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    Student In Ireland, Love Football Manager even though I\'m useless at it :)

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    Galway, Ireland

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  1. An amazing career, such a shame he retired, I would of liked to get 5th.
  2. Apologies for not posting much. College projects are killing me slowly lol
  3. Picking up form now, maybe too late but I hope I can start climbing the table
  4. Name: Murt Shepard Nationality: Irish City of Birth: Galway Date of Birth: 8.6.86 Preferred Formation: 4-2-3-1 Denmark
  5. I believe it was a press conference option. It isn't as much rejecting it. Just saying that you see it as some sort of omen I believe.
  6. Thats cool, Porto hey. Interesting. I can't wait to get some goals and rise up that table!!!!
  7. FA Cup top goalscorer. Good times. Hopefully break into the first team now!!!!
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