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  1. Tried that, but will give it another try, i have also cleared cache, and took all other steps, seems i'm not the only 1 having this problem, quite a few saying the same on twitter
  2. Demo don't work, down loaded it 3 times, fm.exe is missing
  3. Thought it was just me, having problem, mine is the fm.exe missing, i re installed 3 times, lol
  4. Does it actually matter, when the skin is released? Tom is doing this in his own time, for himself, and others to enjoy, and best of all like all other skins, that people make for us,it's free to download, i think we should all be grateful, to every one who gives up there time to create a free skin, for us, people who are unable to do it ourselves. I really can't believe that some people will moan and groan, about this!
  5. Agree with every one on here, this skin looks amazing
  6. who else is down loading the beta version?: 1 hour 35 mins left on down load.
  7. i too ordered from green man gaming, and had nothing, although, the email confirming my order did state, "This game is not available for download yet. It will be unlocked on 02-Nov-2012. Any required keys will be made available on that date." so i presume any codes needed for the beta version, will be the same
  8. thanx for the code just purchased the game for 26 USD which works out at 16 GBP
  9. what an intersting thread, i too am looking for a new laptop, and the advise on here, as surley given me more than enough to think about.
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