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  1. is there any good old skool 442 tactic getting bored of all these 4231 532 433 etc
  2. thanks thats what it was had assitant set for individual training
  3. yeah thats were im doing it from all players greyed out my team is swansea
  4. mr rosler have you noticed that you cant retrain player positions since last update or is it that my coaches are poor?
  5. hey mr rosler the way things are going with this game at minute your last tactics for 14.3 dom feild of bones and breaker of chains type tactic would do well i think i tried to import them into this but cant :confused:
  6. what formation is suppose to a 433 or 4231 ive just dowloaded it and it is a 4231 is this correct
  7. i have changed the front 2 to deep lying forward support and seems to work better with the shadow striker getting most goals
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