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  1. That's what I've been trying to accomplish with a 442 narrow diamond (also a 4313) in the prem (fm2015) but I sometimes seem to struggle vs aggressive 4231 where they press high and overlap fullback, I might be strong in the center, but two closing central mods a d overlapping fullbacks cause havoc. Especially away from home
  2. Thanks I'll take a look at it when I get home. Would you mind However quickly giving me a brief overview of what/why you've built?
  3. Question on ppm "comes deep to get ball" I'm building a 442 narrow diamond. In the amc role would you change the duty from support + get forward to attack in order to counter the "comes deep to get ball" ppm. I have forwards in attack and support, fullbacks on attack. So I'm weary of 2 strikers, 2 attack fbs and an am in attack (5 man attack), but I find the amc drops too deep and is holding hands with my Mc support. Do you use mentalities to adjust for ppm's? Or would it be counter productive due to too many attackers I basically want the amc to move around in space in the gap between mid and defense, but also burst forward as an added runner when a striker drops deep or peels off wide.
  4. You have two men in Central mid and the b2b is roaming, you could have an issue with buildup, AM pushes forward leaving a dlp having a roaming partner running all over the place. Have you tried just going midfield support? Maybe giving him "get further forward" PI, maybe not, try both. I think it will help with buildup play. Also, why the f9? Is it possible hes dropping too deep? If so, the AF may be too isolated, maybe a dlf(s) or cf(s) might give more support to the af
  5. That's an issue I've been having. Not to hijack a thread but in 442 diamond (similar shape in terms not no natural wingers) I don't know what to do with ozil, don't want to overcrowd the box, but on support duty he just drops next to my central mods even with get further forward
  6. That would be amazing actually
  7. interesting point, i didn't think of it that way, my thinking was that with a high line, the central mids sitting would sort of disrupt the flow of the opposition and slow down the counter for the rest of the team to get back... if they had pressed and missed, then we would really have nothing left in defense... maybe leaving their pressing on default but restrict their tackling? I have another question that has recently come to me... i created a very fluid tactic and use team instruction "roam from positions" would this therefore mean that there is no reason to add roaming instructions to any individual player (CF support for example)?
  8. I am wondering which instructions take precedence... I will give an example as to what im trying to figure out... I want to create a regular 4231 with central midfielders. I want to play a relatively high line to make the game compact Defensively I want the front 4 (striker + AM's) along with the two fullbacks to close down incessantly and not let the opposition breathe, but would want to build a defensive square (2MC + 2CB) that are far more conservative in closing down, sort of standing off and keeping their shape.. My question : 1. Team Instruction : hassle opponents 2. Individual instructions on pressing six "close down more'' - individual inst. for the defensive box "stand off more" 3. Opposition instructions "close down always" for EVERY opposition player 1&3 would ensure that my front 4+fullbacks close down relentlessly and that every opposition player gets pressured... individually, i am hoping that it will mean that the defensive box still holds position... My belief is that individual would trump team and opposition... would i be correct, or wouild my CM's and CB's press heavily as well?
  9. I have used this with some really good success...some away games vs. large teams has been difficult (working on that) but overall it has served me very well. There is a lot of tweaking during the matches: up tempo/up width if i cant break teams down take off hassle opponents if i'm being pulled apart by great movement. I get a lot of goals from the SS and winger - although a lot of the goals from wide are Ox - he tends to do a great job getting into the area
  10. gotten much more balance and control in the midfield (regardless of opposition). kept the winger as a winger support with get further forward and use ox, cazorla, ronaldino there. ozil is a trq wilshere is AM(a) to the left of ozil and kept the central mids as you suggested DLP(d) and CM(d). a lot of my goals come from the CF dropping into space and either the winger or ozil making a run behind. im going to try wilshere in SS(a) as i dont see a lot of penetrating runs, just passing around the box, barcelona style, but not the good barcelona, the boring and frustrating barcelona that draws 1-1 with 900 passes
  11. i play 4231 or 433 I've had success with ''play wide'' combined with ''exploit the middle'' my theory is you outnumber them in the middle of the park - play wide to stretch them and take advantage of the gaps combine that with either a DLF to stay in the hole, or an advanced playmaker, someone in the hole who will force the defense to close and create more gaps
  12. I'm thinking of trying a swap. Go aml - AMC - amcr Where I can use ox, Santi, dinho or Walcott as an inside forward. Have coentrao overlap and be more conservative on the other end with Wilshire and my rb on support duties
  13. Wouldn't a tree on the end of the attacking 3 leave very little cover on your flank? You don't see yourself getting exposed vs. Better teams and aggressive fullbacks?
  14. and what do you think about staggering the central axis both in the CM strata or would i get more defensive cover splitting them, or would it just cut my fluidity and leave gaps
  15. When I say cross ofd two defenders I mean he hugs the touch line and races towards the by line, but doesn't ever beat the fullback, and very often either a holding mid or the center back offers the fullback support, so Walcott has two guys closing him down but he still drives to the byline and whips a cross off their bodies. Had he not kept driving towards the byline he could have played it in the middle or simply drop it back to my fullback who is unmarked. With winger attack, I don't think the option is available to run with ball less often. Maybe just sell Walcott and use a more versatile winger? I just like his pace