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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Massacre, never experienced such a game before (and I mostly play in lower leagues): btw average rating of defenders was 5,4 after the first half, while the rest was over 7 or even 8.. Lasogga got 9.6, completely dominated the game..
  2. Well, why do you think so.. there are brazilians and argentinians of german, italian or even czech ancestry. Argentina is very european (civilized, at least in BA) country, not much different from many european countries..
  3. Will be southern sudanese nationality - players and everything - added to FM 2012? I hope yes, someone will make Southern Sudanese league.. imagine yourself managing a team in the completely new league.. that would be so great. Apart from more default leagues, I don't want nothing new. I want old, good FM07 and 08 back, without all that new, boring stuff which only delays you from advancing in the game..
  4. I installed it not using steam, but I have no icon neither. I had even no new folder 'start' panel. I can create it, for sure, but it's not very professional approach from developer or whoever is responsible for that..
  5. Georgian League anyone?

    I made my own 'fantasy' georgian league with 16 and 16 teams in their two highest competitions, and play for FC Baia Zugdidi, it's fun One thing I don't understand - nearly all GEO clubs have youth academy and there is large amount of very good free players at the start, including members of georgian repre teams.. so it's not very realistic at all..
  6. I have one question on you guys. When I want to create new nation playable, but I don't want to follow it's current scheme (like number of teams for each league), I should change it in database first, save, and then add this new country? Because now it looks like I can't change number of teams there. I can't explain it better, hope u understand..
  7. Correct (non-sponsor) league names

    CZ 1. liga (1. Gambrinus Liga with sponsor's name) 2. liga CFL and MSFL (3rd level competitions) Pohar CMFS (domestic cup; Ondrasovka Cup with sponsor's name)
  8. Do you think it's better to install it via stem or offline version? I mean I have steam already installed for some time, but I don't know which instal option to choose as I am not sure if playing with steam will affect performance or not, or if it will be possible to download kits, logos etc. in the same way as to the offline version? And what if I'll be unable to connect to steam? Could I play the game in the same way? Pls help. This system is weird. And I don't trust steam in general. Thx.
  9. Funny team names

    from wikipedia: FC Zebra are a football team that play in the East Timor 1.League 2009. Sometimes they win.
  10. Funny team names

    There are also "Barrack Young Controller," "Invincible Eleven" or "Gedi & Sons" in Liberia, sounds funny. Vietnam has many interesting names, like "Câu lạc bộ bóng đá Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh" or "Công Nhân Quảng Nam Đà Nẵng."
  11. Funny team names

    Romanian club Urziceni (something as 'finished' or 'exhausted' in czech) Belize: Sugar Boys Juventus Revolutionary Conquerors San Pedro Dolphins Build Bright United (cambodia) ...
  12. My changed world

    Well, I recommend you taking current czech and slovak teams for Czechoslovakia. Taking teams from 12/1992 could be more complicated.. however, I always wondered if it would be possible to merge Czech and Austrian leagues. Both nations are about the same size, population density, it could make some really nicely balanced league.. Just a minor note: Czechs can be also added to Celtic countries. Following the history, they were split into western (isles) and eastern (bohemia - Boii, Volcae). after fall of Rome, no barbaric migration took place in Bohemia itself (because of dense forests, mountain ranges). And it were very small numbers of slavs who came here, mostly of noble origin. Peasatry still had celto-germanic origin (it is quite unclear, unfortunately). This is what nearly nobody knows..
  13. There is also Dukla Prague in 2nd czech league. Maybe also Hradec Kralove. Also Dynamo Dresden had better past.. I really like playing for these teams. Leeds (07), Ferencváros (08), Dresden (08), Visby (09), Melacca (09) etc. Regarding Visby, only good team from Gotland, they had extremely strong squad in last FM game imho.. When I searched demo leagues for FM10, I couldn't find any such team in lower english leagues. Maybe Bournemouth or Darlington? Or what about York, Luton? I don't want to take Leeds this time, as they are favourites for promotion..
  14. With Backroom Advices, this game is turning into speed-clicking trainer. The same with press conferences in FM09.. good managers should know this without being told everything. Too sad both can't be turned off. Together with 3D matches, definitely three things that are killing this game today.
  15. I also wanted to write Cambodia because I like Norodom Sihamoni, but there is Malaysia already