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  1. Some more "Creative accounting" from Mel Morris then?
  2. im 3 seasons into a leeds united save and my owner gave me an extra 20m in november, ive purchased tielemans for 16.75 i think it was he comes in the next widow. im looking forward to putting him in my team hes probably going to replace sergi roberto who i got for about 1m or something silly as his contract was running out. he said if i get a big bid he wants to go. also a good backup for odegaard @ acm who i have on loan from madrid
  3. ive had him on loan at leeds 2nd year (1st year in EPL) and kept him on loan the next season that im 10 games into. i know it will come to the point i have to spend a lot of money and buy him or let him go and get the cheaper option. hes been brilliant for me though. my team doesnt seem as good without him
  4. i started a new game about a month or so ago after having to format my computer. ive used this tactic again few tweaks here and there im in the 3rd season and im 4th in the prem after about 10 games... my problem is im not scoring enough. my defence is fine i think ive let in 11 and scored 18. a few games conceding 2 & 3 now ive got a very young squad im a bit concerned about my scoring, ive nicked the win in a few games in the last 10/5 usualy after bringing ezequel ponce on. my oldest striker is javier hernandez whos 27 i think the rest being under 23... all with very good potentials 1
  5. I started a new game this week after losing my last game via a computer problem i had. Ive set up using the 5-3-2 but going to try this 4231 as my 2nd
  6. i now have 8 games left in the premier league im 13th looking pretty safe for a mid table finish. i have been dropping the AMC to a MC but still attacking minded in the "harder" games. sometimes has worked.. i beat man u in the fa cup, wins against arsenal and liverpool and draws with chelsea and man u in the league the odd game i have lost 4-1 to everton and i thi think it was spurs. Im in the fa cup semi final vs sunderland so im hoping i get to the final but the summer im going to have to have to re assess my squad, i think the key thing will be seeing how this formation does for getting in
  7. i think im the same. i get a tactic and if it does me well i stick with it. i seemed to have cracked a 5-2-1-2 with leeds at the moment, i won the league in the first season with 102 points. I have had little ideas to change things but im too scared, because it might just throw it all out. I tend to stick to whats done me well. The new team talk option has helped and when i am a goal down around 70 minutes, ive gone from my usual control to attacking and done the team talk to push forward, followed by demand more if its not worked after the 1st 10, 15 at most. id say 75% of the time ive pul
  8. i started using js150's version with a few tweaks here and there (playing offsides was one as the defenders were a bit lapse not keeping in a line and the opposition breaking through) i have got leeds promoted with 102 points. playing Doukara at AF has been amazing he was pushing on for 30 goals. the only frustrating thing is not keeping enough clean sheets, but with the amount of goals i scored and the games i won isnt a huge issue. So.. Onto the premier league!! im in two minds with changing the trequarista to the one thats more rigid (cant remember the name)(it just came to me.. Enganche)
  9. yeah id assume a higher tempo = more risk. tempo isnt really an issue for me and to an extent neither is possession, although you need possession to create goals, but i dont want to keep possession for the sake of keeping possession, no point having lots of possession if you dont make chances to score (the hockaday theory) i like to call that. im thinking if i play more direct but pass it short or would that contradict itself ?
  10. Im Really having trouble with my 4-3-1-2 formation, ive based it on a thread i found on here, i think someone is using it as Man U. But its more with individual error more than the team play, from watching it looks like we play nice football but then we have crazy moments (i suppose its true to real life) one goal i conceded was a pass to pearce he did a becchio control and it went 10 yards infront of him right into the path of the oncoming boro player leaving him one on one. marking seems to be all over the place too. too many times they just seem to let the player break. i changed it to tigh
  11. How are people setting up their team? I started a game as a little play around just to get used to the new layout ect but im going to start a proper game tonight and build a tactic, i had a 5-2-1-2 tactic in FM14 that im going to transfer over. I also want to try a 4-3-1-2 sort of how we play in real life with the CM (changeable between bianchi, cook & austin) being the more defensive/deep lying to collect the ball and clean up between the midfield and defence then two creative midfielders moving the play forward to offload to adryan @ amc or straight to the two strikers
  12. Yeah it is a bit like last year i had a 5-2-1-2 formation that i really liked and did well with but byram wasnt a RWB. im trying to recreate that again in this game aswell but with the amount of decent midfielders we have it id rather go with the 4-3-1-2. because im trying to get tactics sorted ive put salerno on bringing players in he brought chris eagles so ive added 4-3-3 to work on aswell but he can play any across AM
  13. ive gone 4-3-1-2 but the middle of the 3 is set more defensively, mainly so i could use a centre mid more than a DM in that role giving me more options with bianchi austin cook
  14. having a quick go on the beta last night i brought in diego lugano (CB) hes 33 but the rest are pretty young so a good bit of experience
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