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  1. Hi, In the in-game editor it's possible to bring someone on loan? If it's possible how can I do it? Thanks
  2. I'm a little bit lost here. Is your tactic for 15.1.4 already out? Did someone tried your tactics in the low leagues?
  3. Since yesterday with the 15.0.3 update, everytime I'm trying to save a shortlist it creates a .FMF file. Why?
  4. WB Mr Hough. Gonna try this with Dorchester Town. I'm in Skrill Premier, Media prediction: 24th (and last)
  5. My results: Media prediction: 20th, i'm 3rd with 6 games to go. And I'm the team with lower salary budget in my division.
  6. The problem is about filefactory, not with the tactic uploader. There's a trick to download "*.rar" and not "*.rar.exe"
  7. Does anyone has a clue of what I did wrong? Thanks EDIT: Tried Lvl 14 v22.2 and it worked fine
  8. Last Activity: 17-11-2009 00:43 But his last post was in late September
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