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    Recently had my show cancelled ain't too happy about it.

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    West Ham
  1. Wow!!! Look what I did...

    My recent mediocre achievemnent was as Brentford drawing 0-0 with Bradford dispite having three men sent off in the first half.
  2. how to set tempo in the editor

    I did an experment in last years FM where I made a league structure with all the teams playing different styles of football. My advice is to find an unemployed manager (or employed if you wish) with really high directness and attacking stat and add him to the team you wish to edit. Then enter all his stats into the clubs stats including his prefered formations. This should make the AI team play to the managers style of play.
  3. 100% agree moral is a killer no teamtalk seems to counter poor moral. I currently manage a team in the First Divison of Indonesian football and almost every game the media had us down as favoutes to win but it didn't stop me going on an epic run of 8 games without a win all to teams I was expected to beat some were 1-6 on and they were 10-1.
  4. I've had enough.

    Yeah this was happening to me too without me realising (before my game stated to dump crash) no matter what i did i would be lucky to have two players back when attacking corners when I set it to four. Means that I conceeded a lot of break away goals from my corners. And the spainish card problem is a joke. Wasn't managing in spain so didn't realise it until i read on fourm.
  5. Mate I was pointing out Gerrard playing left mid, why would you do that? He is one of the best box to box midfielders in the world and he plays him left mid. Subbing on Emile "Goal Machine" Heskey. Giving Peter Crouch, who dispite having a good goal scoring reputation for England, only played 10 minutes in the whole tourdement and even if people say "He only scores against the poor teams" Why did he not play him against the poor teams and we wouldn't have had to face Germnay. He surrpost to be this hard manager then why did he not leave out either Gerrard or Lampard to give the side better balance if he feels they could not play in the center of midfield together.
  6. "Have you heard what the crowd are ****ing shouting? "**** Capello!" "Capello's a ****!" "Capello's a bastard!" "Capello's a ******!" They shouldn't be ****ing shouting at me, they should be shouting at you, and do you know why? Because it's ****ing half-time, and we're ****ing 2-1 down to the ****ing Germans! What the ****'s wrong with you? Get your ****ing fingers out! Where's your bottle ****ing gone? And ****ing pay attention you ****, when I'm ****ing talking to you! If you don't wanna wear the shirt, ****ing take it off! There's thousands of kids out there who'd die to put that ****ing shirt on. Get back on the ****ing field, show those bastards what you can ****ing do, or you can **** off home on the ****ing plane! You got that?" "England go on to lose 4-1"
  7. Not to be incredibly padantic but im sure that Inter won the title in 2006 after a match fixing scandel.
  8. ****ing hell I feel so down at the moment. Germany absolutely raped our back four today, Rooney couldn't hit water if he fell off a boat and come Englands darkest hour and we need goals desbrately who do we bring on... Emile Heskey. Mike Bassett himself could have put out a team more capable of winning a game of football than Fabio Cappello. Well done to Germany though.
  9. World Cup ball

    Too be honest I think players are having more problem with the altitude than the ball. Lots of players ballooning the ball miles over the bar from free kicks only the east asian teams can seem to control the ball from free kicks at the moment. The ball doesn't seem to move as much as people are making it out to, it does seem to bounce higher but that seems more likey a pitch issue.
  10. Just can't get a job

    I have had the same problem mate. Im in 2022 just after the world cup have applied for the Brazil job about four different times each time going to a former brazilian footballer (which was their first job at any level) except the second time i applied which a regen manager got their first job as the Brazil manager, very annoying, he didn't last long.
  11. I would agree with that. I was thinking about nutritionalist should be in the game to help recovery time after game similar to physios but then I thought that it would be unnecessary.
  12. As a West Ham fan losing the playoff final was worse than being relegated. I can accept being relegated because we just weren't good enough dispite going down with the most points ever. But when we lost the playoff final I thought all year it has built up to this disappointment of being so close yet so far form being promoted.
  13. Best world cup advert ever

    This one is legendary.
  14. Dynamic league reps is a must. I would like to see an all-time XI from players from every club you have managed at. Be nice to see which players over your entire career have served you best. Tactical Creator for set pieces. With specific role of players which you can assign your players to have specifically during set pieces.
  15. Mexico - Cont Comps

    Yes you can get into the copa libitordores but you have to win the interligua which takes place inbetween the open and close season. Also you have to fail to qualify for the NACL knockout stage to get into the interligua (I think).