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  1. I have this problem too and don’t have a MacBook and have downloaded any additional facepacks
  2. Just at the end of the first transfer window, really happy with my business IN Geronimo Rulli from Real Sociedad 9mil Matthias De Ligt from Ajax 13mil Alessio Romagnoli from Milan 20mil Jonny from Celta Vigo 8.5mil Mousse Dembele from Celtic 18mil Total IN 69mil OUT Sergio Romero to Lyon 13.75mil Phil Jones to PSG 45mil Chris Smalling to Spurs 25mil Matti Darmian to Southampton 30mil Ashley Young to Brighton 8mil Total OUT 119mil Made 50mil and IMO all my signings are cheaper and better than their predecessors.
  3. I understand the Mods are busy and apologise for pestering but I’ve asked this question 3 days in a row now without response. In the full release will it be possible to get individual match reports, when scouting a player, directly into your inbox. For me this is a game changer and will shape my decision for whether I request a refund.
  4. For me it makes the game far less enjoyable
  5. Has the update changed it so that you get individual Scout reports for players in your inbox? As referenced above with the Rashford example
  6. In the full game will it be possible to get an individual scouting report on each player you request it on (like in previous games). Or will they stay bundled together with other reports. This may sound like such a small aspect but I think it ruins the immersion of the game. IRL a manager would get a report on his desk of a scouted player, the scout wouldn’t wait a week and bundle them all together, or worse wait for you to visit the scouts office. This has been mentioned a few times in this thread but I haven’t seen a definitive answer. I know you can ask your scout to give you daily updates but I’d like to return to the old system of getting an individual report on each player, makes it easier to find in your inbox.
  7. chapperz92

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Looking for a new laptop to play FM well but bit clueless when it comes to what I need. Luckily I enjoy the old school nostalgia and still play in 2D but want something that will run fast. Was thinking of http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/acer-aspire-e5-575-15.6-inch-hd-core-i7-6500u-8gb-1tb-uma-dvd-super-multi-nx.ge6ek.004/version.asp but would welcome input from others about whether this is a good bet or there are any better options? Ta
  8. First off, thanks for the update SI, I always enjoy the January transfer update makes it seem like an entirely new game. However, I echo the sentiments above that the game has got painfully slow since the update. Is there any indication of what is causing this and is there likely to be a fix released?
  9. Pogba! I'm in my 9th season and he is still the best CM in the world
  10. It could well be that he doesn't perform as a lone striker, maybe he works best off of another striker a la heskey
  11. Give him longer than 6 games to get going. I resigned Ronaldo and he didn't do much at first but eventually went on to get 71 goals in a season, 41 of which in the premier league
  12. Older versions of FM possibly even CM used to show all appearances
  13. I like to sign non-playing staff with a connection to the club. Would like to be able to search for ex players, ex staff or someone who's dad was a former player. Eg managing united it's easy to find scholes, Yorke ect but less obvious to find sheringham as he doesn't list the club as his favourite
  14. chapperz92

    Stadium sellouts

    Thanks everyone
  15. Apologies if this has an obvious answer or has been asked before (I've checked but couldn't find an answer). On FM15 how do you find out how many times your stadium has sold out and what it's sellout percentage is? It used to be listed on previous versions but can't for the life of me find it on this years version.