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  1. Look for Max Clayton guys. Will load up FM tomorrow and get the club I signed him from. Was a free transfer and so far in the first division and the cups he has scored 11 in 8 games.
  2. Halfway through second season, is anyone finding it almost impossible to send youngsters on loan. I am offering clubs players on loan for 6 months etc. For no wage fee or no wage contribution?
  3. I have been thinking myself of starting another Rangers save this time only using youth products for the whole time in charge (similar to the tord thread in the careers section). could be an idea instead of using another team.
  4. Completed first full season - Romped home to division three although I dropped points in six games including a shambolic 3 0 home defeat to Clyde where I played a team of youngsters. - Won the league cup beating raith in the final along the way beat Celtic and Aberdeen. - threw away the scottish cup after beating Celtic in a replay at Ibrox, gutted. Had st johnstone in the quarters at Ibrox where Andy Little saved us on the 82nd minute however in the replay St Johnstone deservedly won and went on to lift the trophy. - Beat by Dunfermline at home in challenge, were unlucky to be honest. Overall winning 2/4 trophies was very good for the first season although could have and should have been a quad. On the players front Ross Perry, Kyle Hutton, Andy Little and Lewis Macleod have all established themselves as first teamers and have been tied down. Scott Gallacher has proved a competent back up and Sebastien Faure has also improved. Team of the year was- Alexander Flanagan Perry Faure Wallace Black Hutton Shiels Martin Templeton Little Into the second season and I have managed to get rid of Goian, Bocanegra, Argyiou, Kyle, Stella and Cribari to take 46000 of the wage bill, all werent needed anyway.
  5. I got John Flanagan on a 2 year loan in the third no wages. See if he's still at Liverpool mate and available on loan?
  6. just beat the sheep 4 2 at Hampden to secure a place in the final of the league cup where I will play Raith, Fu*k the SPL hahaha Also just beat savco at Ibrox to knock them out of the scottish cup too, a domestic treble looks promising raging however that Dunfermline knocked me out of the challenge cup.
  7. just got through January 2013 transfer window with no bids for my players so my board never got any bids to accept tied down a couple of youngsters to long term contracts like Naismith and Aird. also came away from the 5th round scottish cup match against savco fc with a 2 2 draw at Parkhead, stokes scoring in the last minute. Fancy my chances in the replay at Ibrox and also have a semi final against the sheep in the league cup.
  8. nice result against Celtic Steve:thup: Also got to play Celtic at Parkhead like everyone else in the league cup and managed a 1 0 win. Played a 5 2 2 1 which contained them and scored an early header via Andy Little. Gallacher was immense once again and I couldnt believe Celtic didnt score towards the end. Through to the semi finals against the Sheep and the other tie is all first division. Have high hopes for Urquhart, Gasporotto and the rest of the youngsters, planning to offload Cribari, Argyriou and Kyle. Would really recommend everyone to give Scott Gallacher a chance if needed instead of signing a back up. Has conceded only 4 in 16 games including a clean sheet against Celtic and in a lot of the games he has made some top draw saves to earn his clean sheet
  9. questions for guys who have played the game longer. Whenever the embargo ends (aug 2013) do the board stop accepting any transfer bids? Do finances get severely worse into 2nd/3rd season? Are we close to admin? Like Marshall I am seriously considering stopping my save until a patch is in place?
  10. Into the middle of September and have found the going pretty easy except for a shock 1 0 defeat at ibrox to Dunfermline in the challenge cup. Was missing Shiels and Little who have been excellent so far through internationals but we still should have won comfortably. Alexander has been injured the whole season, however Scott Gallacher has really stepped up to the mark only conceding 1 goal in 9 games. Lee Wallace also got injured a few games in and as tempting as it was to bring in an experienced left back (Erik Edman was available) I gave young Stuart Urquhart the chance and he has been fantastic so far. Planning to let go of Cribari in January and bring through Gasparotto, Faure and Hegarty along with Perry. One issue I have is with the attendances. So far 9 games in I have only had one sell out away to Berwick, my highest attendance at Ibrox is 37000. In real life we have sold out every away game and 2 at Ibrox with the others over 45000, also have had decent crowds in the cup, I only had 18000 against Killie in the second round of the league cup. What is everyone elses attendances like? Anyway got a nice trip to the piggery at the end of the month in the league cup.
  11. nice intro Lovenkrands:thup: Started my Rangers game last night and have decided to approach it a bit like we should in real life. Most of my signings will be younger players under 25 or so, looking to make good profits in each player later on. Signed a few free agents Malaury Martin- high hopes for him, central attacking midfielder, 23 Jason Bantam - signed by Jim Sinclair, left sided player, 21 Daniel Deveine - centre back, 21 Raffaele De Vita - on loan striker from swindon Dean Florence - Turkish midfielder, 18 Suljevic - Swedish centre midfielder, only 17 Won my first game 4 0 away from home in challenge cup against Airdrie, Sandaza scored 2, Kyle and an OG. Targets this season is to win the league, challenge cup and make a decent challenge for one of the domestic cups. Also hope to bring through as many young players as possible.
  12. Seen grainger games mentioned and would recommend them to anyone. Used them last week for f1 2012 and got the game for £25 on ps3, free delivery and got the game a day early. Will be using them again.
  13. I said and maintain that Reinas was at some fault for the first. Lets not kid ourselves it was hardly a world class drill from Podolksi it was almost straight at Reina. The Pepe Reina of 2/3 years ago would have blocked that. Although I agree that Gerrard was 50% to blame and Johnson too for not tracking the run of Podolski. the second for a goalkeeper of Pepe Reinas standard was embarrassing. The ball went straight through him and at an acute angle too. A top class keeper on form must get down to that even if theres a bit of pace on the ball. Yeah your right the defence never covered themselves in glory but I still expect my keeper to save it. Compare his reaction to the first he is furious that he has conceded this goal as its going through him I just think Reina needs a wake up call thats hes not indispensible and this may help towards him regaining his top form of 2 years ago. Its not just a one off the Hearts goal? You cant blame me for having high expectations of Reina but the last year or so we have seen a different goalkeeper, no doubt in my mind.
  14. Would it be worth it to drop Reina for a few games. Certainly at fault for second today and I thought he could have done better for the first. Add that to an average last season and this could be the kick up the arse that is needed. Also why did we play so many high balls and use so many crosses today. Absolutely no physical presence between the front three in height. Still prepared to give Rodgers a full 2 years no matter what anything else would be crazy.
  15. A lot of positives for me from yesterday. At the end of the day it was two mistakes which cost us from beating the champions quite comfortably. A big positive was Allen and Sterling, also thought Shelvey and Coates done well. Still think an out and out scorer is a must however.
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