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  1. ahh my god... still i can't play a game. i know you guys are working on all this but could you tell me if there is anything i can do to fix this at the time? or i will have to wait for an update or patch? thanks!
  2. okay man, i got the Java 6 update 10 worked on one of the games(finally i got to finish a whole game) now it keeps happening so im downloading java environment 6 update 10 ill see what happens.
  3. Marc could you help me out with the Array access out of bounds? that keeps poping up every time i try play a game. my game shuts down while i kick play match and i cant' go back in... all tho the game is still running in the task manager help me out dude! Thanks
  4. I'm also getting the message "array access out of bounds" while im playing a game it shuts down, the game is still running in the task manager and i can't do anything about it... and seriously i am not going to wait till January for you to make a new patch so try fix this we didn't pay for a box to look at.