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  1. Hi SI Team - this may be a real simple issue and not a bug at all, but it's something I've never encountered before. I am unable to offer any contracts to players or staff. I can click "Offer New Contract" just fine, but when I reach the negotiation screen, I am unable to modify anything - all buttons, including Suggest Terms and Finalize Deal are shadowed, so that I can't click them. I am over my wage budget by $30m, and the club is deep in debt. I assume this is the reason, but feel that I've been able to offer contracts in similar situations in other saves, so I just want to make sure it's not a bug. To test, I clicked on the In-Game-Editor, to see if I would be able to offer contracts after momentarily expanding my wage budget/adjusting finances artificially. When doing so, I encountered a strange thing wherein the editor told me the maximum allowable vale for wage budget was 338,260,000, even though the wage budget for my team is above this without any editing. Thank you in advance for any/all of your help.
  2. as I often experience the same thing with Chelsea. There's no shortage of teams bidding for youth candidates in London, and so the talent crop produced there is spread thin across all the clubs, and their various youth recruitment levels and capabilities. Supply/Demand is just too leveraged in such a team heavy city.
  3. Gents, thank you. Indeed he sits on the FM Prophet Mount Rushmore. Still a fantastic guide, quite missed, remembered, and thought of.
  4. Hey Everyone, I've been looking for and struggling to find many of SFraser's previous forum contributions of years past. I've based my tactics heavily on the 4-2-3-1 he constructed so successfully (with Juame at the top), and which I believe was inspired by the 2010 World Cup Germany Squad. If I remember correctly this tactic was shared with us in a post titled "Meet The System." Can anyone point me in the direction of this, or his many other informative and thoughtful posts? At present, searching by his username returns only 5 posts: Thanks, everyone.
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