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  1. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2044/45 (Season 24) Once again a long time between updates for me, but this time not because it wasn't going well - I've just been playing other games. After last season's relegation, I wanted to try and keep the squad together as I knew we could bounce back up. A change of style was also in order, which meant bringing in some wide players. In truth, we made it look pretty straightforward. A slight blip in form around March wasn't enough to derail us and we won the league comfortably. The flip side of that is we were embarrassed in the cup. I've not
  2. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2043/44 (Season 23) This one has taken me a long time to play through, because it's been really frustrating for me - to the point that I've just wanted to play other games instead. Another relegation on my record, and this time I think I'm in need of a big tactical overhaul. My 5-2-1-2 system has been really good to me in the lower tiers, but it's now apparent that I need to adapt if I want to make it at the top. Competitions | Transfers 1 & 2 | Youth Intake | Fixtures Part 1 & Part 2 | New Records/PotS | Finances | Best XI (All-Time)
  3. It is indeed. Honestly, when I saw the way you do it I found myself thinking "that's a much more sensible way to do it"
  4. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2042/43 (Season 22) I have to say, I thought by this many seasons I'd at least be challenging to make the Champions League spots in La Liga, but there you go. After consecutive playoff finals, the media were kind enough to predict we'd finish 13th. Thanks guys. We, of course, had other plans and after a couple of early losses we really found our mojo. A run of 24 unbeaten which included a 9-win streak saw us start to build a bit of a gap at the top which honestly never looked under threat. In the end we finished one point short of the league re
  5. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2041/42 (Season 21) After barely scraping into the playoff last season and then barely missing out on going up, the objective was to make it at least comfortably into the playoffs, even if the media prediction didn't agree. We had a bit of a slow start, not getting an away win until our 5th away match of the season, but once we got going there weren't many who could stop us. Our defence wasn't quite at the standard of last season, but we made up for it by scoring a fair few more goals. In the end an agonising final day saw us needing to win and hope
  6. Nothing like a hot cup of Capicchioni in the morning. He looks utterly immense @aldojags. Maybe keep tabs on him for a few years, just in case his interest changes.
  7. You're absolutely right - that is a gorgeous logo! Good luck in Italy 😎
  8. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2040/41 (Season 20) Right, here we go again. For a complete change, we were predicted to finish not bottom! Despite granting the desired exit of a couple of our better players due to our relegation, I made some good transfers in and I felt that while, we didn't necessarily have the quality to assure our re-promotion, we could at least be among the challengers. In truth we weren't able to create enough despite being defensively among the best in the league with only 36 conceded in 46 matches. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough and we only just scraped
  9. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2039/40 (Season 19) In a complete shock to nobody at all, we were predicted to finish bottom this season. This has probably been my least favourite season of the save. With how we got on last season, I thought that a couple of strong signings could see us cement our place in the upper reaches of the mid-table, but for whatever reason we really struggled to string anything together. By the time we found anything resembling some form, we had already been relegated. I'm absolutely gutted and haven't been able to will myself to open the game for a few d
  10. Congrats @jmarchand! Feels like you've achieved it really quickly and I'm totally jealous (not least because it took me so very long in Croatia last time out).
  11. Francisco | Sestao River Club | Spain | 2038/39 (Season 18) I'm sure this will be a surprise to nobody, but the media predicted we were going to finish last and that we were some way short of being competitive. As a 38-game season, I figured the "points for safety" would have been around the 45 mark, like it is in the Premiership. It turns out that La Liga really is a lot less competitive than the Prem, and we secured our survival with 3 still to play on only 36 points before picking up a few more to bring us a respectable 15th place finish. We weren't entirely in a position to spend on
  12. With the progress you were making, I can see why you were keen to press on @SolnaRoyal - that's some great stuff there! Do you feel like the end is within reach, or is it a bit more that you got a touch lucky this year and there's still lots of work to do? I'm also now curious to know where you're actually from, because I've never seen that localisation of København. As a Brit, I'm used to seeing Copenhagen, but I've never seen it spelled as Köpenhamn (which is presumably the spelling in your native language)
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