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  1. I'm sure this has been flogged to death by now but my two cents anyway. I've used Steam for a few years and found it has certainly been improved alot (though i'd still be paranoid about entering my credit card details). My only real gripe about it is where it installs software in the steam directory on your hard drive. It's not a major issue (or an issue at all for most people) and no doubt i'm in the extreme minority, but I do like to have some control over the directory the game is intalled to. I was intending to install FM on a small ssd, and steam on an auxilary HDD for other games and some applications. I like to load up all leagues and get into a really long game where loading and saving times can get pretty hefty, but It isnt a deal breaker and I'll be buying FM 2012 soon. Im sure SI/Sega are well aware that they cant stop piracy, and some will always pirate it, but if they can disrupt the threat of impatient people who might be tempted to steal it before it's even realeased that's at least a small victory.
  2. Oooooh Chris Hope for Scunthorpe in CM2 I think it was. What a beast! No idea where he is now, might well have retired.
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