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    Oxford United !
  1. Genoa looks like an interseting team to be, ive never been them before. I think i would definetely sell milito for that kind of money, especially as hes 29 and i love salvatore foti
  2. Official FM09 Rate My Regen

    cheerrss mate ! one is grateful
  3. Official FM09 Rate My Regen

    Football Master, could you kindly tell me what the skin is you are using please?
  4. Thats pretty good money for him tbh, have you tried adjusting your budget?
  5. Think im going to start a game now as internacional, the only thing putting me off is the hench amount of players in the team! Looks like there's some good teams in the league which should create good competition. Anyone made a big sell yet?
  6. Best music to go with FM?

    haha nice thread, depending on the occasion then motivational music, the best ones clubbed to death, it actually makes you play better!
  7. 9.3 Rocks!

    Im really pleased with this latest update! Theres alot more action in and around the area, my game also runs alot smoother, thumbs up
  8. chris smalling- read on

    haha thanks, yeh i think its fair to say hes not the new rio, ive seen players dubbed when their frankly poor, oh well did get my hopes up though its fair to say this thread can be closed
  9. chris smalling- read on

    I could do maybe, have i asked in the wrong place Hopey?
  10. Basically last year a boy at my school who was in the year above played for the school team with a number of my mates. He was at maidstone and was then transferred to fulham last year after speculation between whether he was going to middlesborough or fulham. He has captained the reserves and i believe is quite a talent. But on previous patches he was pretty naff tbh honest lol but i just loaded up the latest patch and hes touted the next rio ferdinand! Although his stats look the same? Does this mean he has been given huge potential and are there any fulham fans here that can tell me how hes regarded at fulham? thanks
  11. Well im in my second season with barnet and after selling meguel cevasco a peruvian midefielder for 500k ive been given 100,000 to spend on players and as im pushing for a automatic promotion place i need some young quality and some foreign bargains. Im aware of the likes of erik grendel and kadlec, does anybody know of any other real bargains please, no positions are particularly required, just in general- Patch 9.2 btw
  12. ok thanks for that, im just loading up the game now! Going to try and be as french as possible but when the temptation somes ill bring in some other talent, does everyone sign bojan on a free in their second season?
  13. alright guys, its been a while since ive been on the forums as ive been on a massive network game for about 4 months so i really wanna get into another game and lyon was good stuff last year. Just a couple of questions, how easy is the league to win and does it become harder like it did on 08? Thanks
  14. FM2009: Official Gillingham FC Thread

    well done mate on making this, gills is a massive challenge! I live in chatham, about 10 minutes from gillingham and have quite a few mates which are gills supporters, they are money stricken and havent experienced success in such a long time
  15. Three times in a row now ive had direct sound error and has crashed my game This very rarelt happens but just happened 3 times, anybody know why and how do i avoid it? Cheers