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  1. This isn't really the best place to ask - this is a forum for playing challenges and performing experiments. You might want to go have a browse around the Editor's Hideaway for database stuff.
  2. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2026/27 (Season 7) Summary | Table My goal for this season was to make that Europa Conference League qualification spot, and this season we were good value for it. We weren't quite troubling the top 3, but that still feels a little way off - picking up points against Dinamo and Hajduk still feels like an achievement at present. Next season the intention is to consolidate that position and try to make ourselves the definitive 4th best team in Croatia - that will give us a platform to try to close the gap ahead. James Talbot was probably our most important player by the end of the season, having only conceded 34 goals in 36 games. If we'd had a more prolific striker maybe we'd have been in a very strong position by the end of it. Ilan Pejic was probably the best of that lacklustre front line, but plans are in place to fix that for next season. The other name worth mentioning is José Henrique, who left us in January for the massive (for us) sum of £2.2m (with a 50% sell on clause) to go to PSG. We're not in financial trouble at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me if I sell that clause early rather than waiting it out.
  3. I have lost my save Had to do a fresh windows install due to infection and despite it being on a different HD to my windows, for some reason FM got cleared off too (nothing else on that HD was affected). I'm pissed off with myself for not backing up the save first, nor using Steam Cloud. I'm not sure if I'll have another go right now - might wait for the post-transfer-window patch now. Scratch that - I think I've found it!
  4. I know seasons are short in Sweden, but holy carp you get through them quick Great work, though.
  5. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2024-26 (Season 5&6) 24/25 Summary | Table 25/26 Summary | Table It's been a little too long since I last updated, meaning I've skipped a season. Fortunately it was a bit of a nothing season, once again in no danger of relegation nor in contention for Europe. 2025/26, on the other hand, saw us miss out on the Europa Conference League on the final day by only one point. If we'd won our final game, or if NK Lokomotiva didn't win theirs, we'd have had our first taste of European Football. Two great young Brazilians were brought to my attention via their agents, so we have Thiago Sousa Filho and José Henrique working wonders for us. I'm confident that at the bare minimum we can make a nice profit on them, even though I'm sure that keeping them long-term will be a big ask. Ilan Pejic is still our main man out on the right, and is now a permanent member of our squad (along with Dario Stefulj and previous loanee Denis Busnja). There's still some weaknesses I'm looking to address in the summer, but I'm optimistic we can put ourselves in contention for at least the Europa Conference positions again next season, if not the Europa League.
  6. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2023/24 (Season 4) Summary | League Table I thought survival was going to be a struggle this season, but it turns out Sesvete were so bad we never had any risk - only one relegation spot makes it much easier. Toward the end of the season we were picking up results against the likes of Hajduk and Dinamo, so if we can continue like that who knows what we can achieve? It felt to me like the real turning point was when I changed my DM role in order to support the centre-backs, meaning my wing backs were much freer to maraud upfield. Ilan Peric was again great for us, and we still can't buy him. I've extended his loan for yet another season, though. The same goes for Dario Stefulj, whose ability to play any of my central midfield roles well meant he was essential to our squad as well. No big former internationals this time around, but James Talbot was solid as my replacement for Subasic (now my U19 GK coach) .
  7. Yeah, it's only because I'm ground-sharing with Rijeka for a few months while my stadium is upgraded to meet league requirements
  8. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2022/23 (Season 3) Summary I turns out that switch in club vision wasn't so difficult to manage. One of our summer signings qualified as high reputation as far as the board were concerned, even though I didn't rate him that highly and he ended up playing more of a squad-player role. We had quite a large turnover of personnel this year with both Jedvaj and my first-choice holding-midfielder leaving us for cashmoney, and almost all of last year's loanees going back to their clubs. Even though I said I didn't want to rely on loan signings, the requirement for U21 players to be in the starting 11 was really a killer which ended up resulting in me bringing in some more season-long youngsters. I think our vastly different looking squad was why we started the season in a little bit of a rough patch - I was concerned we wouldn't even get anywhere near that top 4 until about the end of November. That's when things started to turn around. Even with 3 games to play, we were still about 7 points from the top team so I didn't expect the final day promotion that we got. This might be the first time I've ever been grateful for a league to sort by results between teams. I've not felt quite so passionate during a match in FM since my old "BEN" Oliveira Bairro save in FM11(10?) which some of you may have been around long enough to remember. In terms of players, I found another "high reputation" player to bring in that was a significant part of what started us in the right direction up the table and therefore a key component in our promotion. That man is none other than World Cup runner-up Danijel Subasic. Despite Sosa's great season last year, he was muscled out by the in-better-form Ivijan Svrznjak (pronunciation guide, anyone?!). Still not as many goals as I'd like from a lone striker, but at the same time, I can't complain a whole bunch because we got promoted. The third man I'd like to highlight is Ilan Pejic, who is the only player to have played every single game - league and cup - for us this season, and also scored the opening goal in our 2-1 final day win to secure the title. He's on loan from Dinamo, and while I don't think I can afford to pry him away from them I've already put in a bid to extend his loan for a season. I'm under no illusions, next season is probably going to be our hardest yet. I've already asked Subasic to reconsider his retirement (he's still thinking about it), and there's a couple more of this season's loanees I'd like to either make permanent or at least extend for a further season. The board have now added "make the most of set pieces" into our club vision, but it's not too important to them, so I'm hoping that my set-ups already cater to that. The club are also in the process of turning professional, so I have a feeling juggling my wage budget next year could be interesting.
  9. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2021/22 (Season 2) Summary The Club Vision presented to me by the Chairman this season was to be a mid-table team this year, and push for top half next year. The media had us down to finish 4th this year. I was aiming for somewhere in between - I wanted top half bu I wasn't looking to pull up any trees. The squad definitely had other ideas, though, meaning for about 2 thirds of the season we were right up there with a shot at winning the league. Only one team goes up from here, so this is the only way to get promoted. Unfortunately, we faded pretty hard in the last third or so of the season. I still can't complain about a 4th place finish, as it's still a massive leap forward. We were once again propped up by some great loanees, with Denis Busnja being the pick of them. I'm hoping to cut down on loan signings for next season and instead rely on our own players. Captain Marino Jedvaj was also integral to our solid season and I don't see any chance of that changing next season. As with last season, Zvonimir Sosa was a star for me. This season he won the top scorer award and came runner up for the young player award. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to sell him over the summer if an appropriate offer comes in. We were fending off bids last summer and in January too, and we're really not in a strong enough financial position to hold onto him. With us achieving the club's goals a season early, our new objective is to maintain our top 4 position. Personally I'd like to be challenging for the promotion spot this season, but I'll be satisfied enough with just not getting worse. Our previous directive to "sign U23 players" has also been replaced, now with a "sign high-reputation players". I'm not sure how I feel about that, although it does give me license to maybe search for a couple of ageing stars to improve our depth.
  10. I can't tell if this is some kind of spam bot or if you're genuinely lost on the forum
  11. I think the bit you quoted answers your question: That says to me that as long as they'll come on a trial to you, you don't need to be able to scout them beforehand.
  12. Gonçalo Brandão | NK Krk | Croatia | 2020/21 (Season 1) Summary Our first season in the Druga HNL went about as well as I was hoping. At no point were we comfortable, and it took us until matchday 7 to get our first win, but we also weren't ever really in trouble - at worst we dropped into the relegation zone a couple of times only by virtue of tiebreaks. A win on the last day of the season actually pushed us up to 11th, which was actually quite a bonus. Luka Viduka, on loan from NK Lokomotiva, was the star of the early season. My initial hope was that he might score us 15 goals as a lone striker, but the goals started to dry up a little after the mid-point of the season. Fortunately, it wasn't long after when I decided that Zvonomir Sosa wasn't really doing it for me on the left wing and tried moving him to a left forward position (with Viduka still through the middle), This was a revelation and gave us so much more threat with our route-one style and was probably the key to our survival. Vatroslav Mrsic also deserves a mention for being ever-present in the centre of our defence. He's on loan to us from Istra 1981 and I'd like to be able to keep him on for another season, whereas I think it's time for Viduka to go back to his parent club. Strangely, we weren't entered into the Cup. I'm hoping it's a seeding thing and we'll be in it next season, but reading through the details for the competition online doesn't make it entirely clear if this will be the case. Finances are on the slide, which is to be expected in a division with minimal gate receipts (225 average attendance) and no prize money. All the more reason to push up ASAP. Edit: I was about £1k below my £5k wage budget for this season - the board have just told me they're giving me a £10k wage budget next season!
  13. Yeah, this is the case this year. I had to save roughly 1 month from the reset date and then keep re-holidaying the rest of the way.
  14. It took me 8 games at Krk to get a win (although I only lost 3 of those 7) before my tactics finally clicked - or at least, the players started to understand what I was trying to get them to do
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