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  1. You know what, I'd love a proper negotiating section when joining a new club (and renweing contact to an extent). Where your reputation or how much the board think your a suitable candidate give you negotiating power to. I know this happens on a slight scale already, but could work on a bigger, more intricut scale. Would also tie-in slightly with what people ask always ask for (to make chairman type decisiions. You could influence a lot on decisions they make. It is becoming a rarity, but managerial legend deserves that same type of sway in game.
  2. so he's finishing has improved by 2 since he was 16? . (he does have good heading and i'm sure he could do a job like emile heskey did, but heskey did'nt play for a club that challenge for the top honours every year...) would be good for a team that relies on set pieces to win. I see your point, all be it not a very good one.
  3. Bigpole i appreciate your feed back. 5 wonderkids in my u18? i barely have 5 players? btw melquedies is 26, i put him under 18 to convince him to move clubs. by the feed back it seem's my standards/hopes are to high.
  4. my current u18 and evaluation of future.
  5. As stated in a previouse reply, i do do that, or try to. my 11st team lb is a converted winger. there is maybe only 1 or 2 players who make it into u23 side, but that's always as best the develope. every single attribute that goes towards youth, i have the best of, training fac, coaches, affiliates, hoyd. just like my stadium, seem to be set at a limit that it can't go past. for example maybe my club can only ever produce max players of4* but tottenham can at there best produce 5*?
  6. compared to my u23 though, they aint that special. then compare to 1st team squad.
  7. I have the best coaches in every department and best hoyd you can get, they also have light workload. tbf the standard for my 1st team squad is probably just too high. the youth probably would be decent for most other teams. It's just frustrating that i would need a 'once in a generation' player to make it, and i don't get any, or if i did have any they was in wrong position or poor stats in an important area. I have about 3 players ive signed that could play anywhere in a 1st 11 (minus gk). 'Are you really binning 16/17/18 year olds with 5* star potential just because their Pace (for exa
  8. I can only assume we have different opinions on what type of quality should be in your 1st team squad. A youth may very well be 5* rating and may even reach that potential, but that doesnt mean that they are good enough. For example you may have a 5* winger, but if he has 10 pace and acceleration and 10 flair or creativity but top stats on everything else, then he's of no use. The *'s mean nothing if the stats dont suit there position and your way of playing. i have had worldclass cb's, but their jumping and heading are poor. I do try n retrain some so their attributes are better suited for a
  9. TBF i basically almost have had the (minumum) best 22 players in my 1st team for last 15 years. My youth produce's 1x player with 5* (black) everyother year and 1 upto 4*. I keep most regens for 2 full seasons minimum. a couple turn out to be average prem players at best. Can't remember last time 1 became good enough to stay in my squad. Another big issue is that half the time these newgens don't fit my formation either. I currently have over 125 players classed as club home grown in my game because i buy and nurture youth alot. Just non that my academy bring through. I can just only assume m
  10. yes almost constant sell out. don't use ingame editor and not gonna pay for it just to check stadium limit. i'm only gonna play till 2050 anyway. (by then stdium sponsorship should be renewed, main shirt sponsor renwed (although last renerwal was less!!??) and mostly, because by then i should hopefuly be the most successful club to have won the most competitions. Chairty shield is gonna be biggest ask. (keep getting done over on world club cup to with my players ALWAYS more unfit than oppo (despite me alternating a diffeent `1st 11 every week ( i play strongest 11 weekdays, 2nd 11 weekend, the
  11. on a seprate note. is there a stadium limit? i have money, highest reputation for over a decade, majaor trohpies major players and stadium sell outs every year and plenty of money. am i gonnabe stuck on 89k stadium forever?
  12. As i said, i need a bigger stadium. Once that is paid for I wouldnt have been to botherd. PLus if any youth players that i havnt hoovered up slip through the cracks then spending £200m on them isnt so bad. *but im glad it's to stop the game f*$king up.
  13. Youth intake is absolutly terrible. Im almost 20 seasons in and for the most part ive had the best coaches, best head of youth dev, best facilities and plenty of affiliate link ups to swap youth etc and still I have not had 1 good enough for my 1st team squad.
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