smaller over-clocked dual core machine than on my quad core running at stock speeds. In the end, when you're playing FM, the game will not use all available threads most of the time. Now what does that mean for you? I don't believe that you should buy a Dual-Core processor, but there are definitely performance gaps between different technologies: PLEASE don't buy an AMD Bulldozer FX-6xxx/8xxx (they're totally unsuited for FM) and don't buy an old Phenom II, if you don't have to buy/build a small budget computer. The best CPU to buy in today's market is one with the best per core performance and that's clearly Intel's Sandy Bridge. It doesn't matter what particular CPU you end up choosing, as long as it's an Intel i5-2xxx, then it's a very good choice. Personally, I see this Chillblast Fusion Hurricane and think it's a rather neat compilation. The graphics card is good value and fast enough for your desires, but not obscenely powerful and expensive. It got a nice CPU tower-cooler which is apparently powerful enough to cool the 36% above stock speeds. Nice to see is also the fact that it hasn't got a cheap no-name power supply but a decent Corsair model. The only thing I'd check is the warranty it offers, since overclocking isn't covered by the CPU manufacturer and leave only the defects liability of the shop. But that's nitpicking really, because if overclocked properly it should never be an issue. This is certainly a fast one for FM with many league calculations
  12. Well, that's what I was talking about in my initial post: it completely depends on HOW EXACTLY a difficulty system would be implemented in the game. I would think it completely unacceptable if SI were to do it by enhancing either my own or my opponent's squad strength, which would in the end play out in the match engine and could possibly create havoc. On the other hand, I'd have no trouble at all, if the game would give the player controlled club either more or less money. In the end I believe that most difficulties someone has playing the game can be solved with more money: ask the board to raise the standards of facilities or build a bigger stadium, buy a new player, raise the wage limit. That's a feature that can be done a number of ways that are easy to implement (just think how easy it is to insert a simple multiplier for certain values) and nothing at all would change a thing for the majority of other players that aren't interested in (using) that feature.
  13. And why not? Just because it's there, doesn't mean I have to use it.
  14. The thing is, that the majority of external influences on the game's difficulty are either due to guides and help from other players or because of third party software that allows one to take a deep view in the game database and even edit parts of it to your satisfaction - don't even start with the huge influence one can exert from the database editor that's shipped with the game. You have difficulty climbing to the top with a club, then you can get FMRTE and use it to add a sugar daddy to your club and boom, it's easy as pie since you can outspend all your league opponents. You have difficulty with the match engine and you go look for a good tactic (or even one exploiting a bug in the match engine) on some of the forums or portals. Pretty much the same is true for training schedules as well as staff and player recommendations, because you're able to find those at every corner for all releases SI puts out. Judging from all those possibilities - be it the comfortable way to import match tactics, training schedules and player shortlists from external files, or to manipulate the game database before you even start a game - the developers already seem rather friendly towards guys who have difficulty with the game and easily allow for external help. The availability of data or ingame editors has been a constant for the past couple of years, at least there was always a tool available whenever I wanted to do some checking of background data of a savegame in progress. They are third party software though, that aren't guaranteed to work perfectly and may even create errors in savegames if you're not careful in how you use them. The developers COULD indeed write and ship a savegame or ingame editor with the game, but I see absolutely no need for that. With the currently available tools and features in place, there are already more than enough ways open to you if you want to a) cheat or b) adjust the game difficulty to your demands. The only thing the game does not have, is a difficulty adjustment feature with a nice and neat drop-down field and values going from Newbie to Sir Alex Ferguson and beyond. While I really don't care for a feature that allows a difficulty adjustment in the game, I also have to admit that it's not something that would disturb me. In the end, I firmly believe that the ways to modify a game's difficulty are already present, SI just hasn't combined them into a centrally useable feature yet. Also - and that's really the most important thing of my post here - the match engine must never be influenced by such a feature, should it ever come to be introduced. I can only imagine the horrors and bugs it could cause if SI tried to play with opponent strengths and difficulties in such a way. If you don't touch the ME with such nonsense, then you can do whatever you want to introduce a difficulty setting. edit: After I read a couple of posts here, I want to say a few words regarding the AI of the game. There do exist games where an AI can be successful, only think of chess and the like, but all of those have rather rigid rules and aren't a rather complex amalgation of eleven versus eleven players with an almost limitless number of tactics for single players or groups of them. For today's average computer power, a football manager AI has just too little power to go into detail about everything a human manager can do. The only thing that really irks me - and this is something which I really believe can be done with computer hardware from years ago - is to create an intelligent player (and staff) transfer system. If I were to take SI to task for something, then it would be this, but not the lack of AI strength in the match engine.
  15. Semi-Pro to Pro question

    Talk to your board about it. There's a conversation item called "Professional Status" under the category of "Finance". If you have the club's finances under control, then you stand a reasonable chance of convincing them, that it's a change you need.