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  1. Challenge time: Can you correctly name the last nation standing from each continent? We had this competition a few years ago, and it's the same again this time; whoever gets most last nations left in the competition from each continent right will earn the right to create the customary youth superstar. However - no fourth round draw to give you match-ups this time, so it might not be so easy to pick potential minnows that could make it through. Kuwait are the last Asian side left in the tournament, so nothing to guess there. No Oceanic sides made it to the Fourth Round. The four remaining continents and their potential last teams standing are as follows: [b][u]Africa Europe North America South America[/b][/u] Nigeria Wales USA Argentina Guinea Lithuania El Salvador Brazil Burkina Faso England Mexico Uruguay Central Afican Rep. Germany Honduras Colombia Egypt Denmark Faroe Islands Ukraine Switzerland Macedonia Croatia Greece Sweden Spain Netherlands Portugal Italy France Turkey
  2. 2022 WORLD KNOCKOUT CUP - Third Round Oldest Goalscorer Ismael Bangoura - 37y, 8d (Guinea 4-0 Botswana) Minnows Advance Central African Republic 1-0 Cyprus Top Scorer Marco Djuricin - 6 goals (3 apps) - Austria
  3. 2022 WORLD KNOCKOUT CUP - Second Round No Final This Time Serbia 1-3 England Early Exit for Georgia Mozambique p2-2 Georgia Highest Attendance North Korea 0-4 France (149,904)
  4. 2022 WORLD KNOCKOUT CUP - First Round Biggest Win Austria 10-0 St Martin Gulf in Class Iraq p0-0 Iran Low Countries Netherlands e2-1 Belgium
  5. Georgia it is then... They get a big boost to their 'generated players' stats in return for a hit to their reputation. Additionally, some of Georgia's higher reputation clubs have had increases to their facilities stats in order to aid their national team.
  6. PLAYERS - END OF 2021 Messi smashes the international caps record, but inexplicably retires one before the 200 cap milestone! He might not even keep his record, with American Michael Bradley just eight behind and with no signs of a retirement in sight. Messi did make 100 goals though before retiring; Hernandez too. Neither are safe in their positions from the relentless Neymar, with Dzeko and Aguero still going too. Messi has gone at last, with Neymar and Pogba sharing top spot now. With nobody on the list who can top them, their reign might yet last a few years. Again, there are no new youth stars (apart from those who move onto the list as older players move off. Olivar makes a big move to Benfica as two other players find themselves without a club. Kvartskhava improves again; only Neymar and Pogba are better players than him now. Neil Carr is up to first place - American soccer fans will be hoping this kid propels their nation to glory. No real change since last year. Terrazas is in danger of unfulfilled potential unless he finds a club quickly.
  7. Welcome to the forum! And as Jim says - spot on. Sadly Ronaldinho has won the World Cup and Ashley Cole never played for Forest, but then it sounds like you knew all that already... Well, congratulations for both your first post and then win zosterace! Please let me know your nation of choice - they can be as big or as small as you like. In exchange for their reputation being decimated (semi-literally) to 10 points out of a possible 10000, their "Generated Players" stats will be maxed out. That means their youth rating will be set to 200, and all other stats to "Good". There'll also be greater coverage of that nation in future updates.
  8. It's challenge time! - Some of these should be pretty easy to get; but others might be quite hard. Please do try not to cheat by looking things up (although you won't find the whole riddle anywhere as I just made it up!). The first person to get every answer right will win the chance to revolutionise the game-world with the biggest prize yet. I'm going to process the end of season player rankings and the 2022 World Knockout Cup while you have a crack at the riddle - you can take as many guesses as you like, but the winner is the first person to have all 17 answers correctly listed in a post which hasn't been edited. Good luck! Player A has never won the Champions League (aka European Cup), but has scored in it for five different clubs, all of whom have won it. He has also scored for a sixth club, Club B. During a different decade to his time at Club B, Player C played for Club B. During a further different decade to either, Player D played for Club B. Players A, c and D all played in the same position, and have amassed over 250 international caps between them, although none have ever won an international tournament; neither have their nations. Player A's first club was Club E; not one for whom he scored in the Champions League (aka European Cup) but a team who have reached the final of that competition. Manager F and Manager G were in charge of the two teams, Club E and Club H in that final, and both managers hailed from Nation I. Nation I's two most capped players are Player J and Player K. Player J played for Club H in the Champions League (aka European Cup) final against Club E, while Player K made his league debut for Club L where he played with Player M. Player K, who played with Player A at Club B, is widely considered one of the greatest players to play for Club N, while Player M is widely considered one of the worst managers to manage Club N. Player O is an answer to a previous question in this thread, and has played with Player K at Club N and Club P, and has played at Club B but at a different time. Player O's countryman, Player Q, has also played for Clubs B, N and P. Player Q recently took Player A's title as the most expensive (cumulative career transfer fees) footballer ever. This is a title that Player A took from Player R, who started his started his career at Club B, although never played at Club B during the same time as any of Players A, C, D, K, O or Q. Name A to Q.
  9. 2021 NORTH AMERICAN GOLD CUP St Kitts and Nevis and Aruba made their debuts this season; with the former stunning the continent to qualify. They were admittedly aided by Honduras who, along with Canada, put out their B side while the A sides were playing in the Confederations Cup. Canada's Bs did very well though; finishing second in their group at the expense of Guatemala and shockingly poor Costa Rica. USA were beaten by Jamaica in the quarter final, and the Jamaicans were so unlucky to lose out on penalties to Mexico in the final after a thrilling match, for their third final defeat in four Gold Cups. Maybe next time?
  10. 2021 CONFEDERATIONS CUP Canada hosted this time, but unfortunately for their supporters, gave them nothing to cheer. Ghana made the most of an easy group to qualify for the semi-final, where they stunned Italy. England eased through against Chile in the other semi-final, before demolishing Ghana in the showpiece for more honours.
  11. 2020/21 EUROPEAN NATIONS CUP Final Germany 1-0 Italy Semi Final Germany 3-2 Ukraine Italy 3-0 Russia Division A Relegated: Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Greece Division B Promoted: Serbia, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands Relegated: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Sweden, Armenia Division C Promoted: Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland Relegated: Estonia, Slovenia, Belarus, Lithuania Division D Promoted: Scotland, Latvia, Israel, Albania
  12. ADDITIONAL INTERNATIONAL ROUND-UP Asia East Asian Cup 2021 - South Korea (China finish second) AFF Championship (Southeast Asia) 2020 - Malaysia 3-2 Singapore (agg) Europe European Nations League 2020-21 - Germany 1-0 Italy
  13. So sorry! First free Saturday in ages today so let's crack on... Hope you can all forgive me!
  14. My apologies for not posting in forever, I've been really busy lately! I hope to be a little better with updates now. Sorry guys! Yeah, I was thinking of starting a year-end feature where I post the top 25 or something? As in FIFA rankings not the points tallies. Yeah a lot of big teams have been missing out on tournaments! Italy for example didn't qualify for the last World Cup, and I'm sure there's been at least one huge African side missing from every African Nations tournament so far. I had planned to do that actually; just the DB file - but it's something which I keep forgetting to do! Will upload one so people can have a go right from the start And I'm glad to hear that!
  15. 2021 AFRICA NATIONS CUP A tournament almost entirely devoid of shocks, with Tunisia enjoying a brilliant run to the final, where they beat Morocco - despite Hamedallah's sensational 8 goals in 6 games for the Moroccans.