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  1. In my first match with the new update i won 3-2 and none of my four defenders played below 6.8 and i had 2 play 7.5(one being my left back). Promising start regarding defender ratings.
  2. I can't see the issue either. Would you care to explain?
  3. Had to create a new profile and redo the preferences after this update. Was that as expected?
  4. Yep, in FM2014's world fullbacks are footballing gods!
  5. Trying to play this but the ridiculous player ratings are killing my enjoyment.
  6. How does this setting work in FM2013? 1st) I've noticed when using the individual focus training you can set the player to train at a certain 'Role' but you don't get the option to train with a 'Duty'. Whether that be support, attach, cover and cover 2nd) When looking at a report of a player it shows the 'Duty'. But this seems to be set to a certain value for the 'Role'. On FM2012 reports on Central Defenders would suggest whether they were a stopper or covering defending. But on FM2013 central defenders duty is always defend. Same with a winger. Its always set a support and never attack when viewing a player report. Is the game no longer suggesting what a players best 'duty' is when reporting? Does it not matter to train a winger as 'attacking' rather than 'support'?
  7. Hey. Can anyone explain to me the individual focus training? Obviously if you pick a specific attribute it works on it and you should see it improve over time BUT what about the role? If i have a striker who's currently regarded as a targetman and i choose poacher what happens to his stats? Nothing or will he work on the stats that a poacher needs? Or does it just improve their preferred role and they play it better than before without effecting their stats?
  8. Plus money to pay for the best treatments! I'm sure Owen Hargreaves would have retired 3 years ago if he was earning £300 per week and getting his knee fixed on the NHS!
  9. Given the latest advances in surgery's and reconstructions i wouldn't think any single leg break is career threatening. The rugby player Olly Barkley is a great example. Badly broken the same leg twice in recent years and is still coming back to play rugby with his leg full of rodes, plates & screws!
  10. Yes but a injury of the required severity happens once in a blue moon. I've seen Henrik Larson and Cisse(at Liverpool) have their legs totally snapped in half. So bad it made you want to puke to look at the pictures. But they had operations and were playing again in a year. Of course you get really REALLY bad breaks like David Boost(sp?) but that's very very rare
  11. Exactly. Take that Matt Bates at Boro. By the time he was 23 he'd had 4 serious knee ligament injury's and he's still playing. I'd like to know the stats on how many players under 35 in England retire due to injury each year!
  12. Steam update

    There's also files updated in the data folder. There's a new nleague lnc file.
  13. I stopped playing before Xmas. Too many annoying little bugs were doing my head in so i thought i'd wait. Thought 11.3 would have been released by now though :-( But we're in the same old situation!!! 11.3 will be the best version of the game by far BUT you'll only have a few months play before the season is over and you start to look forward the the next version. Which again will be virtually unplayable out of the box
  14. No mention of tactic's being lost? I mean, a football management simulator that keeps loosing your tactics is pretty pants right?
  15. This is what i've been doing until i saw that the tactics can be lost during the game! So now i have to select my saved tactic at half time and when i make a sub, just to be sure.