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  1. Might I recommend you look at the formatting used in some of the other challenges on here and set it up as a proper challenge?
  2. Over the summer I was debating whether I could find an upgrade for him, but I'm glad I haven't succeeded:
  3. I just looked it up and I think if the CL or EL winners are also winners of their league they still count and it passes that seeding spot to the next ranked league.
  4. League winners from the top 6 nations by co-efficient, along with CL and EL winners get put in pot 1, so as long as the 1.HNL hasn't dropped out of the top 6 you should be in.
  5. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2034/35 (Season 14) Back to earth with a little bit of a bump here this season. I didn't expect the heights we reached last season, but even with the board only looking for us to survive I wanted to carry our momentum and look to a top half finish. Unfortunately it seems that last season was partly thanks to momentum, as we had long spells where I felt we weren't good enough. January saw a change in personnel as a couple went out and a couple came in, but it didn't change our trajectory too much and I think we were honestly lucky to avoid being prop
  6. That's a terrific season @jmarchand! I found that knowing that you can hang in Europe is the point where you finally start to feel like the challenge is achievable. You might want to re-do your maths on points gained against Dinamo/Hajduk, though 😉
  7. Maybe I should have given this guy a debut sooner than 3 games before the end of the season...
  8. I have a theory that on occasion a rotated squad will go above and beyond because the players are eager to prove they merit the step up to first-choice.
  9. Belupo were my arch-rivals when I was first trying to break into the European places last year - best of luck!
  10. I figure when this challenge gets as popular as dafuge's (HA!) it'll be helpful to remind people which country you're in as there'll be so many posts it'll be easy to forget. Plus, especially in the smaller nations, it helps keep a track of how much your nation is improving as you go.
  11. Steal away! When I first started joining these I took ideas from all the updates I was reading and over time I've moulded it to fit my own preferred writing style. Even now, I chop and change it as and when I feel the need to freshen things up. Good progress, too. Hopefully you're not too far away from that next step already. Considering your finances already seem pretty sustainable, are you expecting a significant increase if you were to go up?
  12. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2033/34 (Season 13) Pre-season odds are always going to be a little odd in this division, because all the 'B' teams have no odds against them at all. Because of this, it's safe to surmise we were predicted to finish bottom. I was hoping we could do a little better than that, but I was ultimately still expecting it to be tough going. Where last time we were here I was prepared to go back down and take the money, this time I wasn't prepared to give in so easily. Things started off better than I could possibly have imagined, and we ended up only l
  13. Last year's challenge gave me quite an affection for Croatian football, so I'm glad to be able to connect with them again - even if Muça is Albanian.
  14. I definitely feel much better about it than I did last time. Previously I felt we were a bit lucky to go up, but this time I definitely feel we earned it. I still think it's going to be a challenge to not come straight back down, but I'm confident it can be achieved and I'll be disappointed if we don't. EDIT: The good news is that Muça will be joining us on loan for another season again! We're now paying 100% of his £2,700p/w wages, where we were only paying 50% this season, but that's a lot cheaper than I could get someone in of his quality any other way.
  15. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2032/33 (Season 12) Competitions | Transfers 1 & 2 | Youth Intake | Fixtures Part 1 & Part 2 | New Records/PotS | Finances | Best XI (All-Time) Pre-season predictions still had us pegged for a relegation fight, but I could tell fairly early on this season that things were going to go well. Roughly at the halfway stage I resigned myself to the fact that Córdoba and Girona were streaks ahead of everybody else and that we weren't going to reel them in. I've never been happier to be wrong. In the penultimate match of the season we just need
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