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  1. http://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-online-headed-china Any plans on releasing this in the UK/Europe anytime soon?
  2. Can we not create a newgen if we have already started a save?
  3. Definitely would like more history with records such as top 10 each year with the main records, such as most goals, assists, apps etc
  4. Thanks for explaining Are all the attributes randomly selected?
  5. How do you add a newgen? Would love to know the steps please
  6. Wait, so can you add yourself or a potential son as a regen?
  7. Anyone else think that commentary bar in matches is too small and everything else is too big in proportion? Struggling to read the commentary as I have the game of full speed but it wasn't a problem in other versions. Would like it a tad bigger
  8. Don't know if this is a bug but has player positions on the tactic screen been removed on purpose? Would like to see all the positions my players play on the tactics bit before the match
  9. Definitely more stats and records about the clubs history and league history, such as top 10 instead of top 1 and definitely total appearances/goals etc.
  10. Also any chance of the records/history section being a bit more indepth? Such as more details such as top 10 instead of just top 1 and also a few more records such as most goals ever scored in a league/most assists ever. Would love to see records with a bit more history
  11. Would love an u16 youth league in addition to u18 and also being able to take charge of that u18 team
  12. Just ordered off GMG with the voucher code for £24 Cheers AndyFal36. Any idea when I will get the preorder beta code?
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