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  1. Agree with Ackter. The release match engine was the worst. The closing down bug almost made the 2d display unwatchable. 8.01, though not perfect is much much better
  2. Don't know if this has been mentuioned. I would like to have a physio report on players that pick up an injury duing the game, but are not taken off automatically. It should give me some indication whether i should take him off immediately or continue
  3. one definite improvement for FM 2008 is to be able to allocate part of the wage budget to transfer and vice versa midway through the season. i think this happens very often in real life. what happens now is you can't plan for a wage budget and a transfer budget. an example is, i need a midfielder for next season, and i have 0.5 million for that. now what might happen is i get a good midfielder for 1 million, but the wage he asks is way below my wage budget. in such situations wasking the board to increase transfer funds does not help, although i might be 1 million under my wage budget and the player is asking for 0.5 million per annum. in this case what a real life manager would do is fund the 0.5 million transfer deficit by using 0.5 million from the wage budget. but fm does not let us do it.
  4. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> Remember Morale is very very very important, there is a simple formula knocking around that allows you to improve a players morale by the player interaction. This is a cut down version and while not devised by me (credit to Mertle) I do use it to good effect: Add up the last 3 form scores for the player and then base your response on the following: 19 or less = below 20-21 = acceptable 22 = pleased 23 and above = delighted As this is affected by lots of factors, there can be small errors that neeed to be addressed on a player by player basis, but in general this can vastly improve a players morale. It also seems to get you added to their favourite personnel after about 3 uses, which is nice. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Do you mean at the end of the game i will give individual team talk based on this? or are you talking about something else?
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