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  1. In-Game Editor

    Any mass-edit feature on user squad morale instead of having to edit individual squad players' morale?
  2. Changed my mind about this tactic after my earlier thoughts - it seems very good now! I would advise anyone with dirt slow CBs to change the marking to man-marking, seems to have tightened things up for my Huddersfield side straight away with 3 wins from 4 games after the change. Not leaking goals from set-pieces now. Good job Mr Hough.
  3. Not had the best of runs with this using Huddersfield, tends to be quite inconsistent even when the tactic reaches full familiarity. Part of the problem I feel is that once you're out of the top tier it is hard to find any wing backs that fit the criteria and/or are affordable. That's my only specific criticism, and it's perhaps more down to the quirks of the ME than the tactic itself. Seems to be working great with the big boys though Mr Hough, so I might give it a go with a Prem team in the future. Cheers.
  4. Slightly different issue but as Histon I've ended up groundsharing with the obscure Cambridge Regional College FC, who happen to play their home games at the Abbey Stadium - also the home of our fierce rivals Cambridge United.
  5. Barnsley at a push, never Leeds or Bradford though.
  6. You deserve some recognition just for that filename alone! I'll give this a try over the course of today and tomorrow with Huddersfield.
  7. Papa Bouba Diop got the Man U job on my long-term save in 2016, needless to say he didn't even last a season.
  8. Great players in FM that never made it irl

    Craig Dargo always used to be brilliant for me in the CM3 era (perhaps the 97/98 edition of the game).
  9. Hey Zero Sea, here are the updates on progress I promised a while ago: As you can see, I got promoted via the playoffs yet my net transfer spending wasn't very good. Still got promoted for the second season running scoring a lot of goals during the process. This is the following season in progress. I switched to v4 during pre-season and the results have gotten a lot better! Net transfer spending compared to income is a lot better too, relatively at least. Thanks for the tactic Zero Sea. I think I will switch to v5 after the season is finished.
  10. I might upload screenshots in the future but the season I had previously with Huddersfield finished with me finishing 1st with 113pts and a League Cup final against Arsenal (ending in 8-2 to them, ironically). I am still using v2 in my first season in the Championship and I am 6th after about a dozen games or so. Cracking tactic is this, so well done Zero Sea. I will try v3 soon and report back with the results, thanks again.
  11. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Anyone else getting strange interaction between FMRTE and other programs? For example as soon as I run FMRTE, uTorrent closes (d/l'ing the megapack so don't worry). This kind of behaviour didn't occur for me on the last version of FMRTE. The editing works fine though, so thanks Ruci.
  12. Had a great run with this tactic myself. Huddersfield are a fairly good side to begin with mind, although the League Cup game against Man Utd was a particular highlight. I'm a bit concerned about the defence on this tactic throughout, although I can't really complain as it's attacking capabilities far outweigh this.
  13. [FM12] Nik33's Data Packs

    Try clearing your cookies too for those that are having trouble with Mediafire.
  14. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Looks very nice again. Top work Ruci, can't wait for the release!
  15. Huddersfield Town, my hometown club. Another season of third tier football beckons but looking to have another decent young squad again with Danny Ward and Donal McDermott coming in. Probably won't be rated as well as last year's squad, mind.