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  1. The whole "release a new version every year" business model is pretty lousy. You can't make enough changes and usually there are loads of bugs. SI are at least pretty good at supporting games after release, but look at a company like EA. They release, for instance, FIFA every year and EVERY year it's riddled with bugs and not nearly enough new features - and they do next to nothing about it. One year is NOT ENOUGH to do a whole new game and also test it properly.
  2. Tactics Screen !!!!!

    I also have this problem! Would be very nice with a fix.
  3. I really think SI should hire some world class designer and have him look at this game. Seriously, all common knowledge on how to make a fun game speaks against MANY of the things included in FM. However, you can't really argue against the fact that many people on here do find it fun. I think that the problem is that they have somewhat lost the "semi-casual" market segment. With "Semi-casual" I mean those who are not casual players, they want some complexity, but not ultra-harccore, either. E.g. they want to be able to tweak tactics quite a bit; set individual instructions and so on. However, they may think that the current level of detail is just too much. It becomes an actual job to understand how everything works and how to utilise it. As I said, I have the highest respect for SI as a development studio, but I think that the feature bloating of FM is a result of listening too much to the fans. They include SO MUCH of what's suggested that the game just keeps getting bigger and bigger. For now, though, please just remove the press conferences and team talks (or make them optional - NOT as in have the ass man handle them but as in TURN THEM OFF so that they are not shown) and make the UI MUCH snappier. The sluggish UI is a big problem as it makes clicking through the tons and tons of information somewhat of a chore.
  4. Have SI ever commented on the UI thing? It's a fairly big issue, I think. Surely something that should get a high priority.
  5. Having played FM2011 for a bit, I notice that the problem with sluggish UI is still there. It's VERY annoying. The UI simply does not react instantly in many places. The best example is probably when switching to tactics view (the one that shows the pitch). It takes several seconds. That is unacceptable. What is it that is processed on that screen that takes so long? There are lots of other places also where the UI is simply too slow. It makes the game frustrating and takes away a lot of the fun IMO. I have a bit of other niggles also. My ususal complaint is still relevant, of course. There is too many redundant and annoying features. The most prominent are the press conferences and team talks. But also a lot of small things here and there just makes the game seem more like a real job than a game. Not everyone agrees here, of course, but I really think SI need to start to cut away stuff instead of keep adding in. Sometimes less is more. Start looking at what makes a fun GAME instead of trying to cram in a million things that ultimately make it feel like a chore (all my friends who previously were big fans of the series agree with this, so I know I am not the only one). Finally, I think that the graphics in the match engine are becoming a bit embarrassing. This is 2010! Try to compare the quality of graphics with practicall ALL other games and it looks...well, insanely poor. I understand that we can't have FIFA-like graphics, but really the players should at least be able to run around in somewhat fluid motions and not skip all the time. Well, just to end the post with something positive, I would like to say that the way the games play out is very impressive. The realism is truly great and it is highlt impressive how SI have actually made something that simulates real football so well. Also, I like SI very much as a studio. They care a lot for their fans and do a lot to fix bugs and improve the game.
  6. Press Conferences

    Remove them! SOOO boring!
  7. Unable to patch game

    Hm, try to re-download it maybe?
  8. I do agree that my examples were pretty extreme. But it was just to make the point that not all things from real life need to be included in a game. And, at least as they are now, I think press conferences are a blatant example of that. To be a bit extreme again, in a few year we risk that in FM, before a match, we have to: 1. Select teams for the day-before training session 2. Select training exercises 3. Choose whether players are allowed to have wives in their hotel rooms 4. Select what time players must be in bed (with or without wives) 5. (optional) Watch players have intercourse with wives (who knows, maybe their performance there might indicate if they are a starter for next day's match) 6. Choose whether to force players on an early morning run 7. Select player(s) to accompany you to the press conference 8. Attend press conference 9. etc etc, you get the picture:) Of coarse the above is highly exaggerated but I really think FM is moving in the direction of WAY too many features. YES, it should be a simulation and realistic but NOT at all costs. And right now I think, at least to an extend, that it is ruining the fun. Just remove features that a lot think are boring and focus on the match engine! You are right that it is not simple since they have an effect. If it was implemented, that effect would have to be simulated. Which is the same as just making the ass man take care of it. I guess I am reaching the conclusion that they should just be taken out.
  9. Yes, and I think this is the argument that SI uses also (the "it's that way in real life so we must have it in the game" argument). But in real life you also have to eat and go to the toilet, we don't have that in the game do we? What I mean is just that every feature in a game must be carefully designed to be FUN! And press conferences is a gross example of something that is so NOT FUN it almost hurts. I really hate the team talk thing too, but not quite as much. But both features I hate because they FORCE me into doing something that is just not fun. However, I feel I HAVE to do it to get the best performance. Therefore it becomes a chore. I REALLY think SI should seriously consider to cut down on these features. I think a more "slim" FM would be IMMENSELY more enjoyable. They need to consider to how extreme a degree they want to take the realism. And also, what stuff from real life is it even POSSIBLE to implement in a game? And I really feel that press conferences and team talks are not possible to implement in a satisfactory way. They just become spreadsheets. For team talks, just replace them with an algorithm that gives players a small (dis)advantage before the game. For press conferences, either remove them, IMPROVE them A LOT by, for instance, making them into a kind of a mini game (don't know how, though) or make them very very rare. For now it's impossible for me to get hooked like in the old days. It just feels a bit too much like work...
  10. Hey, great that it is already that way! I wasn't aware of that feature. My wish is fulfilled, but then I would urge SI to maybe take it a step further and remove the features all together (if the majority agree). Because ticking the "assistant takes care of..." thing feels a bit like then one is not doing everything one should to make sure everything is running smoothly. And sometimes the assistant says some pretty stupid things in the press conferences. I would say, just consider whether these features are actually necessary in a GAME. For me they are exceptionally tedious.
  11. I would like to suggest that for FM11, some features be made optional. I am specifically thinking of press conferences and team talks (but there are probably others). These two feature annoy me SO MUCH. Actually to a point where I don't really want to play the game anymore. They make it a chore instead of something fun, I think. I am so tired of having to think about what the correct team talk is for EVERY match, and clicking the assistant button is annoying. The same goes for press conferences. So, SI, how about you simply, in the options, have a number of check boxes where the users can select/de-select the features they want? I have a number of friends who, like me, have previously been big fans of CM/FM, but now simply don't want to play it because they feel it is a job and not a game. And especially the two things mentioned above, team talks and press conferences, are mentioned AGAIN AND AGAIN as something that seems utterly pointless and VERY boring. I don't ask you to remove them entirely, some people probably want them. But I REALLY think you should consider making them optional.
  12. Press conferences

    They should DEFINITELY be removed. They are an example of one of the features that sometimes makes FM feel like a chore. It would be GREAT if SI could make press conferences optional...
  13. I am also VERY impressed with the list of fixes! GREAT work!
  14. Ok, so that means that when changing a slider ONLY that particular slider value is not affected by the touchline shout?