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    Originally posted by ajw10: I'd be done with AFC if Coq went on loan!

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  1. Arsenal thread. Post 2615 PaulHartman71 could be worse. could be a yid like Sy. Come on, this isn't right. Are you really going to let this pass? Racism is not cool. Not only that, but the suggestion is that being Jewish is worse than being subhuman scum.
  2. In other words, racist slurs are just fine. You, and all the other mods, still haven't addressed why it's ok as per the forum rules to call someone a yid. I think that says it all.
  3. So, once again, if people can't post whatever they like, why is using a Jewish racist term on here acceptable and not in need of action when others get banned for far, far less?
  4. Because, amazingly, I had a short period of time to myself with nothing better to do. It's called leisure time. Do you need me to be any more patronising?
  5. Well that's total rubbish. I've been called a **** numerous times by the same old users. Talk amongst yourselves whether that's true or not, but when I then get an infraction for using "Twitter" with an A instead of an I, then see much worse terms left unpunished, then you start to wonder. So "yid" - an openly racist term - is ok now is it? Yeah, whatever. And I got done for it. What's your point? I've been out all day, you know, living my life!
  6. Well, they don't have any infractions listed under their usernames. Bit of a giveaway really. Fine, carry on promoting their behaviour, you're just proving my point.
  7. Ask me how much I care. And yet, whenever I've used the *'s to cover a word, even once, I'm banned. Be consistent.
  8. So how do you excuse ajw10's and josh_b's posting style then? Be consistent.
  9. This is why.... 1) Your persistent and frivolous post reporting for trivial and baseless issues. Eg your "yid" and swearing reports recently. 2) Your anti social and inflammatory behaviour on OTF and FF. You frequently are rude and disparaging towards other users and is ruining the mood on the threads. Apparently, being a total idiot only applies to me and not a large number of others that are far worse than me and swear/use racist terms as well.
  10. Are you honestly going to bypass all the evidence of rule-breaking on this board that I've highlighted? I mean, really?
  11. Yes. I created an alias account. I was rightly caught and punished. Would you like to explain why racism is acceptable on this forum now?
  12. Hello all, I have recently served another ban on this board for frivilous post reporting. I have been warned of this behaviour before and now I have decided to speak out. In my opinion, some of the mods on this forum fall into one of these categories.... A/ They do not know what the rules are, B/ They only apply the rules to certain users, C/ They interpret the rules in any way they like to punish whoever they want. That's the crux of it. In any event, they should not be mods if they are unwilling and unable to apply the rules evenly and consistently. Sadly, the vast majority of users that actually made this board great in the first place have moved on. I am very close to doing the same. What we're left with is a collection of keyboard warriors that want to wave their virtual-knobs all over the internet to make up for the seemingly lack of pleasure in their real lives. Now, I've been guilty in the past, of course I have. I've served a few bans, mainly for bad language but using *'s to cover up the offending words. I was right to receive those infractions. However, I have learned from that and I no longer use that approach. But it seems many other people do. Let's look at some examples from the Arsenal Thread.... Post 1444 EnterUsernameHere Being better than **** players doesn't mean that Smalling is a good signing. My team has really poor options at left back but it doesn't mean England international Ryan Bertrand is a good signing. Post 1466 PaulHartman71 can't remember what the paper was called, just meant in terms of printing utter fabricated ******** Post 1501 josh_b God you're such a **** sometimes ajw. Wanting wenger sacked if he tries a very talented player in a position you have no idea if he's any good at ffs Post 1506 josh_b (again) There's a massive ****ing difference between trying out an midfielder who is terrible in the air at CB and trying out a central midfielder in a different role in central midfield ffs Of course we need a defensive midfielder, but lets see how the summer shakes out before we start making spazzy "Wenger out!11!!1111" comments. What if Khedira and Bender say they don't want to move this summer and Southampton and Sporting outright refuse to sell? What then? ***** £30m on a fellaini because we need that DM? It's a possibility that no defensive midfielder good enough moves for a reasonable fee and we need to have a contingency if that happens. Not to mention it's John Cross and the ****ing daily mail making these reports ffs And this is the clincher.... Post 1430 aggressive minor Sy is a yid, I see him at White Hart Lane sometimes. So there you have it. I reported a post that is openly racist and not only was it ignored, but I got banned for reporting it! Well done SI on hiring such a bunch of prats to wield their "power" on a family board. To be clear, racism on this board is just fine, go right ahead. All the while I was once banned (quite recently too) for an obvious tongue-in-cheek reference to the unreliable leads on social media by replacing the 'i' with an 'a' in the word Twitter. You only have to look through the Arsenal Thread for other examples of bad language. What I've listed above is a very small handful of instances. Users such as SJ234, CoulthardsJaw, ajw10 etc are just as guilty. But then again, the mods quite like them because they don't have different opinions therefore they don't have to play by the rules. My question is this: if the powers that be are going to insist that everyone follows the rules, why aren't they applied evenly and fairly? If you're only going to target certain users then you can keep it all to yourself. Sy13
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