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  1. Luiginni

    Official FM08 Lower League Legends

    thank you all ... this al really helpfull
  2. each league has their own rules ... in the south american leagues youngsters can play at a very young age, but in europe that's diferent, they have to be way older... for example, in the portuguese league, you can only BUY a brazilian player when he completes the age of... you can buy him before, but he will only transfer when he completes 18
  3. Luiginni

    Penalty Showdown

    yes, i agree... to many penalties are missed... way to many ... but its those strange things like those things of you losing a game in 2 minutes of extra time, when the refere gave 7 ou 6 minutes os extra time ... there are a couple of strange and annoing things but the game is excelent of course
  4. Luiginni


    tried a lot of times just for fun, to try it out ... and never got what i wanted..... even when i was with a Portuguese team PORTO, had already won 2 champion leagues, 4 national championships, 4 cups and 4 super cups .... they always warned me the first time and the second one i got sacked ... always
  5. Luiginni

    Board selling my players!!!

    even if you change/edit things.... in the end you cant do anything really, when a offer is to good the president will accept it ... it works when you are buying a player and when the other teams are buying players... the concept is the same ...
  6. Luiginni

    World Class youngsters

    this thread is like the terminator ... "i'll be back" ... and the thread always comes back XD lol
  7. Luiginni

    Best Signing You've Ever Made!

    dont remmenber the name but it was a brazilian striker i got in second season with 20 years... it was the star striker of the brazilian nacional youth tem ... got him for 13 milion euros... later would be consider 3 time world best player i'll try to see the name of the guy
  8. Luiginni

    A-League changes in FM09?

    well i dont know the answer to you question, but if you really want that you should be able to come up with something made by youself with the editor ... create the competition, the clubs, the rosters ... and so on... =\ well, i will not be playing the Australian league, but i hope that your request may be fulfilled
  9. can you give us a image please =) of you profile or simething
  10. Luiginni

    Your FM08 careers...

    good moments picking up a Portuguese team from "2Division B" and do the following: 1st year : get promoted to 2nd Division 2nd year : get promoted to 1st Division 3rd year : didn't win the league but got in the top 5 (remember this team came from "2nd divisionB" thats equal for a 3rd division, and has very low finances) 4th year : won the Portuguese league 5th year : won the league again and got to first knockout round in champions league in second in the group stage (the money i won would be essential) 6th year : sold a lot of overrated players for excellent prices and bought a super team with the money from the sells... with that team i got to the semi final in uefa champion league 7th year : FINALLY made it .... uefa champion league champion .... it took me many years i know ... but the great problem was the finances, the club was in a shity low league... so i guess it was a good experience =)... of course it wanst the first game i did, i already knew what players to buy and to look for, in the low leagues and in the upper leagues, that was the easy part... but it was hard i admit it EDIT bad moments lose a game when the referee gives +6 minutes to the game and the opposing team scores 2 goals in those 6 minutes >_< having three players expelled and another two players injured in the same game on the first season, on the third game O_O that really sucked (since that i obviously changed my tactic a little bit )
  11. Luiginni

    quick coaching question?

    i usually have one or two youth coach, depending on the team, i try to have only one gk coach and good fitness coaches each one assigned to one job, defense, ofense, tecnical, tatical... etc ...
  12. Luiginni

    Franck David

    yes this defenetly is a good example of that ... sometimes the positions that they can play and the quality in each position is important also, and another thing is the tipical movements like shooting from outside or do dribling, i dont recall any specific now -_-" but i think you know what i mean... the status is not much tough
  13. Luiginni

    Players And Projects

    i will do what i always do =) first i will start with F.C.Porto from Portugal, but just for one season or so... to try the game... after that i always start a new game unemployed and i would sign in any team that wants my services... usually a very poor and low level team