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  1. I tried it last night during the football and started up 3 different saves. Only league in play was the 4 Scottish leagues, database of 13,000 or so players. Gap was 22,17,22 points and Gerrard sacked each time in the January period. There was no major transfer activity of any kind on both sides. Couple of freebies in and fringe players out but nothing like a Morelos etc leaving.
  2. It’s Football Manager 2021 mate. All my posts are related towards this season and the indisputable fact that Rangers have closed the gap on Celtic in real life. In part to Rangers improving with Gerrard and Celtic regressing since Rodgers left. Right now Rangers have a 9 point lead over Celtic. Now Celtic could still win the league, no doubt. But I will say with a degree of confidence it won’t be by 20 points and Gerrard won’t be sacked by Christmas as the game has consistently simulated so far.
  3. That’s interesting cheers. What would you put a 20 point gap down to out of interest?? Management teams and their back room staff? None of the teams bought/sold key players.
  4. They are closer?? well of course they are going to be as Rangers have improved since Gerrard arrived and Celtic have regressed since Rodgers left over the last 18-24 months. My argument is that gap should be non existent based on the events of this season so far as we are playing Football Manager 2021 (20/21). Personally I think it’s a bit ridiculous that I have holidayed 3 seasons and each season Celtic have won the league by an average of 20 points lol.
  5. Thankfully this is only the beta but I do think too big a gap exists between the Old Firm that doesn’t exist anymore in real life. Went on holiday there for 3 different seasons during the first half of the Euro Qualifiers and got similar results. first season - Celtic won league by 22 points second season - they won by 17 points third season - Celtic by 22 Gerrard was also sacked midway through every season. (Almost as bad as him leaving to Bristol City etc in last years edition lol) It honestly feels like FM 2017-19 where there was a genuine gap between the Old F
  6. Bongani Zungu has a reported optional future fee of £2.7 million. Not the £5.94 million in the game.
  7. That’s possible mate. He has signed 2/3 new contracts since joining Rangers.
  8. Apologies if this isn’t the right place. The Old Firms wages seem a bit off to me to be honest. I have attached a photo (source Kieran McGuire) to show the difference between the Old Firm wages the last number of years. Right now the current Celtic first team squad on FM is around £380,000 per week (just under £20,000,000 for the year) I appreciate I haven’t included youth and staff costs but these still won’t get anywhere near Celtics real life wage bill of £50-60 million the previous 3 years. Personally I think Edouard, Jillian, Ntcham, Forrest, Griffiths, Ajeti and Barka
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