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  1. I'm glad to see someone else is still playing. Was starting to feel slightly lonely with just my updates lately I look forward to seeing how you're getting on
  2. Hugo De Luca - Dollingstown FC - Northern Ireland - End of Season Three (2020/21) The League My customary slow start was even slower than usual this season, prompting a shift away from my possession-based 4-2-3-1 to a more direct playing 4-4-2. We lost 1-0 away at a very strong looking Sport & Leisure on matchday 9 but kicked on from there with only 4 draws and one loss in the remaining 18 fixtures. The loss, unfortunately, being a 4-0 thumping at home to Knockbreda in the final (dead rubber) match of the season. I think the slightly later onset of form helped carry us a bit further this season. After the league split we scored 14 goals in the 5 games against the supposedly 5 other best teams in the league, including a great 3-1 win away at (at the time) top of the table Sport & Leisure. Finished 5 points clear with very few results that ever looked in doubt. League Table | League Fixtures | Past Positions Other Competitions Basically achieved as expected here. Didn't get far enough to get any payout so in general, I'm not at all bothered, as the league was and still will be my main concern. The U18s did again win the league, but nowhere near as comfortably this season. I'm thinking the formation switch doesn't suit them quite so well. Competitions Overview | Fixtures Key Players Adam Hanley (Stats) - My assistant has him pegged as a leading NI Championship level player, but with some consistency problems. This season is the first season where I've not felt the sting of that inconsistency as I've had a stronger team around him to pick up the slack and that has meant that Hanley has been able to shine for me. An average of 2.22 Key Passes per 90 and a 7.32 average rating meant he was absolutely key to my attacking presence and he was voted fan's player of the season with 51% of the vote. Jakub Klobusek (Stats) - I was slightly surprised to find this random Polish lad playing for Beragh in the Northern Irish lower leagues, but I said I was looking to get in someone of my own in place of Dunlop. The fact he'd only scored 29 in 108 before joining us bothered me, but I needn't have worried as he was our top scorer this season with 24 in 33. I'm not sure if he's up to the next level, but I'm not going to be actively looking to replace him. Marty McLaughlin (Stats) - With the change in system I needed a partner for Klobusek who was going to be able to sit a little deeper. McLaughlin has spent the last 2 seasons on the fringes due to his preference to be a Defensive Forward because I'd only been playing with one striker, but this season he got his chance and boy did he take it. A little hampered by injury meaning he played just 14 games, but a fantastic return of 1.06 goals per 90 makes me very happy. If he does keep his spot for next season I'd like to see him contribute a little more with assists. The Squad It's only taken 3 seasons, but finally I have a Team Leader. It has made dealing with unhappy players so much easier this season. I'm still not entirely thrilled by our defensive capabilities, but seeing as we did concede the least goals in the league I guess I really can't complain. I think that actually, the whole squad are probably in a position to stay up, but unfortunately my team meeting at the end of the season highlighted that the players don't agree with me. I don't think I'll be actively recruiting over the summer, but if my scouts unearth a gem I will be snapping them up. Squad Overview | Club Awards | Best Eleven (All Time) | Dynamics | Hierarchy | Social Groups | Team Report | Records Finances This season the finances were terrible. I know I said I wasn't going to concern myself with them as we pushed for promotion, but if the board hadn't made an investment part-way through the season we'd have been in a world of trouble. I'm hoping that as a championship team we might be able to get bigger attendances than the 10-11% we have been without spending a whole lot more than we already are. Finances | Projected Youth Class of 2019 YP1a - Johnny Grant (NIR) - M/AM C - (Stats) - Again made some slight gains. I promised I'd use him as backup this season and he did indeed play a decent number of games for me. A 6.91 average is certainly passable, but I fear there's a danger of the quality of the squad leaving him behind. I might try and loan him out to an NI Premier Intermediate club for next season to ensure he continues to get games. YP1b - David Browne (NIR) - AM L - Barely played any games at Bangor. Pretty sure he's doomed to rot away in the lower leagues now as I currently have no plans to try and bring him back to us. YP1c - Chris Stewart (NIR) - GK - (Stats) - As the season went on I found myself giving him more and more games. Still nowhere near being first choice, but I'm happy enough with his performances so far and as a Goalkeeper, I would expect his development to be slower anyway. As with Grant, he does run the risk of the club moving faster than he does, but I'm still slightly optimistic. Class of 2020 YP2 - Luke Noble (NIR) - AM R - Very little improvement here and it's disappointing. That personality is doing him no favours because he's such a long way from even being a backup to the first team. Much like Grant, I think I'll look for a loan move for him next season, but I'm still not hopeful. Class of 2021 YP3a - Dougie Thornbury (NIR) - DC - A 15-year-old who's good enough for first team football straight off the bat! You can imagine just how excited I was when I saw him. Another unambitious prospect, which is a shame, but he will most certainly feature in my team. Maybe I'll get lucky and tutor his determination up a little. He played 22 games for us straight off the bat before tearing his hamstring, but I'm expecting him to be first choice for next season. I'm going to need to resist calling him Nigel, though, because he is a smashing player. YP3b - David Beggs (NIR) - GK - With the excitement of Thornbury it'd be very easy to overlook Beggs, but much as I'm a fan of Stewart's Sweeper-Keeper-ness I actually think Beggs might be equally as good as him already despite being two years younger. I think one or other of them will get a loan move next season, with the other acting as my back-up. Season League Position FA Cup Europe Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Avg Rating Capacity/Average Attendance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Premier Intermediate 10th 5th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Survival Black (13) Falvey (8) Hanley (7.07) 1000 (108) 2019/20 Premier Intermediate 2nd 6th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Playoff losers Dunlop (26) Walsh (9) McClurg (7.20) 1000 (134) 2020/21 Premier Intermediate 1st 6th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Promoted! Klobusek (24) Hanley/Robinson (12) McLaughlin (7.47) 1000 (117) Goals This Season Finish at or about the playoff place (1st) Concede ≤ 30 goals (26) Better than 55% possession in the league (50.96%) Next Season Survive!
  3. Hugo De Luca - Dollingstown FC - Northern Ireland - End of Season Two (2019/20) The League This season was a stark reminder to me how cruel a mistress Football Manager can be. A slightly blotchy run up until matchday 7 saw us then go on and only lose 1 game for the remainder of the regular season and go into the league split on top of the table, albeit only by a small margin over equally flying Portstewart. Then the bottle job began. Not a single win in the remaining games meant that despite Portstewart's best efforts to also throw it away we slipped to second and the promotion playoff. A narrow 2-3 loss in the home leg of the playoff meant we had a tough job ahead for the return, but despite our best efforts, we slipped to a 2-1 defeat and a 5-3 loss on aggregate. League Table | League Fixtures | Past Positions Other Competitions Solid performance all around, here, with board expectations matched on all fronts. A particular highlight was the run in the Intermediate Cup, which saw us as losing finalists and netted us a cool £11k, going a long way to helping meet my bank balance target. Also of great note, my U18s won the league comfortably, ultimately finishing 7 points clear with a +23 goal difference. Competitions Overview Key Players Tommy Dunlop - On loan to us from Institute the young striker played first choice for us most of the season. Despite not necessarily having the attributes currently to be a star at this level, he performed superbly and finished with a haul of 26 from 38 Johnny McClurg - Not the most gifted player on the park at any time, but so versatile that he found himself playing in centre-mid one week, out wide on the right the next and then just in behind the striker the week after that. Voted Fans Player of the Season Ryan Nimick - Competition for his place meant he didn't play as many minutes as he might have liked, but in the more defensive-minded central midfield position I couldn't have asked for much better The Squad For the time being it seems rather pointless to talk about transfers. I shall be neither making money nor spending money until the club are able to offer actual contracts and thus I feel like every player should be assumed to be temporary for now. I always prefer a possession-based style of play, even at lower levels, so it was very pleasing to see us come out top on both possession and on passes completed. I'm quite happy with our options in Midfield and Attack, although it'd be nice to get a striker of our own rather than relying on loanees. If I can keep hold of those players I feel very confident in our ability to find the back of the net next season. Unfortunately I don't think there's a defensive position that I don't feel like I could do with an upgrade. What I have is perfectly reasonable enough for this division, but I'd very much like to have players in place already for when (not if) we get promoted. Squad Overview | Club Awards | Best Eleven ( All Time) | Dynamics | Hierarchy | Social Groups | Team Report | Records Finances Much like last season, they were predicted to go pretty badly, but again we did well to keep the losses to a minimum. Despite my spending my entire scouting budget before November came around, I feel very happy with how well things went with my money. Next season the projections look just as bad as they have the last couple of years but seeing as I feel we should be pushing for promotion I'm relatively unconcerned about it. Finances | Projected Youth Class of 2019 YP1a - Johnny Grant (NIR) - M/AM C - Seems to have made a few minor improvements, but at a club like ours with such limited training capabilities it's always going to be slow going. He has a short-term plan of wanting more first-team opportunities, so I'm thinking I might move him to the ffirst team to play a back-up role and see how it goes. YP1b - David Browne (NIR) - AM L - Actually performed backup duties for Hanley this season, getting a few games under his belt and not performing all that badly. Unfortunately, that's where his Dollingstown career ends, as he's opted to move to Bangor for next season. YP1c - Chris Stewart (NIR) - GK - Similar problems in development to Grant, although perhaps his attributes have grown a little further. Much like Grant, I'm tempted to bring him into the first team to act as back-up for next year. Class of 2020 YP2 - Luke Noble (NIR) - AM R - Another winger, but this time lacking a single technical attribute above a 4. Unambitious personality as well means I'm not too optimistic about this guy. Still, I'll see how it goes. Season League Position FA Cup Europe Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Avg Rating Capacity/Average Attendance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Premier Inermediate 10th 5th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Survival Black (13) Falvey (8) Hanley (7.07) 1000 (108) 2019/20 Premier Inermediate 2nd 6th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Playoff losers Dunlop (26) Walsh (9) McClurg (7.20) 1000 (134) Goals This Season Have a player with 15+ goals in all competitions (Dunlop - 26) League Goal Difference of 0 or better (+14) Better than -£45k bank balance (-£32k) Next Season Finish at or above the playoff place Concede ≤ 30 goals Better than 55% possession in the league
  4. I'm afraid I don't have the reset dates for those for you, but it should be noted that for The Netherlands you will have to holiday for 22 seasons rather than one, due to a change in league structure
  5. Hugo De Luca - Dollingstown FC - Northern Ireland - End of Season One (2018//19) The League I always seem to make a slow start at these things, and this was no exception. An initially up-and-down start to the season eventually saw us drop off quite severely. If it weren't for an 8-game unbeaten run towards the end off the season (albeit with only one win) I'd have felt a little uncomfortable going into the league split, but as it was I feel like actually we were a little fortunate that Donegal Celtic were so terrible. One positive to take is that we only ended up with a -6 Goal Difference. Other Competitions On the whole, I feel we marginally underperformed in the various cups. I'm not too bothered by that though, as really the league was my main concern. Table | Past Positions | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 The Squad & Transfers Honestly, I think the squad I have is a long way from promotion. We relied very heavily on 3 loanees from Linfield - all having more than 20 starts across all competitions - with Roy Black being our top scorer. I do have one extremely exciting player of my own, though, in the shape of Ireland U19s player Adam Hanley . Seeing as everyone I have is on non-contract terms, I may struggle to keep him around, but if I can build the rest of the squad to his level then perhaps there is a promotion push in us within a couple of seasons. Johnny McClurg signed on for us very late in the season, but he did wonders to help a midfield that I was very much struggling to pick ideal roles for. There were a couple of major players that were released from us during the season as well due to them causing bad dynamics - one advantage off non-contract players! Squad Overview | Transfers | Club Awards | Best Eleven | Dynamics | Hierarchy | Social Groups | Team Report Finances Based on last season's projections we actually ended up about £30k better off, with only a -£15k balance. I'd like to think that I might be able to keep the club afloat for a couple more seasons at that rate, but it won't be too long at all before either investment or a little cup success will be required. Our projection going forward suggests we'll lose just over £50k next season. Finances | Projected Youth The last thing I want to touch on is youth players. I always loved the old Youth player tracking thread even though it was so poorly participated in, so I'll be tracking the best o my intakes here as well. Class of 2019 YP1a - Johnny Grant (NIR) - M/AM C - Really like his Flair & Teamwork, shame his physicals are so lacking. If I can improve him physically in the next couple of years he might find himself some first-team action. YP1b - David Browne (NIR) - AM L - Fairly quick, but I'm quite concerned about his technical and mental attributes. I have a feeling he'll be no more than a backup at best - especially with Hanley in his position. YP1c - Chris Stewart (NIR) - GK - Not sure what to think here. Rushing out and Reflexes look fantastic for a sweeper keeper, but he has nothing in First touch, Passing or One-on-Ones. I feel like he's unlikely to trouble the first team, but I hope I'm wrong. All three got to make their first start in the game against Sport & Leisure once we'd confirmed our safety, but we got thumped 5--0 so it may be a while before I give them another chance xD Season League Position FA Cup Europe Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Avg Rating Capacity/Average Attendance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Premier Inermediate 10th 5th Round N/A Basic Basic Fairly Basic Basic Survival Black (13) Falvey (8) Hanley (7.07) 1000 (108) Targets for next season Have a player with 15+ goals in all competitions League Goal Difference of 0 or better Better than -£45k bank balance Edit - Got myself a good Brexit , at least
  6. Name: David AkrofiDate of birth (will be 17 at game start): 10th MayNationality & place of birth: Ghanaian/Spanish - MadridStarting Club (17-18 EPL only): Everton2 high technical attributes: Finishing, Technique2 high mental attributes: Off The Ball, Anticipation2 high physical attributes: Acceleration, BalanceUp to 1 PPM: Likes to beat offside trapFavoured club: EvertonDIsliked club: LiverpoolFavoured personnel (and why): NoneDIsliked personnel: None
  7. I don't feel like you should stop posting as it's not entirely clear in the OP if that means loading leagues as view-only or not. But if you consider the great regens you're finding with them on view only, and assume the view-only aspect isn't affecting that fact, imagine how many more there'd be with them on full playable
  8. Couple of things I feel like I should mention: @rlipscombe - Northern Irish League reset is 25th June. @The_Gato_In_Goal - I think there was a discussion earlier in the thread about why we aren't allowed to load extra leagues, and it seems like you've highlighted it pretty clearly.
  9. Been a long long time since I've posted anything on here. Those of you that have been around for a while might remember the persona I've taken over in order to have a craic at Northern Ireland. Hugo De Luca - Dollingstown FC - Northern Ireland - Opening Post Dollingstown is a village of just over 2000 people located roughly 2 miles east of Lurgan. The team are semi-pro and play their home games at the 1000 capacity (150 seated) Planters Park - itself located a couple of miles south of Dollingstown. In terms of their history, they have recently had their only couple of seasons in the NIFL Premier Intermediate League, but have immediately bounced back after relegation. The club has a pretty empty trophy cabinet, with the only wins being as 4-time champions of the 4th tier. In terms of expectations, the board are looking for me to fight bravely against relegation. With only one team to go down out of a 12 team league, it sounds like it should be somewhat simple, but everyone knows that is never the truth. Media Predictions put us joint-favourites to go down. The squad as a whole looks pretty lackluster, with Adam McMinn being the only player rated by my assistant as being good enough to play at this level. Other "standout" players include Nathan McConnell and Neil King . The club is even looking a little barren in terms of youngsters, with Tyler Briers being the main prospect. Suffice to say a proper rebuild job is going to be needed here. Here's a look at the Dynamics , Hierarchy , Social Groups and Team Report screens, mostly for post-season comparison purposes. The finances actually aren't as bad as they could be, with just over £30k in the bank, all of the players on non-contract terms and a projected balance of -£46k by the end of the season. Obviously losing money isn't ideal, but if it stays at that sort of rate it'll be a little while before I'm in real trouble. Something to monitor though. I've inherited a Player/AssMan and a Player/Coach, neither of which look all that good on either coount, but I won't be kicking them out of their positions just yet because they at least know the clubb and it'll take me a while to get settled into things. The club have absolutely no other staff, so immediate ads for a GK coach, HoYD, Chief Scout and Head Physio havev been placed. (We shall see if I can maintain this level of commitment too posting in the future...)
  10. Much as Neppo's legacy to this site is important, might I suggest this thread takes a different name for FM17 in light of today's news?
  11. FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    I was going to post my end of season update wherein I got barely relegated from the Liga ZON Sagres, but unfortunately a new chairman came in and decided I was surplus to requirements I'm going to take a break from BEN for now, but I'll not rule out coming back to it at some point.
  12. [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    I think this answer was aimed at deadfncat, rather than NEO-BAHAMUT-
  13. FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    It's goals like this that are going to make me bald... [video=youtube;c_kIoBuHGpo] It also has made me realise I've not set my upload settings to do 1080p >.<
  14. FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    I've been given a wage budget of 30k. I think to realistically make the effort to stay within my financial means I'm going to restrict myself to using about 20k. I just hope it's enough!