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  1. i think ive posted this in the wrong thread, sorry it is now i the right place u can delete this, and joe when i click the link it says sorry the page cannot be found.
  2. i really need some help. i am about to install football manager 2010 for about the 6th time. i have tryed everything. i had the game working perfectly for months but now it will not work. everytime i install i get the same (ish) error. when i click to play, the game will start to come on them it will come on saying ' Football Manager Has Stopped Working Error 10.3...... -- Many Number After It Usually Different EachTime. Even if i dont install the patch it does it again ' Football Manager Has Stopped Working Error 10.3........ even when i dont use steam it does the same thing. this has happened ever since i updated to windows 7, it was fine before when i was using windows vista but now i cant do anything. i really need help installing, i have disabled my firewall. can anybody please help me. now im 16, im not great on computers, if i tell me to do something eg update drivers etc please can u explain to me how to do it, im not computer expert, just a football manager 2010 expert. thanks i need the help Elliott
  3. Hello im setting up a network game now and were playing as teams in league 2, we have 3 people set to play so far. I torquay united. you must have the 10.3 patch, to do this it takes a few mins, http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/ create and account as download this hamachi which allows us to play online. join my network its name and password is both voller2010, my name will appear as 'elliott' and my ip adress will be next to my name, to join the game copy the ip adress into join network game on fm10 and you should be on there. 3 so far the more the marrier. i have 2 weeks off at the moment so whenever u have your pc on put hamachi on so i can tell u whether the game is running as hamachi has a chat, thanks and goodluck.
  4. oldest player in the game.

    on fm09 there was a low league goalkeeper in spain, he was 55
  5. good point black is much better or we could ask miles to knitt us all a hat.
  6. oh u go commando. maybe a fm11 tatoo for u.
  7. if they dont like this idea we could always get FM11 undies
  8. well vic maybe they could sell the suit with the game instead. size by size.
  9. yeh good idea grey is abit boring
  10. I have been playing football manager for since 03/04 as a 8 year old kid and now im 16 and should be given an award for my dedication and efforts. I spend most my days complaining, screaming crying and often abusing the computer game and often give my deadly and evil stare towards miles jacobsens facebook page and thank him for my latest dissollowed goal due to the oppossing teams idiotic goalkeeper dropping his spearmint. I can agree the game is pretty realistic but i myself like to dress for the occasion like the megsons and fergusons of today, i like to wear a nice grey suit. FM10 came with a free tactics booklet but i myself was left empty handed, but really who needs to write their tactics down when it can be done via computer or to those lucky managers who have a thing called a brain. I really thing that Football Manager 2011 Should Come with a grey suit and tie so we can all be apart of the occasion. This is something im sure Sports Interactive Would Be glad to make available with our next gaming experience. It would also mean more stores could have football manager on sale. Wouldnt It be great if we could go to Debenhams and see ' Football Manager 2011 On Sale Now! Comes With Grey Suit! What Does Everybody Think? Great Idea?
  11. Fm10 scout

    it doesnt have any players when i load my career. does i work with 10.2
  12. Fm10 scout

    Has anybody got a link to the fm10 genie scout compatable with 10.2 patch. Fmbase doesnt work as it says i have downloaded my maximum amount of files per day even thought the amount is 0. Anybody. ? X
  13. Financial Advice

    pre seasons friendlies vs big teams
  14. id also like to have the option to spend money and set up a youth academy all over the world, just like in fml latest update.