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  1. saying lost its edge is comparative and relative usually is comparing vs a rival product so...what's the next closest thing u can get aside fr FM? pls dun tell me is that Sims-cum-FIFA-so-called-manager game?
  2. professionalism < 10 they will start moaning ... and gets worse when tat hidden attribute gets lower
  3. Southampton

    real men play the blue square north/south. only kiddies play championship
  4. I am more curious as to why Bulgarians and Romanians still need a WP in UK when they are part of EU quite a few years ago.
  5. I guess thats cuz Croatia is part of EU in 2013. So in the 1st year of the game, Croatian still needs a WP but not 2nd year (2013) onwards.
  6. I would want to clarify that I have been playing a proper Athletic game throughout i went all the way to test the bug, and yeah, i could sign the non-basqu players and @ jsolloso : how many times do I need to mention that "Basque + under 16 or 16 year old Spanish only" is in game rule and in game coding? Basque can be French or watever nationality, Basque is a 2nd nationality in game. i will definitely not use this bug myself, THATS the reason why I choose to play Athletic Bilbao LOL, but know such a bug existis is kinda annoying yeah (just like the corner bug in 1030), so juz to let SI know.
  7. Reading through the CONTENT of my post, NOT the TITLE itself, before commenting would be really appreciated on your part.
  8. I hope they dont change the codings for Athletic in 2011 to reflect the irl transfer rules if not, the very last challenging club in FM will disappear too =/ (IMO Athletic Bilbao is even harder than Blue Square North/South, which I did play before xD)
  9. Yeah, the game rules say u cant sign non-basque players unless he is Spanish and under 16 so its not by choice in game
  10. Ok, sry, Athletic Bilbao But i couldnt edit the title of the post lol, so....
  11. Done that thx but i didnt know which specific place i should post in, so i posted in both [spain] (Official) League Specific Issues and Transfers/Contracts sections
  12. I was managing Athletic Bilbao in Liga BBVA, so its supposed to be that I can only sign 1) Basque players of any age 2) Spanish players of age 16 or below then I came across a post in a China FM forum (am bilingual) and saw this bug being posted by another Bilbao player The poster mentioned that there are 2 conditions for this bug: 1) u are interested in the player in the 1st place 2) the team offers u the player and also transfer listing him at the same time and this bug will pop up, when the team offers u the player, u get the option of "Make Offer", and u CAN make an offer, get accepted, offer contract, and.....done deal juz like that not trusting the pic simply, i decided to test on my own I'm the Bilbao manager and i added a new manager to manage Barcelona, then I shortlisted Daniel Alves and also scouted him (interested), den use the Barca manager to offer Alves (transfer list at the same time, which is the default setting, but do not put Bilbao in the "Target Human Club" list)....and then the following happens when i switch back user to Bilbao manager...pretty much self-explanatory i guess with the pics? any 1 interested can also test out on their own and Daniel Alves, as u know, is a 26-year-old Brazilian (yeah 2nd nationality Spanish also) So... whats with the huge bug there o_O? i mean i dun mean to exploit it but, its really really really annoying that I came across it in a forum and then by chance, know of such bugs...=_= but i seriously wouldnt do the bug since playing Bilbao is...u know...should be the Bilbao way ! (Basque + under 16 or 16 year old Spanish only!) so juz to let SI know (and to annoy ALL u Bilbao players out there as well now that u know this bug too xD)
  13. 10.3 "corner exploit" thread

    the AI does partially use it, u know why do i say partially? cuz AI corner is set to arrive in the 6 yard box (or far post or near post, but within the 6 yard box itself) and the corner bug requires corner to arrive in penalty box instead, thats why i said AI use the bug only partially, if u dun set ur corner defending instruction, ur default instruction is 2 mark far/near post, 2 mark tall players, the rest all juz set at "BACK" and this is why no 1 will be marking the AI player lurking at penalty box i have conceded some goals previously cuz no 1 was man marking the AI player lurking outside my box but its only cuz the corner is headed clear to them coincidentally, but not corner to be taken to penalty box intentionally, thats why its only a partial exploit by AI, not a full one having explained that, u could set ur defending corner instruction to be 2 mark tall player 2 mark small player 2 mark near/far post and 2 man mark, or better yet, all of them set to man mark to make sure the 1 lurking is also being marked to prevent this "bug" but AI isnt that smart, and they do not know how to set their own defending corner instruction, and hence, the lurking corner bug can be exploited by human players (aka 2 at near post, 2 at far post, 2 challenge GK, 2 back, 1 take corner and 1 lurk, the 1 lurking wouldnt be marked by AI at all, corner set to arrive in penalty box)
  14. such links are scary and i dun dare to click into even if i have anti-virus ~_~
  15. maybe control and pass to feet and retain possession, GK - defender collect? and harrass opponent and stay on feet too? of coz that is not the one-way solution, if they put out 4-1-4, then put all ur defenders to direct/long passing and not short passing cuz they will be harrassed by those 4 opponent players upfront and short passes will get easily intercepted esp since defenders dun have gd passing and stuff like that yeah