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  1. will it work for people in new zealand?
  2. Just about to wrap up my third league title in a row. Becoming to easy domestically. Hoping to do better in Europe though, having been knocked out three years in a row at the first knockout round
  3. My side at the moment, December 2011, only has 6 or 7 players over 25 as I have made it a transfer policy to not buy any players over 25 barring an emergency or a player of significant ability to add to the side. But a bit of experience to the side is always helpful definitely. I like your idea of buying only players bordering Belgium. I might incorporate that one actually.
  4. Just beginning my third season now. First two seasons have been very successful domestically winning the league twice and the Belgian cup once as well as the super cup twice. European wise both times previously I have gotten into the Champions League group stages and twice I've finished third. And then once I got to the Europa League knockout I've been knocked out by Turkish opposition, first by Fenerbache and then last year by Besiktas which was particularly gut wrenching as I won both leg's but they scored 4 away goals to my 1. Lukaku has been amazing and has just notched up his 100th goal for the club, so far no big clubs have come in for my him so I'm hoping to tuen him into a one club man. My aim this season is to get as far on the continent as I can. Been drawn with Manchester United, Valencia and FC Metz so will get third in that group hopefully. Onwards and upwards
  5. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Hi, I've downloaded the megapack and then update 7 but when I extract the files to my graphics folder, they don't appear in game, what do I do.?
  6. Started as these the other day and am massively massively loving the save so far. First season I dominated the league winning with four games to go and losing twice all year. Got dumped out of Europe in the First Knockout round of the Europa League after navigating my way to the Champions League group stages. Cup was a joke. Losing to Germinal Beerschot. So far this year am 8 points clear on the 17th of December in the knockout rounds of the Europa League. Hoping for the champions league with 5 seasons but won't be dissapointed if it means I can carry on with the save even longer. Lukaku has been devastating. Notching 42 goals last term and already grabbing a futher 24 this year. De Sutterhas also been very good, chiming in with important goals and a hefty amount of assists for the towering Lukaku. Probably my favorite save on Fm10' so far.
  7. FM10: Roland Juhasz

    This guy has been boss for my Anderlecht team first and second seasons. Consistently high ratings and gets a fair few goals from corners (I don't use the corner tactic). Would recommend for any teams low on funds needing a consistent center half.
  8. Well being from New Zealand I can guarantee well and truly that we will try and make use of the aerial prowess of Rory Fallon. There will be a plethora of long balls into the box. It won't be pretty but it's proved effective against Serbia and Australia. Be interesting to see it in effect against the defence of Italy.
  9. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Would anyone read an update where after using the editor I create a nation where all the clubs (probably two divisions) where every club was exclusively only allowed to use homegrown players? I think this would be a very intriguing read myself. I would start from the very bottom and try and work my way up the league relying exclusively upon my own youth players. Eventually trying to take the nation I have created to world cup glory. Might not be everyones cup of tea, but hey, I'm not aiming to please, I'm aiming to have fun. If anyone would be interested that would be swell.
  10. I do like this idea, i think that is absoluetly superb. Would make a superb addition to the tactic creator.
  11. gerrard homesick....

    Gerrard is very well known for getting homesick at Tournaments. He said so in his autobiography (Which you would know if you were a Liverpool fan =P). A nice touch by SI. Added realism.
  12. Rugby Database

    I did this on 08. Made the NRL and Super 14. All the players. Took about 3 months of little work everyday. Was worth it in the end Good luck to you sir.
  13. Just Signed My Mate!

    I went to primary School and was pretty close to West Brom youngster Chris Wood. Cameron Lindsay the young Blackburn lad is my Cousins best mate so I played Football with him a few times. My claim to fame. Both have played in the Premier League.
  14. 2009 FA Cup Final

    Last time I checked Fulham came 7th last year. Top ten? Yeah.
  15. No. Still nothing. Can anyone recommend anything else?