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  1. When I play in the lower leagues, they very almost never finish top. Even when Fergie was still there. only in long term saves do they start slipping down. Remember a save in '09 (13 seasons in) where they had become a lower-mid table team with Gary Neville as manager. Torres was Spain boss at the time. Not a very good one either.
  2. Would you buy it? I feel there is a gap to be filled here as all the racing management sims put out there are just absolutely dire. The one which EA did back in the early 00's had a lot of potential, and with a good revision I'm sure it could be turned into a very enthralling simulation game. Any devs want to chime in; is it a project you would 'like' to work on? Do you feel it would be too much effort to put out two games? Do you feel the game would be well received? What constraints could you envisage (other than licensing, obviously)?
  3. Remember this also. Kok, being one name which I remember fondly...
  4. Lol, bugger what I said in my other post. I'm doing it anyway... BUMP!! EDIT: Gif makes me giggle every time, sat here giggling at it for a solid five miutes now. I think i need to stop drinking and go to bed.
  5. Cotdam its been a LONG time since I've posted on these boards! I'm Miscer these days [think reddit/4chan for people who lift]. May have a float around the boards for a little bit after posting, members please aware me on some worthwhile threads. This post is really for SI and to congratulate them on how overwhelmed I am of 2013. I know I am probably going to get flamed from all the people who like to complain that the game isn't perfect, even though there is no such thing as perfection... except for Laura Vandervoort. HBB of peace. And the Final Fantasy X Piano Collections soundtrack Having purchased 2011 and 2012, I couldn't help but think the franchise was stagnating a little. I really couldn't get in to 2012, having played about 2 seasons with Man Utd, three with Corby Town and then I just didn't play anymore [typically 23 hours a season]. In spite of all the core elements being in the game being present, I just felt it was... lacking some what. I couldn't put my finger on as to why. However, being an annual release I suppose its only fair to expect to expect major developments every few years while you find the best ways to implement, execute and refine them. On to the current version. Its nice to see that you've put in a streamlined version of the game for novice/casual/an induction [for] gamers. Lets face it, firing up FM for the first time these days is a helluva much more daunting experience than what it was, say, back in the 93/94 season [remember those days? CANTONAAAA!!] Also impressed with the introduction of challenges to give an extra dimension to the game and offer more longevity/value for money. Especially as looking at some of them look like they can be real to complete. I will play the challenges at some point... but Classic Mode master race crew checking in. I am very impressed by the level of detail which has gone in to this years UI, despite its very 'flash'y feel in places, its nice as all the buttons are more or less in the right place. Although I do sometimes keep finding my mouse cursor making a beeline for the bottom right corner where the Continue button USED to be. I'm not one for pressing the space bar... simply because I am too god damn lazy to lift my hand to press it. Team meeting function is something which I am pleased to see. I envisage this coming in handy when I start a lower league save, being able to b!tch at my players when they need to pull their thumbs out of the behinds. I am not going to list all of the little things I am pleased with here else the list could just go on and on so I will go ahead and mention the biggie.... Dat match engine. HHHNNNNGGGGG!!! Guys, that match engine is an absolute joy to watch. I am aware from browsing these boards in the past the match engine has come under massive scrutiny and a lot of criticism. I know, I have been an advocate in some cases, mostly related to GK's and CCC's. I know these are based off of percentages, but its still frustrating to watch [Damn you Freidel]. However, this time around you have it nailed, its beautiful. Knock downs, chips out wide, quality through balls, VERY tidy finishing [Javier Hernandez specific... and a few classic Rooney chips], true to life mistouches, defensive mishaps... which has lead to some more Chicharito finishes. BOOM! The teams now seem to operate as a more cohesive unit, defensively as well as offensively, given the variables involved [home/away/tactics/ability blah bal balh blah bkshjg]. Teams play well. Teams play poorly. Teams play poorly, but still one that one/or two outstanding performances. Very slick, very fluent, very subjective, very real. Here is where you take most of your credit in this version. Eg: Had a game earlier [as MU] where Valencia was definitely in the mood for a goal. Despite my tactics [hug touchline], the cheeky little was cutting inside and zeroing in on the goal at every opportunity he had, to the point where I was actually shouting at screen egging him on. Scored a beaut, good lad. BUT.... there are still instances where players dither whilst on the ball a little longer than they should do. Most specifically defenders. They have no opposition around them, team mates they can clearly lay the ball off to, but avoid passing and wait for rival players to come and rob them of possession. I don't know whether this is something you have intentionally put in the game, but has been something which has been prominent in all match engines. I find its only limited to defenders in this edition as players further up are quite quick to lay off the ball. Or is it a classic case of 'its your tactics bro'? Other than this slight blip, you have pretty much made the complete game. The defenders thing doesn't really seem worth mentioning considering the overall quality of game. I struggle to see how you can expand from here, but knowing your teams tenacity and drive to bring us lowly addicts the best fix you can, you will progress, which is to be applauded. While you're here, I would like to point out pretty much the only other little bug I have noticed in the game... granted I've only had this issue a week and I would imagine you're working hard on 2014 right now, it may be worthwhile mentioning. I'll put my rig stats in the bottom of this post. In the player stats widget, goals scored by a team member don't show up in the 'Gls' column. Yeah, that's all I've noticed after a week! I know Miles occasionally browses the forums as he has posted in one of the threads I made a few years back [When will we see an 64bit FM], which I am thinking of reigniting provided there are no answers here. Miles, if you do read this; Firstly, any advancement on the x64 FM? Secondly, let your team know they are of sound ability and are heading in the right direction. Congratulations to you all.. Brad. RIG SPEX: Asus M49A79T Deluxe. AMD Phenom II x3 (not overclocked). Zotac 430. 4Gb Corsair something-or-other. Barracuda 500GB HDD. Wired Xbox pad. Some flashy lights and temperature gauges on the front. Pretty quiet case fans which I got off eBay. Impressed. Lots of dust. Nowt special. It plays FM and Sins of a Solar Empire pretty well so what the eff.
  6. I wonder if there have been any advancements on this since it was started a few years back. Would be grateful for information please Brad
  7. Female physio... hmmmm. I bet the players enjoy their rub-downs after matches. Should think there will be a few more 'FM Sons' popping up in you save in the next few years!
  8. Cant be bothered to list them all. But the most notable ones: Girly Torres - Spain Gary Neville - Man Utd Rio Ferdinand - Everton Sol Campbell - West Ham Micheal Owen - Bayern Munich Christan Chivu - Chelsea
  9. Im suprised you bought a 32bit system. I went immediately for 64bit, keeping in mind that nerds reckon that we'll be seeing 128bit achitecture within the next 4 years and they'll be pretty much spot on if you're working along Moore's Law. Managed to squeeze 6 years out of my last laptop, so decided to upgrade with a close to 'future proof' model as I could get to squeeze every last minute out of this one before having to upgrade. would suggent that you get a 64bit processor at the very least!
  10. Getting just as nervous as watching football IRL and start smoking like a chimney. As I'm now struggling in League 1 after my suprise and unwanted promotion.
  11. Same. Constantly slating Benitez in the press and knowing what a brilliant additions Torres and Fabregas would be to my squad, I would never sign them!
  12. As far as I'm aware that is it. It supports more RAM and transfers the information faster also. There probably are more pros, but I haven't really looked into it that much.
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