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  1. Why Argentina top 3 League teams don't play FA Cup? Can you fix that? Thanks man, good work.
  2. Very good idea to create 3 files for each region and thus be able to play until level 14 to a better game speed. I tested the file and I had to correct the amount of equipment and the date of the final of the cup of Manchester Premier Cup that gave error.
  3. Impressive database you created friend Golden Eagles. I think it needs some adjustments to make it real and really realistically playable. First, adjust the training facilities and youth teams of all levels 10 to 14 to set values ​​to reality. Today hundreds of youth with PA between 130-140 appear in every game. Also many teams level 13 or 14 for example has many players with 90 to 105 CA. This is looking outside programs that randomly some teams may have 15 or 20 in the values ​​of their facilities. Second, add the reserve teams in the lower leagues so that way there are no divisions with 5,6,7 or 8 teams for example. It's only constructive criticism. Not leaving it to assess the immense work done by the author.
  4. magicmastermind124 Great work, which nation did you swap Japan for?
  5. Staunton and Corse Football Club in North Gloucestershire League Premier Division is the next step in my FM career:applause:
  6. Anxious and waiting. Not imagine playing FM 2012 without this update. Hopefully soon we can have a first version.
  7. I'm trying to create a new nation (fictional) in this new FM 2012 with subsequent competitions. But to be honest I find the way to go, especially to enable any of the extinct nations to use based on my new project. If someone is kind enough to explain step by step or else guide me to some specific post where you can find detailed information would be helpful.
  8. Yes Level 8 only England Leagues and retain English Players.
  9. 6 Season in Holiday and work fin whitout crash dump. Waiting for level 11 and mor...?
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