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  1. Not playing FM 18 as yet, (haven't seen a good reason too yet!), but what is really annoying is that in previous editions, if I subscribed to a team, person etc. news would come straight into my Inbox. Now in FM17 I have to scroll through countless messages to find items I'm interested in. Can't see that is a step forward
  2. Surely the answer is in the short term, is to have women's leagues and competitions simulated in the background, (not playable), and you can select to include them, or not in your news feed.
  3. It would be nice if when setting up your profile, you could set up a past playing history, perhaps for your favourite club, or the one you intend to manage. "Fans favourite takes over as Manager" sort of thing.
  4. It's something that's happened over the last few FM's. You are going well, solid tactics, consistent form, when you lose it's generally by the odd goal in close matches, then suddenly in a game, your team collapses into a heap and you get a thrashing. Nothing explains how it happens, and it won't necessarily be against a top team. I had it happen most recently in FM 17 in an EFL cup away game playing as Spurs against 23rd in the Championship, Huddersfield. 4-0 down at half time, lost 4-1.
  5. In one of my FM17 saves, Everton played a lot of the season without a striker, and had Ross Berkley as the AMC. The tactic seem to revolve around flooding the midfield, and hoping Berkley would rattle one in from 25 yards. I played them three times, two league and one FA Cup game, and in two of those games, that's exactly what he did. They still lost, but they ended the season very comfortable mid table. So it seems the AI seems to understand a striker less formation.
  6. I think you're glossing over the point I was making. Whilst we all know money talks in modern football, then surely all true football fans would welcome a top player staying at his home club, who ever that player is, or whatever club it happens to be. The point you fail to address, is your statement that Kane should be at any other club but Tottenham. History matters, and in English football, Tottenham have been history makers, as have many of their players. So why shouldn't Harry stay at Spurs?
  7. I was really giving you a huge benefit of the doubt young Smurf, until the above. You see, I tend to agree that 'Our 'Arry' has yet to prove himself over a long period at the highest level, but he's still young, as is the team he plays in. As a Spurs supporter for longer than I can remember I don't have any rose coloured glasses when it comes to Spurs. However, your remarks above show what appears to be a deep prejudice against Tottenham. Why would you, "love to see him go to Madrid, (and the big giveaway), "anywhere other than Spurs". Here we have a home grown, local lad playing for his local team, and, thus far, showing commendable loyalty to his club, something we rarely see in the game today, And you would want him anywhere but Spurs? Your opinions lose their value and impact, if rooted in a deep dislike or prejudice against the subject you are opining on. Your remarks above seem to indicate just that. You're not a Gooner are you?
  8. Sad to say I'm old enough to remember it. What a team.
  9. Sorry to all you Gooners out there, but as a Spurs man couldn't resist this one. I'm in season 21/22, Arsene Wenger is still manager of Arsenal, (aged 72), Ozil and Sanchez are still at the club, and, oh, they haven't won anything. To make matters worse they have failed to record a single win against The Mighty Spurs. Thank heavens for the FM world.
  10. Nothing is fool proof, but I've had some success with 'overload', as I use it in conjunction with a change of formation from one up top to an aggressive 4-4-2. I never overload with just one up top because as previous contributors have pointed out, no point lumping the ball up field with no-one to receive it. I also make sure I have at least one strike in my squad who is good in the air and over 6'0" tall.
  11. You're right, he always scores against me, even when I'm thrashing Newcastle by 5, he'll pop up and nick a goal.
  12. I've thought of something else, see above
  13. Which is nice, so why couldn't it calculate that Huddersfield were on their knees against a much fitter, stronger and more talented team, and allow me to roll them over, tee hee . More seriously, as players, I think it would be really helpful if SI produced a report on how the ME works, just broad brush strokes to give the players a better understanding.
  14. Hadn't thought of that. Is the match engine sufficiently versatile to replicate different standards of football? i.e. CL too Conference South. Not having any idea how the ME actually works it's difficult to know. I sometimes wonder how much of the data the ME reads, e.g. player attributes, physical fitness and condition etc. It is a computer programme after all, but I'm sure most of us, (at least the honest one's among us), have reloaded a save and then got an entirely different outcome. So how much does the ME rely on the actual data, and how does it throw in that huge random factor? As an example, in my current save as Tottenham I operate effectively two squads, my first team for the PL and big Euro games, and a second team to try to get through the League Cup etc. My second team is very good, with the likes of Winks, Trippier, Davies etc. So my seconds have played away to Schalke on the Wednesday and got a good win. The following Tuesday, I'm away to Huddersfield in the LC. The team Huddersfield put out is virtually the same as for their Saturday Championship game, (which they lost), and my team is the fresh as a daisy second team that so convinced against Schalke. So my team is fitter, better, fresher with great morale, and theirs is low on morale, nowhere near as good, and pretty tired after their Saturday exertions. After 30mins, I'm 3-0 down having barely had a kick. A few kind words at half time produce a second half goal, but little else, despite the fact that looking at Huddersfield's fitness, most of them are running on one leg for most of the second half. So what is the ME reading to produce a game like that? It was no freak result, they outmatched me in possession and shots on and off target. This same team never produced another performance like that in the rest of the season. As for Huddersfield, knocked out in the next round by MK Dons, and ended up mid-table mediocrities. So my point is I don't think the current match engine would be up to the versatility required to implement your interesting suggestion. But what do I know ?
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