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  1. I tried this tactic for a whole season with Man Utd, won a lot!! Like everything except for the Charity Shield Really happy with your tactic!! But after this tremendous season there is a problem: I can hardly sign new players, all of the clubs ask way too many for their players. Do you guys know anything I can do about that?? Also, is it still possible in FM 2012 that your son can be in the team? Thanks a bunch and cheers to you all I hope it's allowed to name my kid FuSS
  2. Well at first one that can play straight away, but I'm also interested in players for the future, I understand that Pogba becomes a good player?
  3. Hey guys, love this thread, has been very helpfull to me. Bought FM 2012, have been away for three(!) years, so it is time for me to pick up the game. Don't know if I still have got what it takes, but I reckon you guys can help me out if I need any help. Great to see fellow Mancunians, even all the way from Bosnia I'm off to start a game with Man Utd, would like to sign a good DMc, was looking into De Rossi, Sven Bender but do any of you have other good tips for that position? Even been a while since I last typed a post in English, man but it sure feels absolutely fantastic to be back in the game! I wish everyone all the best and I hope you all win lots and lots of titles Kind regards to everyone from the Netherlands
  4. Hey Corkey, I always use the Fast targetman tactic. To be honest I never tried the Strong targetman tactic with an abolute top notch targetman striker. Also, I only play top teams (yeah I know...) so I can't really tell you if it works with teams like Hull City. To give you an example: I played 2 seasons with Barca, first season 101 pts and second season 102 pts. First season I had Eto'o as striker, the second season Agüero. BUT: the striker will not score 30-35 goals, more likely he will score round 20-25. That really is the only point of criticism I can think of. Other players will compensate, furthermore your defence is mean, like Chuck Norris mean Good luck with it!!
  5. Patrick, the v2-tactics have done wonders for me, don't know about the tactic from the first post. The v2-tactics should give you even more security in your defence and with an upcoming attacking midfielder (the one with the farrow) it gives you more options up front. I always prefer the fast targetman version, but of course that depends on the striker you're playing. Good luck with it and let us know how it works out for you
  6. I only just discovered this thread, which is absolutely brilliant!! Just a few questions Julius (and of course for the other readers): What's your opinion about attributes versus ability? If striker A has very good key attributes (say range of 16-20), but an ability of let's say 155 and striker B has less (say range 12-15) in the same attributes, BUT an ability of let's say 170, which striker would be better? I have been wondering this for a long time, but I haven't been able to form an answer yet. Also, what's your thought about Determination? I reckon it's important for all your players.. Last but not least: why is flair not important for any of your players? Doesn't flair mean the ability to go past your man? Thanks a bunch!!
  7. Hey guys! I've been using this tactic for a while now. I'm very impressed! Played 2 seasons with Barcelona, first seasons 101 pts, goals: 91-15, second season 102 pts, goals: 91-13. Very solid, defence very mean. Second season I won everything, very nice I never use the strong targetman, only the fast targetman. First season Eto'o as striker, second Agüero. Bojan is also very good for me. The striker will not score 40 goals or so, but other players will compensate. I can really recommend Federico Fazio as the defender that will head the corners in. That guy is amazing!! I'm very happy with this tactic! Cheers
  8. Your son in FM 09

    Thanks!!!! You're the best
  9. Your son in FM 09

    Okay, thanks Joe! Err, been looking but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help please?
  10. Hey guys, sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong part of the forum.. Been searching on this site, but couldn't find it. Just wanted to know if in this version of FM your son will appear in the youth setup. Anyone had experience with this? And, how good is your son? Thanks a bunch for your reactions!
  11. GD, who do you set as playmaker in your tactic?? cheers mate
  12. Thank you very much for sending me the tactic Ian Will let you know how I'm doing.. cheers
  13. Mate, I would really like to try your tactic. But I never seem to get a download from Filefront, it just doesn't work with my computer. I tried to download it from zshare, but the file there is 16 kb and so I can't import when playing FM. Could you help me out please? Thank you very much cheers!
  14. Hey Deviant, thank you very much for uploading the tactic to another site!!!! Hope I will find the time to play FM this weekend, but will certainly give your tactic a go!! Thanks mate cheers
  15. Hey you guys, I would really like to try this tactic. But I never can get filefront to work for me.. Could somebody please be so kind to upload version 2 to another site?? I would really really really appreciate it!!! Also, when playing Man Utd, at what position would you play Cristiano Ronaldo? Or other world class wingers like Messi? Thank you very much! cheers