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  1. is anyone still updating fm15 data updates including relegation/promotions etc? i have searched, but havent seen anything posted here or on other forums so was wondering if someone was still playing and updating and havent posted on forums thanks for any replies
  2. excellent work pr0 as always. thanks for the hours you have put in and I look forward to using the last update
  3. I only buy the game every other year and got the last one so will probably skip this one. If after the Christmas and most of the bugs have been fixed people a raving about how great it is and the match engine is awesome but the best thing is the AI, amazing then I will consider it but I wont hold my breath on that
  4. pr0 dosent change things like that usually, it is easy to do yourself tho with the editor as I have done it for myself
  5. they are both at Everton. You are either not using the latest patch or havent put the files in correctly.
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