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    Representing in real life proudly Finnish fourth tier team Liry as vice president, team manager, assistant coach, publicist and centre-back.

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  1. Well there it is... We made it. I looked into some database site online which didn't have it, but had other similar... Now that I got the game and looked now it's there. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Well there's always some tinkering related to the most suitable details related to players. Now I created the base tactic as wing play and nearly always I will go with balanced to begin the game, has been the same in previous instances. This is a conservative start and I have a bit more active version of the same being trained too, so I can quickly make such changes mid game to take the lead or chase a comeback. GK sweeper keeper (defend) DR wing back (Support) DCR ball playing defender (defend) DCL central defender (defend) DL wing back (attack) MR winger (attack) MCR central
  3. I run my players to the ground in FM, also in training ground, but with rotation it's still me having fresher players on the pitch than the opposition who most often sticks with many tired players. Finnish Third division is not professional, especially for our team who are all amateurs with not one person in the club getting any compensation. I know our opponents, some of which are actually bigger clubs, pay some compensation to some of their players/coaches. For us it's the guys paying or compensating with acquired sponsors. Even though we're not professionals it doesn't mean we wou
  4. Yes, often inverted winger is used and even an attacking wing back role. If players fit more control style I might use a wide midfielder sitting narrower.
  5. Want to comment on those two parts quoted. Though it's a game those matters are well simulated, as players in general appreciate that personal touch, although some need more patting on the back than others to thrive. I have been a player in many sorts of teams, so there's a lot of experiences throughout the years teaching me how honest and open communication is the only way to work well. Only commenting upon failures is just bad management and outdated. With the actual football team I'm heavily involved in way too many roles (player, team manager handling practices and game arrangements in add
  6. A simplistic 442 is what I make work time after time in FM. Hard working and physically good team is what I tend to gravitate towards, also players with low determination can look elsewhere for playing time. Midfield is flat, but with a defending role and supporting in the middle unless some last ditch attack mode. Full backs need to run up and down and one of the wingers plays more centrally to avoid getting overrun by opposition midfield. I often have full back and winger combo so that on one side there is one supporting role and one attacking. One of the attackers runs forward all the time
  7. Seems like there is a third division club missing from the database. Liry from Lappeenranta. Other similar teams, i.e. FC LaPa who got promoted at the same time, is there so why wouldn't Liry be then. I can provide the details of the club, just contact me via instant message or email. Maybe if the game comes to Stadia some sunny day I can pick it up and somehow get them to be playable or I fold and get the new laptop...
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