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  1. hey guys, Thanks for all the answers, it's what i suspected - a more compact shape (formation wise) would likely mean you don't want to go fluid+ also, if i set it to "play wider" would it end up spreading my diamond and give more space (a slightly wider diamond)? or would it more likely affect the full-back providing width?
  2. I have a question that has been bothering me regarding fluid vs structured and formation.\ i'm currently putting together a 442 narrow diamond. i get that more fluidity means team>individual and that the mentalities are closer together. my question is this - would this imply that shapes that sort of stack players (like a narrow diamond) should in essence be more structured because players will be too close together using a more fluid setting?
  3. I'm also still using this formation due to the large number of excellent central midfielders at my disposal - I've gone with an SS(a) with PI "roam from position" and it's working really well. it might very wel be the player - I have ozil who has great movement and PPM "come's deep to get ball" so he drops into midfield to help build up and then bombs forward into space - it's a joy to behold - got me 20 goals and ~15 assists. I am now trying to toy with the DLF being a F9 with roam as well - theory being solid core of 3 central mids - an AF(a) and two talented players in between roaming around and trying to cause havoc
  4. I'd put the cma on the other side as well, more room behind the advanced forward. In a case like this I usually try and make the right sided fullback (fb side of deeper forward) a w/a in the central midfield spot. They're sitting very deep and have a line isolated forward. Your back 3 plus a defensive central mid (I'd keep the bwm) would be enough cover. You want someone that will make a pacey run to the byline or even into the box wide of goal if the defense is that narrow. I'd also consider allowing the SS roam if he's built for it. Let him move around and hopefully create a mismatch or two. However I should note, where I struggle tactically is "dropping deep to draw out an opponent that is sitting deep and defending" Never fully been able to consistently set that up. So I try and smother them with varied attacks hoping to unlock them once
  5. What's your shape / mentality again? I tend to stick to fluid/standard and play around with ti's and roles when things aren't going great. Mc get further forward, change tempo, add pass into space (or remove). Rarely do I ever increase to control. I tend to watch to see where my front three is breaking down and cha get roles af/a or cf/a, dlf/s or cf/s, ss/a or ap/a(+get forward) or t/a I find that altering the combo of the front 3 can change get the attack. I'll also try much higher defensive line+close down much more+get stuck in with high tempo and pass into space to go for absolute suffocation and quick counters putting pressure on their lines
  6. In the pure diamond I use a bwm/d at the bottom tip. In the flat 3 I use a cm/d. The central mids are both always cm/s. Depending on the game and player I can sometimes either leave them both with only the ode down more often pi or I can add get forward on one and hold position on the other. A few times in the flat 3 alignment I've gone cms-cmd-bwm/s This would be mostly in games I "should" win but am not getting enough possession - Ie the other team is doing a good job just passing the ball around. I get a bit aggressive to win the ball back. I'm not very fancy in midfield, just want players to control the game, I play fluid so they have creative freedom
  7. I've tried something similar but didn't have proper personnel and scrapped it, but I've had success putting the playmaker into the center left channel given the left wing back the entire flank to run into. You'd have a playmaker hitting the channel, either having the dlf or wba as support, the ability to run at the defense, or a pass back to midfield. If you have a standard mentality, I'd probably remove the hold position on the cms. Let him be an option in attack sometimes.
  8. How are your forwards? Do you have one that can play the role of creator? A natural dlf? Do you have a big target man, Depending what you have up front you can go with a high press, high line, heavy tackling 433, standard mentality with higher (or much higher) line, close down more, get stuck in, be more direct, pass into space, higher tempo, play wider. Basically mimicking attacking mentality but without the attacking mentalities High press and heavy tackling due to physicality of midfield. High line to help press as you have quick defenders with good positioning. Pass into space, higher tempo and wider to stretch the opposition and use pace to hit them hard and fast, you lack passers and mental skills to unlock teams, use brute force and pace
  9. If your amc had the ppm "comes deep to get ball" I find the ss/a is a brilliant role, I use ozil there in my 442 diamond and 4312 and he absolutely dominates. Drops deep to help buildup due to ppm and then with his high mentality and get further forward pi on, he the drives forward from deep linking up beautifully with the 2 forwards Depending on who I play I alternaye between dlf/s and cf/s on 1 forward and af/a and CF/a on the other, not yet sure why different combos work vs different sides, but when I'm not doing well the switch often helps
  10. Thyra13


    Regarding width and narrow formations, Would a 442 diamond set to "play wider" push the two central mids wider, closer to "half spaces" thus increasing distance and having players less clustered together? Ie an attacking, narrow formation you'd want more width vs one with natural wide player?
  11. That's what I've been trying to accomplish with a 442 narrow diamond (also a 4313) in the prem (fm2015) but I sometimes seem to struggle vs aggressive 4231 where they press high and overlap fullback, I might be strong in the center, but two closing central mods a d overlapping fullbacks cause havoc. Especially away from home
  12. Thanks I'll take a look at it when I get home. Would you mind However quickly giving me a brief overview of what/why you've built?
  13. Question on ppm "comes deep to get ball" I'm building a 442 narrow diamond. In the amc role would you change the duty from support + get forward to attack in order to counter the "comes deep to get ball" ppm. I have forwards in attack and support, fullbacks on attack. So I'm weary of 2 strikers, 2 attack fbs and an am in attack (5 man attack), but I find the amc drops too deep and is holding hands with my Mc support. Do you use mentalities to adjust for ppm's? Or would it be counter productive due to too many attackers I basically want the amc to move around in space in the gap between mid and defense, but also burst forward as an added runner when a striker drops deep or peels off wide.
  14. You have two men in Central mid and the b2b is roaming, you could have an issue with buildup, AM pushes forward leaving a dlp having a roaming partner running all over the place. Have you tried just going midfield support? Maybe giving him "get further forward" PI, maybe not, try both. I think it will help with buildup play. Also, why the f9? Is it possible hes dropping too deep? If so, the AF may be too isolated, maybe a dlf(s) or cf(s) might give more support to the af
  15. That's an issue I've been having. Not to hijack a thread but in 442 diamond (similar shape in terms not no natural wingers) I don't know what to do with ozil, don't want to overcrowd the box, but on support duty he just drops next to my central mods even with get further forward