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  1. Situational awareness on comments in media is needed in my opinion. I tend to take a jab at whoever is in charge of Real Madrid and their title chances whenever they lose, but it doesn't seem to matter when the comment is made. Though this is present with positive comments on player form in press conferences. On top of this, would it even be possible that managers get rated for their tactical choices? This way there could be media questioning some specific choices. Now it only seems to be related to fixture congestion and resting several regular starters. So something along the lines of the following would be nice to see. "On the back of Los Blancos surprise defeat to Alcorcon Mr. X decided to throw more fuel to the fire by questioning the tactics of José Mourinho for the match and also their title chances." Tough to keep track of all the suggestions, so I don't know if specifically this has been already suggested...
  2. FMHi2011 / the Japan disaster

    Much appreciated gesture!
  3. Patch status updates

    I'd also like thank SI for this small gesture. It hardly takes an effort and it gives us something to replace total uncertainty.
  4. I'm again confused by the actions of SI. Not that I'm saying "Me want patch now!", even though it would be great to get it. Are there a bunch of engineers deciding about everything? There are some individual lads from SI on the forums sharing tiny bits of information they have, or are allowed to share, and a big thumbs up for them, but in the big picture they've totally lost it when speaking of customer service. I know gaming industry isn't probably the easiest of environments, but by not giving out virtually any information about anything they're doing and just pushing out finished, or some times half-assed, products/patches is shooting oneself in the leg. They have a great product and they push it well, but they are hampering their image and leaving the door open for potential rivals. Half-assing, which seems weird and I believe that is due to trying too much, or not realizing their true global potential outside Britain lowers the quality perceived by us, the customers, and in this business leads to more piratism and dissatisfaction. Those two will be harmful for their result financially and I hope some of the engineers (I'm just making an assumption and derogatory generalization) finally realize it and do some effort towards the issue. No information is never a good thing in my opinion. Rough estimates from reliable sources, updates and even minor publications would, again in my opinion, lead to better service and they aren't too demanding, if one doesn't take a negative attitude towards them. I hope someone understands something I'm saying
  5. Thanks a lot Matt! The marketing bloke realised that the hostile customers needed to addressed. Any info is great, even though unofficial and a bit of guessing!
  6. Would there be any chance that the hotfix would be savegame compatible?
  7. I would believe that these "unbelievable" conversations might have something to do with being a new manager for the club. Just imagine some new guy starting to tell everybody to stuff differently on the field etc. I hope that the players are a bit easier after a some time spent and reputation garnered.
  8. Changing competition rules regarding amount of yellow cards needed for a ban shouldn't be hard. Not so sure about the squad number issue in France, and maybe others as I've not yet played and some errors have drowned in the initial wave of complaints.
  9. I'll hopefully get my copy of FM11 tomorrow on the mail and am itching to start a game. As there is yet no information about a fix for the few minor issues, that are real bummers in the game, but should be easily corrected. I assume SI would like to correct all such minor issues and therefore they haven't yet published a hotfix for this. I'm not going to exclude Spain, as Barcelona is my favourite team, so can I manually edit the yellow card issue? How aboit the French issue? Anyway to avoid it manually? I think there are others that want to start a game with these issues corrected and not wait for a hotfix without any information about it's release.
  10. Football Manager 2011 blogs

    Pretty dumb to only look for new customers, as it's is much more expensive to get a new customer than to get a repeat purchase from an existing one. They should convince the existing customers, that play some version of FM to buy this year's release. I bet all my chips for that there are people in this forum, that don't buy each and every year the new release.
  11. Football Manager 2011 blogs

    From a marketing standpoint it's a bit stupid to lay off the blogs at this stage. Why not use the mirror football's coverage to help boost the sales in the final stretch before release?
  12. Again I downloaded as soon as I could, took a look at it, was satisfied what I saw, played a match or two and let it be. Why play a quick load with time restrictions, when in couple of weeks I can play the real deal?
  13. I couldn't access my tactics when i accidentally pressed play in half-time before pressing the continue button to issue team talks. The talks didn't come into effect and I couldn't find a way to do anything to my tactics in the second half.
  14. nope I was wondering was I really the only one doing it...
  15. Well another twist as Al-Fahim just sold 90 percent of his share to another middle eastern property investor Ali Al-Faraj. I hope all goes well this time... Play up Pompey! Pompey play up!!!