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  1. When I play in the lower leagues, they very almost never finish top. Even when Fergie was still there. only in long term saves do they start slipping down. Remember a save in '09 (13 seasons in) where they had become a lower-mid table team with Gary Neville as manager. Torres was Spain boss at the time. Not a very good one either.
  2. Would you buy it? I feel there is a gap to be filled here as all the racing management sims put out there are just absolutely dire. The one which EA did back in the early 00's had a lot of potential, and with a good revision I'm sure it could be turned into a very enthralling simulation game. Any devs want to chime in; is it a project you would 'like' to work on? Do you feel it would be too much effort to put out two games? Do you feel the game would be well received? What constraints could you envisage (other than licensing, obviously)?
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