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  1. ...\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data however depending on your win and win installation this could differ
  2. train the player preferred move: avoid using weaker foot
  3. yes, if ManU win EL they qualify directly at the group stages if the CL winner qualifies via his league, if u win EL then ManU will play in the playoffs
  4. post in the bug's forum, probably with a save from after u made the promise and until u offered the contract if u have one!
  5. well if the player perceives himself as world class and key player but when i bought him he agreed to a back up status then it's his problem not mine, u wanted back up, u play as long as a back up! also maybe SI should make players only complain at the end of the season based on how much they played during the entire season and extreme cases(like a key player who hasnt played a game) during winter transfer period
  6. the talk about improving the squad based on CA is wrong! the user doesnt know CA( teoretically) so improving a squad should be based on star rating for his position, match stats because a striker with a CA of 122 but with att of 15-16 in key areas(finishing, composure, off the ball) and 20 goals last season is an improvement over a striker with 130 CA but with max 14 in key areas(finishing, composure, off the ball) and 10 goals last season. also on the op situation: he had milik on loan and he signed him permanently, this counts as an improvement or not because he was there last season also( i'm guessing the game doesn't count this as an improvement but if u have a player on loan, he does extremely good and u sign him permanently then it should count at least as a small improvement)
  7. if u have no new contract offers for your own players or any incoming transfers offers or contract offers and u still cant change it even after 3-4 weeks without any incoming transfers or contract offers then it's a bug
  8. No, maybe if he plays very well in an important match it might increase, there are some events like this that happen sometimes but very rare finals, playoffs, rivalry games, 6 pointer games
  9. well the first improvement would be to ask in the tottenham thread and welcome to the forum
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