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  1. Nice bit of Profit :P

    OP - That's a profit of 21,233 % Not bad
  2. Save the game, try it, then let us know. Just quit immediately and reload so no damage done. Guaranteed to be sacked, rendering the term 'untouchable' as totally false.
  3. Computer Generated Faces.

    I couldn't give a fiddler's tbh.
  4. I fear this is a peek into the not-too-distant future IRL for my beloved Liverpool. Tell me this (if you know), was Rafa still playing his ultra-negative 4-5-1 in every match of every competition right up until his sacking? I'll bet Kuyt was still the RM as well right up until he died of old age.
  5. What would you do?

    Don't be a fool. Stay with Notts County.
  6. Best Career Game

    lol @ CP :D
  7. Bahahaha, Yeeeeeoooooow! Hang on, it took Liverpool 41 years. I'll bet in all those years Rafa remained manager and the blind fans continually backed him claiming each year would be 'our year!' I'm a Liverpool fan btw, in case you're wondering. But I'm not blind.
  8. What If?

    I'm playing Devil's Advocate.
  9. What If?

    whs. There are a few 'features' in FM that appear to have been put there with the sole intention of spoiling your game (or just annoying you), like complaining when you are 100% correct and fully entitled to. As well as issuing an ultimatum; instantly sacked even as a world class, legendary, mega successful, complete and utter messiah to your club, fans and board.
  10. None. The soaps are normally on in the background, and then whatever other muck the missus decides to watch. As a side note - I find it odd that she's totally silent while she's watching TV and I'm on the laptop. She seems really into whatever it is she's watching. Then the very second I sit down to join her in watching something I like the look of... "Blah blah blah blah waffle waffle..."
  11. I never realised the game went that far down the football pyramid.
  12. José Mourinho is easily regarded as a Chelsea legend among their fans. He was there for how long, and won how many trophies?
  13. Because I'm utterly dumb, I'm going to ask... You can play FM online without playing FM Live, am I right? You can just link up with friends/random people (whatever) and play network games? How does that work? I'm not saying I want to join Russ.M in a game, I'm just using this thread to ask seeing as it's the subject matter
  14. Anyone Still Play Fm07

    The only thing that would stop me playing an older version like FM07 is the fact it's nigh-on impossible to sell players. I loved FM07 more than my dear old mother but you couldn't give players away, let alone get a fee for them.
  15. Fun or realism?

    I would think along the same lines.