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  1. I'm no expert at all, but initially, I don't see a reason to have both full backs on defend. With your right wing on support, I'd put that fullback on attack to support your front men and possibly overlap - your winger now might be getting doubled up on by opposition winger and fullback. Secondly, a poacher is very aggressive and static as a role, just going to be on the last shoulder of the defense, likely be isolated by himself. If you still want him as a main runner/goal threat, try DLFa he'll drop deeper in buildups, but still then drive forward into space. Or at least try an AFa who runs the channels
  2. For the front 5 why not drop the amc's into MC, , wide men in am spot and one central striker, keeps the W shape, just makes it longer at the tip?
  3. I have a stupid question regarding roles and positioning. I'm playing a game as Arsenal and I'm trying to build out an asymmetrical 433. Essentially i'm pulling your standard AMR to MR so I can move the MCR to AMCR in order to use ozil as a Ta. where i get confused is as follows. at AMR, i had the player in a support role - either Ws or IFs (had IFa on other flank) - I did not want too many attacking players - too many runners, no one linking and creating. But now that I pulled the player back positionally, could I give him an attacking role (Wa or WMa) to get him to push forward and support the attack? where i get confused is this: does get further forward from attacking role push him forward from his initial spot or does it always have them run and attack the box? would a Wa from MR get more forward then a Ws from AMR? does the starting positioning make a difference, can I have more attacking roles if my players are starting deeper? A second question i had was PPM and roles - in the same example, ozil has the "comes deep to get ball" ppm - would this mean that if i want him causing havoc in the final 3rd, i should/could give him a more aggressive role because he naturally drops deeper? ie ozil as AMa would not get as isolated or as forward as a standard AMa, or would link up as an AMs without the ppm? same can be said for "tries to beat offside trap" could i give that person a lower mentality role to compensate for him running forward due to PPM? Thanks!!
  4. hey guys, Thanks for all the answers, it's what i suspected - a more compact shape (formation wise) would likely mean you don't want to go fluid+ also, if i set it to "play wider" would it end up spreading my diamond and give more space (a slightly wider diamond)? or would it more likely affect the full-back providing width?
  5. I have a question that has been bothering me regarding fluid vs structured and formation.\ i'm currently putting together a 442 narrow diamond. i get that more fluidity means team>individual and that the mentalities are closer together. my question is this - would this imply that shapes that sort of stack players (like a narrow diamond) should in essence be more structured because players will be too close together using a more fluid setting?
  6. I'm also still using this formation due to the large number of excellent central midfielders at my disposal - I've gone with an SS(a) with PI "roam from position" and it's working really well. it might very wel be the player - I have ozil who has great movement and PPM "come's deep to get ball" so he drops into midfield to help build up and then bombs forward into space - it's a joy to behold - got me 20 goals and ~15 assists. I am now trying to toy with the DLF being a F9 with roam as well - theory being solid core of 3 central mids - an AF(a) and two talented players in between roaming around and trying to cause havoc
  7. Thyra13


    Regarding width and narrow formations, Would a 442 diamond set to "play wider" push the two central mids wider, closer to "half spaces" thus increasing distance and having players less clustered together? Ie an attacking, narrow formation you'd want more width vs one with natural wide player?
  8. That's what I've been trying to accomplish with a 442 narrow diamond (also a 4313) in the prem (fm2015) but I sometimes seem to struggle vs aggressive 4231 where they press high and overlap fullback, I might be strong in the center, but two closing central mods a d overlapping fullbacks cause havoc. Especially away from home
  9. Thanks I'll take a look at it when I get home. Would you mind However quickly giving me a brief overview of what/why you've built?