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  1. Been dipping in and out of this one all day and to be fair, I think you have finally got to the heart of the real problem succinctly there; unfortunately I think a precedent has been set in other walks of life - if you can, make money.
  2. And getting FMRTE ostracized by SI is going to solve what exactly? I don't understand a lot of this polemic today about FMRTE, especially this particular facet. If someone shops the creator in to the authorities, how is that likely to serve anyone's agenda here. He will either keep charging or just think 'sod it' and jog on. Utterly pointless
  3. Yeah it could be, but then again, I don't particularly like paying for something that falls out of the sky - i.e water - but some clever sod found a way to make me pay for that. These are the sad realities of escalating capitalism...
  4. I guess so, if you feel there is a demand for it sufficient that people will pay. The guy who develops FMRTE might be totally wrong and charging for his product might be a mistake - the point is, he has the right to do it if he feels he has inputted the time and deployed the prerequisite skills in order that it be commercially viable. As I posted earlier, this is fairly basic economic theory of supply and demand. in an ideal world I agree with you, we could all share our ideas and items for free - but that is not the way our society operates and I do not think the fee being charged is overtly high given the usefulness of the product.
  5. Its not that people are moaning because others do not want to contribute, its that people are launching vitriolic tirades because an individual has had the audacity to seek some renumeration for their labours; as if the concept were entirely unheard of and we all pop in to work each day just for the fun of it...
  6. Wiitastic, Couldn't agree more. There are some amazing statements being made here. one or two need to dry their eyes and just accept that they will have to shell-out a mouth watering pound to use a piece of software they clearly get a lot of use and enjoyment out of. And as for some of the scandalous accusations about taxes etc.... unreal...
  7. I hope this is sarcasm or I think some perspective is required here. We are talking about paying 80-odd pence for a tool which many people find useful for a number of different reasons...
  8. This line of argument seems as spurious as suggesting a hatstand maker is making their money by ripping-off hat makers. If SI have a policy as I have seen mentioned a few times, its up to them to deal with it. All the programmer of fmrte is doing is providing an add-on to an existing product. He's not selling bootleg copies of their game after all which would be making money from their work.
  9. And your point is? Again, why is there some common census that this forum should be some bastion of altruistic and philanthropic sentiment?
  10. I think the sentiment of this thread is hugely naive. Why is there - as has been pointed out by one or two others also - a sense of outrage that an individual wants to charge for a good/service that they make!? Is that not how the entirety of our capitalist model operates? This concept seems like pretty rudimentary economics, and the amount being charged is laughably low anyway. Strange attitude on these forums sometimes to issues such as this. Why do some feel they have a right to free peripherals and tools?
  11. I have created a world league and a series of sub leagues in the editor. The prize monies have been set for each team for their finishing position. The winners of the top division - for example - win £50mil but in the second season this is depreciated down to £35mil and £26mil in the third etc. All the prize monies below decrease in-line with this. The league rep remains 5* as do the lower divsions; any ideas why this is the case? Cheers.
  12. Possibly because it happens too frequently in others' games as soon as you start. It happened in my game only a week after I began.
  13. An Immense, life-consuming venture this looks... fair play
  14. Just had Pavel Nedved (Yep, the ex player) complete a management buy-out at Juventus. Early days, but I cant see him pumping the big petro-dollars in a la Man City somehow (!)... strange one, that...
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