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  1. When you call your girlfriend late at night because the club is going to build a new stadium named after you. Then you go back to the game and start read the message many times, imagining how it would look like. Finaly, you draw it on piece of paper.
  2. How's Aston Villa doing? Any titles? Cheers!
  3. I built a great team with my beloved Sporting Lisbon, lead them to four consecutive Portuguese titles and we reached the CL semifinals for the first time in the previous year. I was offered the job at Barcelona in December and I did what most of the mangers would: I accepted. Meanwhile, Luciano Spalletti took over Sporting. With plenty of money to spend in Cataluña, I signed Hazard, Kroos and a right-back newgen for £95m, won the Champions League with ease and finished second 2 points behind Real Madrid. Barcelona had a great team, but it wasn't MY team. I resigned after just half a season and waited for an offer. Luckily, Spalletti did a great job at Sporting, moved to At. Madrid and I applied for the Sporting job. I was already on their favoured personel and I got back home. Since then, I managed to win another two league titles and a Champions League against Napoli after defeating Barcelona in the semis.
  4. I'm managing Aston Villa and my current deal is £11,4m per year until 2020. The previous one was £4,5m per year.
  5. After his contract with City ran out, he went to Napoli on a free, but left one year later. Most of the times he wasn't even on the bench. Lost track of him since then.
  6. I'm enjoying the 11.3 patch. Looks good. However, I don't know if this happened to other people, but I noticed a bug in the press conferences. Since I installed the latest patch, I got called for the same press conference twice in the same day for a few times. The questions were the same on both occasions. Is this a known issue? Cheers
  7. Well, my team was going through a financial struggle when they offered me a new contract, so I negotiated to the lowest possible, £20,000 per week. Having won 4 Premier Leagues in a row and a Champions League, I still have 1 or 2 years left on the current contract and I don't know if I will negotiate a higher value.
  8. I'd like to see player talking about possible club transfers. For instance, I (the manager) declare interest about player X. Then one of my players could talk about it (it would appear on the news.) Also, it would be interesting to see not only the manager's press conference but also the player's. Of course you wouldn't attend but it could appear in the news that player Y "is confident for the next match" or talk about injuries, etc. Mental attributes like loyalty, determination, morale, etc would play a big part here and since we could not control what we says, it would be our job to comment on whatever he said before.
  9. Arsenal, 2015-2016 GK - Akinfeev RB - Azpilicueta LB - Clichy CBs - Zapata and Ismael (regen) CMs- Rodwell and Fabregas RW - Alexis Sanchez LW - Mesut Özil STs - Aguero and Lukaku/Wellington Silva/Galabov (regen)
  10. You get to work and the first thing you say is "I won the Premier League!" Your boss looks at with a certain concern about your mental health.
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