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    my managing style is a cross between mourinho and wenger and harry redknapp.

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    football, sex, drinking. pretty much sums it up.

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  1. I haven't bought fm18 yet (waiting till usual update in feb when transfers and bugs are fixed!). However i'd like to add to the point a couple of you have made about the AI adjusting and countering your tactics. during the best part of alex ferguson's, marcello lippi, guardiola successful spells at man u, juve and barca respectively, they all played the same players in the same system/tactics for years! If your players are good enough( an fit enough) and they suit your system/shape, then 8/10 you'll play well and get a result. However in fm if you play the same tactic/ssytem players for more than 8 games the AI, whether it's conte as manager or the fleetwood town gaffa, will counter them, and be successful! My 2 points are this: 1: just because an opposition team knows how you will play/line-up, doesn't/shouldnt mean they have a right to stop you! 2: no it doesnt seem to matter if it's a worldclass manager who's a tactical wizz or some lower league manager (who granted could still be tactically adept) with poor tactical awareness, both can still pull a tactical masterclass equally when the AI wants.
  2. excellent release date. and i'll do what i have done for last couple of seasons. will buy it in late february/march when all 'major' bugs are fixed. (oh and cheaper, cos not paying full price for a game that has issues for atleast 30% of it's shelf life)
  3. according to the poll i'm not wrong. And I could make an educated guess that most people who think it's perfectly playable out the box are fairly new and not seasoned players. (they know no better)
  4. I have been a player of FM since it was originally Championship Manager. This is over 15 years of consecutive play. What I can tell you if you ever get frustrated at 'glitch's', 'bugs' and have any sort of rage, I can assure you that by the time the update after the january transfer window is done, it will be fixed. As the years have gone by I have played it less and less and this not because I have gotten a life, no, simply because I get tired of the same flawed game as each year goes by. Oh but they have added a crowd, pretty skin etc, etc. When will si learn that you sort the actual game out 1st, then add the pretty stuff. You don't start adding furniture an painting before you finish building a house do you!? So to the many players who keep posting about problems with the game, hold on in there. Do what I do, don't bother putting yourself through month's of hair pulling and don't bother playing the game till the post-january update.
  5. I am really excited about fm16 and all these new features and lick's of paint that have been given. But what im most excited about is the late november and late february patches to fix the most important part of the game, the match engine! Becuase you can give all the media talks, do all the transfer negotiating you want, but don't mean ***** if your goalie goes walkabout, or winger never cross or, (you get the drift). still fingers crossed they dealt with that 1st before all the other sprinkles were added. Be silly not too............................................
  6. I didn't ask for help and I don't want help. Iv managed just fine for almost a decade of FM. This was a simple frustrated rant because I believe FM14 tactics/ME is not accurate and I asked 1 question which hasn't/cannot be answered accurately at this time it seems.
  7. The same counter attacking possession, not identical. I build each it time for each game, not just load it up. No holes, your just reading into it more than you need. And no not just the ME, i believe the description on the 'shouts' are inaccurate. Please read what I write and not what you think I have written.
  8. Indeed @forameuss the game does change every year. However football irl only changes every so slightly every decade. You helped make my point that the game does change every year and yet for all iv managed to adjust my tactics slightly to compensate for that, but this year........
  9. @ Hunt3r.That is a very good observation of one of the problems. Somethings in the game are 2-3 games old easy.
  10. *Mathematically= finding faults in the game and using it to my advantage. Playing the odds. Of course anyone who does that really shouldn't bother playing the game...........
  11. The only way I can be successful in fm14 is by doing my tactic mathematically as oppose to a footballing philosophy. Never had this problem in all fm's/cm's and I do appreciate what you have tried to do by getting us to select the various aspects on how a team can play but for me you have got the description and action to it wrong. I remember when fm14 1st came out all the uproar about the tactic and the ME bugs. You have fixed 99% to an extent but your definitions on the shouts are not near 99%. Yes I can hear the fan boys (I used to be 1), "it's your tactics". Yes damn right it's my tactics and that's my point. I have used similar possession, counter attacking tactics as close to the same as you can get to each game in every series of fm. It strikes me as confusing as to why after 7+ years that football philosophy ive used to build tactics doesn't work. Did you get it wrong with all the other series but right with this 1? Or were all the rest capable tactics and this 1 is floored? I was gonna wait till christmas to buy it this year to save you/me the usual bother of 1 less person complaining about the standard bug at EVERY release that take months to make it playable for the seasoned player. However we cut to the chase and let me know if the tactics/ME will remain the same? At 30 is the game or me past it's sell by date, we shake hands and go our separate ways, or will I be able to enjoy again 1 of my favorite past times I have 'endured many a late nights and whole days on. (yes, maybe I just got lucky with tactics for almost a decade.....).
  12. Could SI please please please stick with a match engine that works the most realistic overall. An then rather then trying to put a new one in the next release, don't. Keep working on it,testing it until it is ready, then put it in the following release when ever that is.
  13. i'd like to see si attempt a 'gangsters' or 'godfather' type game. Yes they are already out but old and not in the 'manager mold'.
  14. Not a moot point. That poll was an incite into what your customers would like. Your answer that different teams for different aspects is "moot". You move the team around to support your objective. The people from 'graphics' may not be masters of code but better moving them there to support the code writers rather than have them work on something the customer finds less important. The customer isnt always right, but you should at least listen to the majority and make concessions even if they are not ideal. Football manager are very lucky there isnt a decent rival out there. Loyalty only goes so far.
  15. With almost every season being the same, bugs. Would you prefer fm stop the 'complete transfer overhaul', 'new scouting system' and all that other lick of paint stuff to just concentrate for 1 whole season on getting the ME spot on?
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