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  1. 2021 Youth Intake Really good intake this year! Some great players, including another class wing back (who I'll endeavour to keep happy) and a centre back; a position we were sorely lacking in. Both of those have 5* potential, and there's some solid looking squad players elsewhere in the intake, though I suppose first impressions aren't everything! Below are some of the best:
  2. Thanks! Yeah I do enjoy tracking that kind of thing; it makes for interesting viewing too regarding supposed "giants" and "minnows".
  3. Haha, here we go... Leeds have been a bit hit or miss with Swedes. Hoping Telleus can be more Pontus Jansson than Thomas Brolin. Good luck in the new job, you know I'll be following... Also wow, back to back World Cups - that's just incredible!
  4. What? How?! I've only been gone from this thread for a day and a half and you've managed to win the UCL again?? Amazing stuff, congratulations. Now, perhaps if you were to add the Championship as a playable league...
  5. BKV Előre Player Stats Yay, more stats! Below is a list of those players in the 100 Club, as well as our top ten scorers (both tallies since the arrival of Fabián Gárdonyi as manager, and up until the end of the 2019/20 season). 100 Club Top Scorers
  6. January 2021 It's been a... tough start for us in the top flight; we've shipped a lot of goals. But, we're not in the relegation zone. It looks like a three way fight for 10th, though perhaps a couple more teams could be dragged into the scrap if they have a bad few months up until the end of the season.
  7. A couple of pieces of transfer news to report on before the season really gets going in earnest. We've lost another youth player, and arguably our best. Again. And you know what? It's across that bloody road alley to MTK. Who are in Division II. Really frustrating stuff clearly... At least the board are determining that higher and higher amounts of money constitute "too good to turn down". This one, as you can see below, is almost six figures, so should really help our finances; particularly seeing as, aside from a few pay rises to players and staff, we generally don't spend much more now than we did back in Division III. We also sold our long-term first choice keeper, Balázs Slatka. He's probably the best player in the squad, and the only 5* CA, but had a year left on his contract and there was no chance of him signing a new one. He's been trying to leave for ages, and although I rejected a couple of £50k-ish offers over the last couple of seasons, decided we had to cut our losses and sell him now. I think £45k is a fair price to get for a player who would otherwise go for nothing in less than a year's time, and who was hurting squad morale. We have a fairly decent backup keeper and two solid youth keepers coming through, so I don't think this will hurt us too much. It's going to be a long, hard season though. We've drawn and lost our first two games and sit second bottom. If we can finish anywhere above there, then we will have had an amazing season. I'm still hopeful, as we can out-gun anyone on our day, but I have a feeling that we're probably going to go straight back down.
  8. 2020 European Championship Rankings The first in-game Euros have just been played, and it was Italy who won it after a tense penalty shootout against Croatia. Big performances from Norway and Bosnia & Herzegovina, while England and Germany disappointed; Belgium never turned up. Also a mention for Moldova, who did fantastically well to qualify for the tournament, but found the quality in the finals a little too high.
  9. 2018 World Cup Rankings I'm going to do a very similar thing with the World Cup. I'll normally do a brief review of the World Cup too; just running down winners, surprises, shocks etc. However, as there's only been one WC so far, it's fairly obvious how it played out from the points tally below. What a World Cup Africa had; South America not so.
  10. 2020 League Points So this is something I've done before, and like to do. Using a top-heavy points system, all teams who've played in the OTP Bank Liga are listed and ranked by their overall performance. The hope is that, at some point, BKV Elore will reach the top of the pile, though it may be a little longer until they become Hungary's most successful club; Ferencváros now have 31 titles to our big fat zero.
  11. Thank you - glad you're enjoying! Cheers Those stats are on their way now...
  12. 2019/20 Season - BKV Elore SC Nemzeti Bajnokság II Squad | Results Part 1 | Results Part 2 I really, genuinely, do not know what to say. We were supposed to fight against the relegation everyone expected us to suffer, and perhaps finish lower mid-table at best. But we didn't. In between conceding the second highest number of goals in the league, and scoring a frankly ridiculous 111, we managed to sneak second. We were in the top half of the table most of the season, but didn't find our way into the top two until there were just two games remaining. I can honestly say that this was my favourite season on FM since about 2011/2012. Every single game was an epic, averaging over 5 goals, as can be seen if you take a look at the results. And just look at Bence Balogh; 43 goals in 41 games this season, which is madness, and he now has 91 in 111 during my time at the club. Short of a few youth players going for decent money, we've held our squad together well, and nobody important has got particularly itchy feet, and so we seem to be in a good position for next season. Not going straight back down will be enormously difficult considering the strength of some of the teams up in Division I, but then I thought that at the start of this season... It'll be entertaining, at the very least. Magyar Kupa Another marvellous campaign saw us reach the Quarter Final, a particular highlight being a 6-4 aggregate win over top flight Paks. We lost out in to our division rivals Komló, who we suitably punished (5-3) in the league the following week. They were unable to go any further though, as three Division I clubs completed the semi final line-up. Ferencváros were victors, after seeing off Haladás in the final. Club Stats It's a bit odd that our attendance dropped considering the season we had, but never mind. We're finally into the black (by £8,500...) but do have a loan debt to the tune of £160k. Estimated Value - £110k (+£70k) Balance - £9k (+£53k) Reputation - National (1.5*) Average Attendance - 591 (-17) Overall Best Eleven Elsewhere OTP Bank Liga - Ferencváros (Winners, Champions League), Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Diósgyor (Europa League) Magyar Kupa - Ferencváros Europa League - Tottenham Champions League - Manchester United
  13. Well in that case I'm very much looking forward to it! I'll be heading off to see your progress shortly, along with a few other threads, but firstly there's another end of season report to finish. A totally, completely, ridiculous one. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys them!
  14. I think "alley" is probably right, yeah! Thanks - though I hope you like stats as much as maps, because there's going to be a few posts full of them coming up at some points tonight... And yeah I'm sure you'd do very well with Hungary, particularly if you play using the sort of tactics they did in the 50s (which you're already pretty much doing with Fiorentina) - it's really fun!