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  1. Wee Aja

    Night Thread

    I truly was an ass hole. Not '50 threads a day' DO style ass hole, more irritating clichéd threads ass hole, but still an annoying poster nonetheless. I genuinely expected instant thread shut-down and "Your account has been suspended" message. I'm sort of annoyed and relieved at the same time. I can safely guarantee though that I won't be able to post by the morning. :/
  2. Yes I see it now. Too late to edit. Klimowic What do you think then? Is this whole thread of mine tonight a complete non-event? I'm still convinced I'll be gone by morning.
  3. Wee Aja

    Night Thread

    Although it's still early and as yet, largely undecided, I'd like to say that at this moment in time it's a great feeling when you are truly insignificant.
  4. I love you. I mean genuine, non-gay love.
  5. Wee Aja

    Anyone else into Model Railways?

    The thread was closed by a mod. I'm still posting. Am I FREE???
  6. I know it's all way over your head but don't worry about it.
  7. I'm 'outing myself', that is all. Creating an alias = lifetime ban. I've started putting music videos on the internet. Saulty, Ruckus, Ter and a few others know my real name. The first time one of those guys catches on (apart from Ter who already knows I'm an alias); I'm caught so I might as well do it myself.
  8. I was banned and now I'm an alias. That is a life time ban, sadly. I don't want a lifetime ban - I want to stay but I will be found out one day. PS - look up Rikki Starret on Youtube, and PLEASE wear headphones, as the sound quality isn't great after I formatted from WMP
  9. The truth will always 'out'. It's better that I say it myself than be 'found out' imo.
  10. Wee Aja

    Anyone else into Model Railways?

    **QUICKLY! highlight this post and copy it to clipboard BEFORE you read it, as it may (will) be deleted by moderators** PM it to anyone who misses it! I'm finished with OTF lads. I don't really want to leave and, to be honest, I could quite realistically stay for as long as I wish but... I first want to say that EVERYTHING I have talked about up until this point has been true; my Mum's Cancer, my disabled child, Elaine (she's become a kind of OTF icon, God bless 'er), homelessness and on and on; everything except my name. Wee Aja is my older brother's nickname - I chose it because it was made up by a friend of his and is unique. Well, the longer I hold this in the harder it is to hide it from you... I was here before. I wasn't anywhere near as bad as DO or anyone like that, but this was the first internet forum I ever joined and I didn't know how to act and, truth be told, I acted like a cock. I got flamed mercilessly (quite rightly, too) and exacerbated the problem by arguing back, instead of just saying "Yeah, sorry I'm being a bit of a knob.... etc, I'll wise up" and getting on with it. Anyway, I came on one day to find my post count had been reset. Feeling a little confused by this, I emailed mods (as you do) to find out what I had done to warrant this punishment. I got no response, so I emailed again. STILL no response. I admit that I freaked out. A post count on a forum is hardly a big deal but my point was: I was punished for something, but if they're not going to tell me what I'd done wrong, HOW THE F**K am I supposed to know what NOT to do next time in order to avoid a repeat offence? (You understand?) Anyway, I started the thread linked at the bottom of this post in retaliation because I thought the whole mod system on here was a joke. I requested to be banned, got banned and bided my time. What's still irritating is that when I emailed mods AFTER I had been banned, asking what I had done, I got the response (from jim@tigermail.com or something like that; Serpico, I believe): Quote: Hahahahahaaa! waaaaaaah! Tantrum! No. I was just asking a question. I joined again about six months later with the intention of NOT being a knob, respecting my fellow posters and being open to criticism. I've learned that you guys are all good lads, and I couldn't think of a better bunch to turn to when in desperate need. I refer you to: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=114565 Threads like that show you guys for what yo really are, and I tip my hat to you. I predict that quite a few of you will be annoyed at me for lying to you, but I hope you'll see that I realised the initial error of my ways and returned as a totally different person (in more ways than one). So, to aaberdeenn, Ruckus, Weeman, Chopra, gillsminnow, Paul Bacon, Rafalution, why?, buzzing hornet, Klimovic, Michael foster, Danny Ess, champa, Saulty (), Lovejoy!, sstestig, Tony7, Steffers, Becks, Pires777, Brett.spurs, Seagull (send me the f*cking trackplan you Cuuuuunt!), Manoel, HoPeY, Purefun, Razor Eddie, El sid, Batch. corbs87, Harryseaess, KevinLFC, LutonTown1991, Manumoss, Ter (I really did catch Liz with her tongue down Doc's throat btw mate, no sh*t), underwater sunlight.... and anyone else I regularly converse with but have simply forgot to mention; I salute you. Chopra is, predictably (because he's razor sharp), the only one to have guessed my true identity so far; he PM'd me not long after I had 'settled in' to OTF about this and I confronted me, but I laughed and bluffed and he said "Lol, I reckon it's you. Won't say nothing though...(etc)" http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=22677 <<< have a laugh on me! PS - Ruckus, message me on Faeces book and let me know how long this thread lasts because I won't be here to see it. PPS - Email - rikkistarrett@aol.com MSN - rikkistarrett@live.co.uk Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/rikki.starrett
  11. Ter has known for a long time who I am. He's just too to give a ****.
  12. You too mate. c + p the post and message me! I'm Starr_Man5 btw
  13. tbf I asked to be banned and didn't actually break any rules...
  14. I'll be banned again in 10...9...8...7...6...5......