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  1. They put a lot of man hours in every year and the game still has bugs when it is released. In fact every game developer put lots of hours in just before the game goes gold, it's known in the industry as the 'crunch period'. I'm not saying it isn't going to be good, I'm just saying dont expect it to be perfect.
  2. Getting Addicted

    You are a great father!
  3. firstly, why is it that whenever a key player is worried about the level of competition in the squad, i tell them they are first choice and start them in the next 5 games, they request a transfer claiming they werent given the first team football they were promised? its happened with a young centre midfielder who was already at the club in my barcelona save on 11.2 then again with my 2 new signings ( a star striker and key centre midfielder) on my west brom save on 11.3, both of which had only been there for a month. secondly, do players perform more for when playing for one of their favoured teams? E.G. Cesc Fabregas looking more determined than ever to help arsenal win a trophy (probably because he wants to end their trophy drought before going to barcelona in the summer). thanks in advance.
  4. [FM11][RELEASED] Galaxy Skin

    thanks jps71, it loads up eventually it turns out i was just being impatient
  5. [FM11][RELEASED] Galaxy Skin

    Loving the skin and it works perfectly except whenever I try to start fm up it gets stuck on the loading screen (where it keeps showing the word ''loading'' in different languages) this happened pretty much striaght after I started using the skin so i guessed it was the cause. If i take the galaxy skin out of my skins folder then it works fine and goes to the main menu screen, if i then put the galaxy skin back in my skins folder and go to preferences and select it as my skin it works; but then whenever I try to start up fm again it freezes and I have to move the files around which is starting to get really annoying. Does anybody else keep having this problem or know how to fix it? Also im using the galaxy cal footer 2.8 version. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is this cheating?

    Thanks Cougar2010 I'll just keep the database as it is and use that information instead.
  7. Is this cheating?

    yeah I suppose I'll be able to live with it, I'd rather not do it but it's better than seeing a group of potential wonderkids rotting in my reserves.
  8. I mostly manage teams in england and whenever I request feeder teams I usually get english ones, so I've got a lot of experience of buying in youth players and then shipping them out to the lower leagues. As a result of this I know what level certain youngsters should be loaned out to at the start of the game; however I'm about to start a new game in Italy and I'm not really familiar with the standard Italian lower leagues, for example I don't know whether serie b is on a par with the championship etc. So if I request a feeder team to send my youngsters to im going to get an Italian side that im not familiar with and I wont be able to tell if my players will get the game time they need to help them improve. My question is, is it cheating if I go on the editor and add a feeder team from the championship, league 1 and league 2 to a team?
  9. A while ago i was playing a save as napoli manager and i bought miguel veloso for about £24million. even though his natural position is defensive midfield he is accomplished in centre midfield so i played him there as a deep-lying playmaker with a support mentality. His stats are amazing and suited this position but he averaged about a 6.40 rating in the 50 or so matches he played so i decided to cut my losses and sold him to chelsea for £20million. Now in a different save im managing hoffenheim and ive had a £14million offer accepted, if i sign him i will be playing him in the same role i played him in at napoli so i was wondering will he flop again? im hoping it was just that the italian league didnt suit him and he'll be one of the best players in the german league because he certainly has the stats to do so
  10. the 4-1-2-1-4? if your playing that no wonder its working youve got 13 players on the pitch
  11. that is one of the many postives of being a student:D
  12. Wheres todays blog??

    maybe he'll just release the demo instead ( probably not but I can dream, cant I?)
  13. Getting into a game

    if you want to get engrossed into a long term game I recommend you do some lower league management, its a great challenge taking little blue square north gateshead all the way to premiership and champions league glory. I was in the same boat as you until I tried this and since then ive had several other long term saves with lots of different types of teams.
  14. ive had the exact same thing and i dont know why, i just assumed it was a bug. im a world class manager and im on most of my players favoured personnel :S