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  1. Yes I would. Then if/when it goes wrong I could blame SI rather than admit I'm just a rubbish manager.
  2. 34,000 players? Or the amount I could load with 3Gb RAM?
  3. I have 3Gb RAM here on Vista 64-bit Premium. How many players could I realistically load? When I load 5-7 nations on a large DB it says my game performance and speed will be half a star. That's only about 34,000 players :/
  4. whs I love the new interface, makes FM10 feel like a new game altogether, as opposed to an update.
  5. Intel dual core @ 1.87GHz, 1Gb RAM England - All Spain 1+2 Italy A+B Large Database, no additional players loaded Estimated Game speed for some reason varies between half/1 and a half stars No problem with speed so far.
  6. There's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. FM is a serious business, and the other passengers will understand.
  7. I would like to make money from player sales a la Wenger, but I never get good enough players through my Academy to make any kind of money from.
  8. @ads7leeds - your processor is good enough, but RAM is low so only load a small number of leagues on a small DB for best results.
  9. Where on Earth do people get all that information from?
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