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  1. Massacre, never experienced such a game before (and I mostly play in lower leagues): btw average rating of defenders was 5,4 after the first half, while the rest was over 7 or even 8.. Lasogga got 9.6, completely dominated the game..
  2. Will be southern sudanese nationality - players and everything - added to FM 2012? I hope yes, someone will make Southern Sudanese league.. imagine yourself managing a team in the completely new league.. that would be so great. Apart from more default leagues, I don't want nothing new. I want old, good FM07 and 08 back, without all that new, boring stuff which only delays you from advancing in the game..
  3. from wikipedia: FC Zebra are a football team that play in the East Timor 1.League 2009. Sometimes they win.
  4. There are also "Barrack Young Controller," "Invincible Eleven" or "Gedi & Sons" in Liberia, sounds funny. Vietnam has many interesting names, like "Câu lạc bộ bóng đá Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh" or "Công Nhân Quảng Nam Đà Nẵng."
  5. Romanian club Urziceni (something as 'finished' or 'exhausted' in czech) Belize: Sugar Boys Juventus Revolutionary Conquerors San Pedro Dolphins Build Bright United (cambodia) ...
  6. I'd like to have better editor with easier league-creating scheme.. Also the players prices can be done properly..
  7. Now FM09 has strong leagues all over the world. But we, consumers, are not all the same. Some of us like "banana" leagues, too. So what about adding leagues like Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Madagascar, or Georgia, Nepal and East Timor to the game? PLS!
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